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Sunday, August 21, 2011

SLE Review: Atlantis Swingers Resort and Spa is the place to see it all! FEATURING A NEW BAND EVERY SUNDAY @ 6PM SLT Shay Dalek Reporting...

Shay Dalek Meditating

Atlantis Swingers Spa and Resort officially opened its doors last Sunday with a huge bang .Drawing over 50 people to its first live concert on the beach, party goers were treated to Def Leopard presented by the Rock Shoppe.  Shortly before 6pm SLT, the crowd began to gather and mingle and the atmosphere was electrifying.  People began to fall in from the midnight sky, from the prompt patron to the fashionably late, all gathered to claim their spot on the beach.  It isn’t a rock concert unless there is at least one head-banger in the crowd, and that night, there were several.  From the itty bitty bikinis to the full onslaught of head to toe leather ensembles, Def Leopard lovers gathered from far and wide, and beneath the glittery tropical night sky, a fantastic time was had by all. 

Tia Chi Shay Style

I was fortunate enough to have received a grand behind-the-scenes tour of Atlantis resort by the owner himself, Cannon11.  Tour the sim and you are almost always going to see Cannon somewhere on the sim, approachable, easy-going yet a little on the reserved side, Cannon is always more than happy to provide a personal tour of your own.  Pride in ownership was evident as I was lead to several hidden areas of the sim that will be left to secrecy and up to the reader to discover on their own if they so choose.  Among some of the highlights of the tour is the zip line, which provides a fantastic view of the sim, but be sure to set the environment to midnight for a breath-taking view.  Wander about the sim and discover the Mayan ruins, atop which you can ease your mind and soak in your surroundings as you meditate beneath the shadow of the Buddah himself.  Look a little closely at him, you may find something that will spark your imagination, even more so if you have a partner to enjoy it with.  Next, as you exit the ruins, you will see a glowing fireball hovering over a circular platform.  Here, you can join a group or on your own, click a ball and practise some Tai-Chi.  I would recommend setting your environment to sunset for the full effect. 
Bird's eye view of Atlantic Swinger Spa & Resort

Crediting his builder, Daniela Littleboots with coaxing to life his vision for the sim, Cannon11 has plenty of good things to say about Dani, as he likes to call her, “when she starts something....its always different at the end....and to the 100th degree”. 
  Another noteworthy highlight is the on-site art gallery showcasing Bittitee Benign’s photographic works of art available for purchase.
Every Sunday night at 6 pm SLT, ASRS will host a live rock concert featuring a new band every week.  Atlantis Swingers Resort and Spa is the place to see it all!


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