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Sunday, October 16, 2011

FASHION NEWS: Designer Dossier : Dashwood Muircastle

Dashwood arrived in Second Life in 2008, she says the Universe was telling her something when first her mother suggested that she have a look at SL, then it was featured in an episode of CSI:NY and finally a friend watched a programme on MSNBC on SL – she had no choice now did she?
Dashwood came to SL with the intention of creating fashion and intending to sell her designs. But like all of us she had much to learn about SL before she did that. Her first day in SL was just like anyone else’s she reckons possibly even worse, she says “I could barely control my avatars movements let alone change my clothes - so it was a long road to being able to create my own designs.”
After literally "GOOGLING" "How to create clothing in SL" Dashwood began learning.... She quips “I opened up a tiny shop on a small mainland plot - and watched as NO ONE came. But I kept making clothing. Then I attended (in RL) SLCC in 2009 and that sort of changed things... I began to change my product a bit and really FOCUS my designs to my personal point of view and here we are. We moved the store to this larger area last Winter and have since expanded the Bridal Line, launched a line for Girls and now have a JUST for Bridesmaids line of much more RL style Bridesmaid dresses in a selection of colors - which are customizable upon request.” The DASHWOOD ~Collection~ specialises in Trendy/Elegant, Classic with a twist and "Girly" or "Sweet" designs.

Sexy Satin Slip Dress Gown/LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT /Formal Pink Ball Gown/ Sexy Cocktail Dress/Pageant Gown/tagFantasy
I asked Dashwood what or who inspires her? “So many things and People... Well for a long time before SL --- Historical Costume inspired me.... I love renaissance art and rococo art especially. Lately my inspiration comes from a few current RL bridal designers. I also like to bring some interpretations of RL gowns to SL because we have all watched those actresses on the red carpet in those gorgeous gowns - and think .. OOOH I love that dress --- well SL is the perfect place to be able to OWN THAT dress AND have somewhere to wear it!!”
Dashwood - "Paris" Wedding Gown DEMO
Dashwood firmly believes that we should all absolutely wear in SL what we may not have the opportunity or ability to wear in RL - SL allows us to obtain our wildest fantasies so WHY NOT? She believes that the fashion industry within SL is a great industry and that she is so blessed to be a part of it. She comments “I have met some amazing people that work in the SL fashion industry and I think that designers are creating amazing imaginative things EVERYDAY!”
Dashwood -"Princess" Flower Girl Dress - Gift Bag
I asked Dashwood if she ever got the opportunity to relax in SL to which she replied “Well there is a lot more to running a store in SL than just Designing that tends to take up quite a bit of time, but sometimes I visit with friends, go dancing at the club my friend works at or best of all is taking my SL daughter Corey shopping!!”
Dashwood - "Viola" Sexy Diamonds and Sparkle Gown/ Crystal, Sequin Chiffon Formal
If you haven’t had the chance to see the DASHWOOD ~Collection~, I recommend that you take a minute and go and see for yourself.


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