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Monday, September 26, 2011

AvatarADS.NET: The New Revolutionary way to Advertise in Second, bringing together bloggers, community sites and SL-only Advertisers.  is an advertising network designed to help SL businesses and communities promote themselves.

 We enable SL blogs and community websites to monetize their content by providing a venue for SL-only advertising.

 AvatarADS is a partnership between and with Simone Peterman from Secondnights and Wili Clip and Amy Nevilly from SecondADS


SecondAds is an advertising agency and earning program company. They set the standard for advertising and visitor generation in virtual worlds with thousands of advertising networks and gaming venues across the grid. 10,000s of players use their products every day.


Secondnights brings together people who love music, art, magazines, tv and all that is entertainment. They provide a hot-off-the press source of information about events, new openings, fashion shows and gallery exhibits. is one one of the most widely read SL websites with over 1 million page views per month.

How it works


If you have a SL business and want to reach potential clients, then this is the place for you.

With an AvatarADS banner campaign you'll be able to reach out to a huge range of SL blogs and community sites. You can instantly make yourself known to new social circles and spread the word about your brand.

You don't need to fuss over placing individual banners. Instead we'll place your advert on our entire network and charge you a flat rate for clicks and impressions the same way that Google Adsense does.


Do you write an excellent SL blog, or maintain a SL community site?

If so we're here to help support you. Display our banner ads on your site and we'll pay you for every click and impression you get in the same way Google Adsense does. You can start earning right away.

Add your blog

Want to add your blog to our network and start earning?

First you'll need to complete our application form. We'll get back to you within a few days with an email response.
Unfortunately not all blogs and community websites can be included in our network. It's important to our advertisers to be associated with certain content only, so all applications need to be manually verified.
If you receive an invitation to join our network you'll get the embedding HTML code to use on your site. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions via our contact page.

Advertising is really simple, just BUY A CAMPAIGN to get started.
Joining our network as a blog or community site is really simple. Just ADD YOUR BLOG and we will send you the code you need to embed your ads.


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