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Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Peppy!

Stacey has never been to Alabama, but that sort of logic means very little when she realizes she didn't have a basic red/white set of pom poms. This is how the world- her world- works.

With the summer heading into the home stretch, it's almost time to start getting ready for college football. SL hasn't evolved to the point where we have a virtual USC/Notre Dame game played, but that doesn't have to stop the more determined fans.

I forever pimp Flashpoint Fashions, and I do this even though I don't flex the reporter credentials to get free stuff that often. I like them because, every year, they make a new uniform for every pro team in every major sport. They also cover the NCAA, although they are missing Boston College still.

I went for Alabama this year, mostly because I like the pom poms. Due to the sportswriting job and a couple of my own personality flaws, I have several dozen cheerleader outfits. I might even have 100 if you factor in the Puckettes.

But you don't have to join a cheerleading squad to get the goods. Just go down to Flashpoint and bop around a bit. Support your local team!


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