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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lanai's Diary- Hurricane Irene is on her way, let's ride it out together

Sat. August 27- 9:31 pm EST- As I sit here watching my local news and getting constant news push notice updates on my iPhone , Irene is on her way to my area. As if that quake last week wasn't enough...

It is currently raining but the heavy winds have not arrived yet. The storm is riding the coast near Atlantic City at this time; just about 2 hours away from me in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

 Evacuations have not been issued for my area, so it looks like I'll be riding this hurricane out. For an idea of what it's like in my area, I live in a valley. The lower elevations in my county, people are being warned about flooding that will occur. I have seen the chaos those created a couple of years ago just down the road from me. It was because of 3 days of rain, I cannot imagine what this will be like since the last recorded hurricane that devastated the region, happened in the early 1900's.
 The Lehigh river is the big threat, just a few years ago it took out a whole road, damaging all the homes along the banks and even lodged a pick up truck in a tree, literally 3 blocks away from me down the hill.

It seems a bit surreal to me because these recent natural disasters are coming closer to home. I have never experienced an earthquake here until last week and it kinda makes me wonder, if I step outside will I be struck by lightening  a meteorite or a piece of hail the size of a baseball.

 So to be prepared , I have a stockpile of water bottles, an LED lantern that I can crank up, some chili for hot dogs,  chips, red wine, bread, milk, eggs, ham &cheese, a head of lettuce and an 8 pack of pecan cinnamon buns. I tied down my trampoline so it doesn't end up in the nieghbor's yard, and set a hose out my basement window incase the water rises and the sub pump is acivated. (I'm screwed if the electricty goes)  So I think for now, I'm good to ride this storm out. The worst of it is being reported for  tomorrow morning.  I will write another entry and get pictures as this storm passes over us.

But Seriously, for those that are anticipating the arrival of Irene in your area, Please be safe and evacuate if your area says so. If you are riding it out, get water, start charging your phones and other necessary electronics, have batteries, candles, lanterns and things that can help you get through this storm.



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