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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight feature: Rap Music by Zouk Music Ambassador, Caribbean, French, Creole, English -Cynamon pearl Reporting

Zeelot Gearz is a Zouk music ambassador coming from the Caribeann island of Guadeloupe. He has the talent, smarts and business ‘know how’ to market himself and make a presence in the game worldwide. And you would have to, coming from and obscure little location in the French West indies. The music of Zouk is reminiscent of African rythms, calypso and even a bit of salsa.

If I had to find the Guadeloupe on a map it might take me a minute,but located southeast of Puerto Rico and close to Dominica next to Martenique stands a French West Indian paradise.


       Comprised of a post slavery culture the country is still influenced by French and Dutch colonization the island has not lost its African roots. In fact it seems to have flourished. If it had I not been for this zealous rapper and entertainer Zeelot I may have never known. Zee being a proud citizen of Guadeloupe speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and Patios (Creole) which is basically and African influenced mix of them all.
Thinking about the exotic island makes my imagination soar dreaming of exotic food and all of the wonderful melange of delicacies that make the island so colourful. Yet even more than food, beaches, and tropical paradise is the culture. And no better way to get to know a culture than through its music.

As an ambassador of Zouk music Zeelot is bringing the fire right here in Second Life and in the real world as well. Not confined to staying on his small island he is doing it big. Zee has already collaborated with several Second Life artists and has just released a real life video clip song with a Jamaican artist. Word! He speaks of the blends of music like that of Guadeloupean and Martenique (sister island) that have a sound called Kassav. Zouk however means ‘party’ and Zee plans drop it hard integrating Rap, Soca, Reggae and African rhythms.

The message he says quite simply is ‘Love’. He prides himself on speaking truthfully about his real life experiences and lamenting about conscious subjects, the conditions of black people at home, globally, and the universal messages that all people can relate to.
Zeelot is self produced operating his ‘Lathuleep’ productions now and has been rappin since 1988. He is multi-lingual busting rhymes in French, English and Creole which by the way is a mixture of broken French and English (something I didn’t know). Now available in house is ‘Zouk box Cafe record store’. Included is a link to his latest release 'Decale sportif' check it ou and come by his Zouk Cafe to listen to more releases. Zee is ready for hire baby ..and ready to bring you de fyah!


  1. the picture with the basketballs with the flag is actually the flag for Suriname, not Guadeloupe.Suriname is formerly known as dutch guyana before 1975. :)) great article.

  2. The star on suriname flag is drawn in the middle of the flag , on the guadeloupe flag its drawn on the left , so the flag on the picture with basketballs is guadeloupe one :))


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