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Monday, August 22, 2011

United For Change :Benefit charity event organized by Evenementia and Stok for LLK association.

This cultural and playful event with a charitable aim will begin Friday, August 26th at 12,30 SLT and will end Sunday, August 28th at 4,30pm SLT with a firework.

LLK (Live and Learn in Kenya) is a german association installed on Second Life for more than a year now (led by Brique Topaz), which is raising funds to help children in Kenya.
It's an non-profit aid NGO.

Desolation, hunger, thirst, poverty, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution... Here is the daily life of Kenya's children living in slums of Rhonda Nakuru. « Live and Learn in Kenya » is helping everyday in order to make the daily life of these children better.
This association has many missions faithful to the Charter of Rights of the Child : to allow education and scholarship to these children, provide medical care and hygiene, and of course allow them to eat everyday.

LLK is looking for sponsors to finance the education of poor children, which means all a child need to go to school : fees, uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies...
LLK has also an organization in Germany, medical/ dental partner « Arzt und Zahnarzthilfe Kenya», providing quarterly medical and dental cares, check-up and vaccinations.
Their feeding program is also a big success. Thanks to their operation called « Shared Joy », the organization can distribute meals for almost 500 children per day.
All the funds are donations.
100% of donations are directly transfered to Kenya to take care of children, provide education, medical care, feeding, a home and host families. Nobody earns money in LLK.
Evenementia and Stok, aware of the action of the organization in Kenya, have decided to organize a big event under the aegis of « United For Change ».
The aim of the event « United For Change » is to gather together several protagonists (artists, djs, designers, dancers, poets...) for a week end, not only to make people aware of this scourge and make known this association, but also to raise loads of funds.
On differents places on the lands where the event will take place, there will be officials donations jars.
The program of festivities this week end : a host of talented singers and musicians will offer to strollers exceptional lives. All styles of music : pop, rock, folk, classical, variety, jazz...
And also 38 hours of breathtaking Djs sets. Different nationalities and motley types, you'll appreciate the quality of all these sets prepared for the event. Techno, BreakBeat, Drum and Bass, Chill Out, House, Trans, Mood Music, EBM, Rhythmic Noise, Tribal... good sounds for all enthusiasts of good music...
But there is not only music at the program, in fact during all the event, an exhibition will take place on the theme of Africa, also a unique fashion show of African creations by Solylence Houston (Solylence Creation) and of CocoCurious Macbain creations (Coco's African), games, African poetry, animated African tales, and a stand of « African » skins design... and many more surprises.
A lot of partners have created objects or freebies only for this event, and everyone will be able to pick them up.

Program and locations :
1- Mainstage Dj's:
Friday August 26th 2011
01-03 PM Slt: Calrek Nansen - Techno
03-05 PM Slt: Achim Homewood - BreakBeat
05-07 PM Slt: Makro Enyo - Drum and Bass
Saturday August 27th 2011
02-04 AM Slt: Megan Release - Chill Out
04-06 AM Slt: Ptilu Lali - House
06-08 AM Slt: Chloe Seljan - Mood Music
08-10 AM Slt: Vali Rau - EBM, rhythmic noise, tribal
10-12 PM Slt: Chanya Andel - Techno
12-02 PM Slt: Anders Fiertze - Trance
02-04 PM Slt: Dave Cold - Trance
04-06 PM Slt: Jenny Robledo - Trance
06-08 PM Slt: Vince Parnall - House Progressive
Sunday August 28th 2011
02-04 AM Slt: DJxScotspaul Resident - House Trance
04-06 AM Slt: Nico Flux - Progressive Trance
06-08 AM Slt: Desterac Laval - Soulfull House
08-10 AM Slt: Kalia Ivory - TechHouse House
10-12 AM Slt: Volgan666 Jupiter - TechHouse House
12-02 PM Slt: Qwark Allen - Psy Full On
02-04 PM Slt Josef Yatsenko - TechHouse
2- Second Stage Artist's:
Friday August 26th 2011
01-02 PM Slt: Nikita Lumet - Live Pop
02-03 PM Slt: OneSummer Oh- Live Rock
06-07 PM Slt: FedoraJones Popstar - Classic Rock
07-08 PM Slt: Jasher Faith - Live Pop
Saturday August 27th 2011
05-06 AM Slt: Mary Kalil - Live Variétés
06-07 AM Slt: Offerus Fouquet - Live Variétés
09-10 AM Slt: Mimi Carpenter - Live Pop
10-11 AM Slt: Ciske Crumb - Live Blues
11-12 PM Slt: MommaLuv Skytower - Live Rock / Pop
12-01 PM Slt: BAT8997 Resident - Live rock
02-03 PM Slt: Clay Harsley - Live Pop
03-04 PM Slt: Arella Seerose-Classic Lyric
07-08 PM Slt: Zed Essex - Live classic rock
Sunday August 28th 2011
02-03 AM Slt: Titichamp Aura - Live Music Jazz
06-07 AM Slt: Quinton Whitman - Live Blues and folk
11-12 AM Slt : Joe Paravane - Live Folk
02-03 PM Slt: Mimm Xue - Live LatinoAmericain
04-05 PM Slt: Bob Opaline - Music Fireworks
3- Animation stage
Saturday August 27th 2011
03-04 AM Slt:Frederic Heberle - Reading african poetry (Fr)
07-08 AM Slt: Evenementia - Games
08-09 AM Slt: Samia Bechir Workshop- Create your black skin
Sunday August 28th 2011
03-04 AM Slt: Frederic Heberle - Reading african poetry (Fr)
05-06 AM Slt: Evenementia - Games
07-08 AM Slt: Evenemantia Fashion - African fashion show
08-09 AM Slt: Ruby Topaz & Troupe
Shows Joséphine baker & dances trables
09-10 AM Slt: Frederic Heberle - African stories (Fr)
4- Exhibit Stage:
During all the week-end
Photographer's - Painter's- Artist's
Le site Web de LLK :
Site Evenementia
Site "United For Change"
Team :
Lalabel Demina - CEO
Artus Courtois - CEO
Eluna Baramm - Manager
Swann Sommer - Manager


  1. This is going to one of THE most awesome events! Just look at that schedule!!!
    Thank you to the organizers for all of their hard work in making this possible. Come and be a part of it everyone - and let's get some kids fed.

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