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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come Sail Away

New Port Yacht Club: I could live like this....

I love sailing on SL, which is odd because I hate it in real life.

In real life, I worry about the boat sinking, becoming becalmed, or my husband becoming incapacitated and me having to sail it home without knowing how to sail. This nightmare always ends with me coming ashore, half-starved, in Africa or England or something.

On SL, however, I like sailing just fine. I throw on a bikini, strut around the docks, and wait for some guy to ask me to go sailing. Works every time...

The New Port Yacht Club is the harbor that services Bay City. I don't think it is a case where this is Rhode Island and Newport is just being spelled differently by the locals. Hyannisport, where the Kennedys live, is known by that name in all media except in Hyannis Port, which is where the Kennedys live. Locals do things their own way, and we make two words out of what the rest of the country sees as one word.

But this New Port lacks the Great Gatsby-esque mansions, so we'll assume it is a seperate entity. New Port, in Bay City.

I'm not about to bang out 50000 words describing this sim to you. Go out, figure out how to acquire and sail a boat, and enjoy the sea! New Port has a yacht club, boat slips, a small town to shop/live in, a pair of sister lighthouses, and it even has an arcade!

Go on down and check it out. Here's the landmark. Summer is almost over, and you should really sail once or twice before it's winter and you're all pale and grouchy.


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