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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Venue Review: Rockers Nightclub rocks its Roadies!! Shay Dalek Reporting...

August 20th was certainly a night to remember, that was the night Rockers Nightclub closed its doors on its former sim to reopen at a brand new location. Let me say, if you have ever been to the old Rockers, the new location is absolutely incredible. Roadies had been teased for weeks about the upcoming move and the build was kept strictly out of prying eyes. The anticipation was enough to make a grown man squeal and when the evening finally came around, Roadies descended upon its new club in droves.
Rockers Nightclub was established in 2007 by its existing owner, Big Daddy Anabuki along with five other original owners. Eventually, six months later, the rest of the owners broke away to create their own club, leaving Riker to keep Rockers afloat on his own. What Riker has learned from this experience is that things happen, but with perseverance he was able to keep Rockers Nightclub alive through patience and some very good friends. He managed to “plug the holes”and managed to stay afloat on his own while rebuilding his staff.
He has since added regular DJ’s to his roster, in addition to those who have been around throughout the years such as DJs Expeditious Zepp, Corwins Bailey, Scottie Rubble, Drozel Dezno, and Serendipity Undercroft with many more talented DJ’s currently playing regularly. You would expect to hear rock of course, however, thanks to the high energy Rockers DJs who are more than accommodating of requests, you can hear anything from PitBull to Alanis to ACDC. Unfortunately, one common denominator among all DJs is that not one has yet to agree to honoring a Justin Bieber request of mine.
So what has kept Rockers afloat throughout the years, despite the hardships that Riker seen? One of the main things was meeting his love, Aireauna Sapphire. After beginning to feel the pressures of running a club singlehandedly, Riker debated leaving SL until Aire, walked into his club one evening and “she gave me a reason to stay”.
When asked about how she came to be at Rockers, Aire replied, “I first entered the club sometime during the fall of 2009 as a noobie. I had been searching "Rock Music" in a search after having been in SL for a couple of months not even knowing I could listen to music nonetheless even dance in this crazy world. I entered Rockers when completely empty and I began dancing to the Rockers Music stream all alone and so excited I could listen to such great tunes in SL and be completely self entertained.” One evening, she answered a call from Rockers group chat, decided to stop in while Riker was DJ’ing and the rest is history.
Good friends is what separates the Rockers atmosphere from those of other clubs. Walk into the club sometime and you will be treated as though you have been a member from day one. It is one of those places where someone will always remember you and it quickly becomes one of those staple hangouts where everyone knows your name. One of the biggest things that Riker stresses is the “no drama”atmosphere as it is something he has trained his staff in dealing with effectively. Speaking of staff, Rockers has some of the most interactive hostesses around. Rather than spamming standard greetings, the hostesses are there to meet, greet, push the fun factor up while keeping everyone
So why should you visit Rockers Nightclub? In Riker’s words, “The variety of music we have here, the people, the way we try to make everyone feel welcome and part of the family. This is one thing that keeps me doing this, there have been a number who depend on us to be here. There are plenty of people who keep coming back and stay in SL. We don’t pay lip service to it, we actually do it.”
And, as Aireauna once said, “Rockers friends are forever friends”.
Rockers now currently has a stage for live music, multi-purpose room for hosting parties and a bar that allows for voicing with your friends with a courtyard for vendors coming soon. So there you have it, if you are a fan of fun, laughter, music, an awesome drama free environment, Rockers Nightclub will be one place you have to visit!
 If you are a music lover, stop in and say hi!
- Shay Dalek


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