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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PAICE NEWS- CyberCrime: A Pandoric Pandemic... Baeric Constantine Reporting...

Cyber-Security has been of the essence, and too few people understand the necessity for protecting our data, and our machines from the ever escalating cyber-threat.

CyberSecurity... just how secure are we, as a nation and as individuals? This is a question that is discussion with the top ranks of those in security.  The Internet is a hotbed for transnational crime, and according to Iain Lobban of GCHQ, the Government’s listening centre, "a significant change has taken place in the modern world where our adversaries employ similar technologies as used by the citizens going about their daily business, so reassuring people that they are being appropriately defended against threats without encroachments on their privacy is very important."

Lobban went on to give some context, "that there are deliberate (malicious) attacks and accidental, cyber techniques have been used to bring pressure on other states, there is theft of intellectual property (such as the theft of Japanese Military Secrets), Cyberspace lowers the bar for entry to the espionage game, both for states and for criminal actors, and that the risks are growing with the Internet, about 60% a year."

The growth of e-crime is disturbing, and that it is "Cyber is a real, live issue, bringing both threat and opportunity...[and]...not just a national security or defence issue, but is something that goes to the heart of our economic wellbeing and national interest...[and] puts individual citizens at risk."
This is not a current issue, AusCERT general manager Graham Ingram told the Cybercrime Inquiry in September 2009 that Cybercrime levels are "pandemic" and that law enforcement agencies cannot address this issue as there is not a strategic approach. The world at large is a threat, and the more inter-connected and reliant upon Internet based services the world becomes, the greater the cyber-threat.  In what is the first known cyber-attack on the Japanese Military has been confessed, where missile and submarine secrets 'may have been stolen' in cyber attack on Japanese defence firm.  This does not simply apply to Japan, the UK Foreign Office was targeted by hackers, and Government computers infected with 'Zeus' virus after email apparently from the White House was opened. This may seem like it does not impact the individual, however, there are more than 150 websites are offering offering illegally obtained information. To bring this closer to home, Facebook is being targeted by hackers at 600,000 times a day.

What is more alarming, is that according to Imperva, that there are underground hacking forums: "for training, communications, collaboration, recruitment, commerce and even social interaction. Forums contain tutorials to help curious neophytes mature their skills. Chat rooms are filled with technical subjects ranging from advice on attack planning and solicitations for help with specific campaigns."
The Government may have a responsibility and an accountability, but we cannot rely upon them to ensure our safety. We need to be more aware of these issues, and take ownership of our own cyber-security and invest in software to protect our sensitive data.
Baeric Constantine

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