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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight feature: Rap Music by Zouk Music Ambassador, Caribbean, French, Creole, English -Cynamon pearl Reporting

Zeelot Gearz is a Zouk music ambassador coming from the Caribeann island of Guadeloupe. He has the talent, smarts and business ‘know how’ to market himself and make a presence in the game worldwide. And you would have to, coming from and obscure little location in the French West indies. The music of Zouk is reminiscent of African rythms, calypso and even a bit of salsa.

If I had to find the Guadeloupe on a map it might take me a minute,but located southeast of Puerto Rico and close to Dominica next to Martenique stands a French West Indian paradise.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight, Aza Photography Modeling Group -- Cynamon Pearl reporting

An organic process of avatar transformation is taking place in Second Life and photographers are in the advantageous role of facilitating this magic. Just ask experienced photographer Azarene Jewell who has been finessing her talent behind the lens now for three years in Second Life. Moreover, Aza has taken initiative in setting the stage, which entails conceptualizing a theme and then translating the story and executing the idea into a desired outcome. These are elements required to make your professional photos a success. Aza tells me that although she enjoys taking photos of anyone her niche has streamlined more toward professional models, artists and fashion editorials. Aza Photography has definitely carved out its own signature style with that ‘something’ that is unqiue.