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Showing posts with label online. Show all posts

Saturday, March 26, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MCX Radio broadcasting in Second Life


Today, a new community radio station began broadcasting to Second Life listeners. MCX radio station operates out of the sim of Rain/128/128/0 The station, which began live streaming online in March of this year, will share 24 hours per day of original programming created by a team of volunteers and hosts. You can plug in MCX Radio into your land with the URL: or you can listen online at Of the power intrinsic to MCX radio, Owner Alpha ( Alpha Resident) said, “we’ve been able to build a station from the ground up that will help the Second Life Community have great music to listen to. The station is running 24/7 and listeners are growing” MCX Radio is looking to add a morning radio show, and several specialized event listings in Second Life. MCX Radio is also owned by OneDelve, the creators of MCX ( The MC Game Hud,


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Celebrities that love casinos

Celebrities that love casinos 
It certainly isn’t untrue to say that the amount of people that love going to the casino directly correlates with how wealthy they are, because it is inherently more fun to gamble when you know your bankroll is fairly unlimited. Why do you think casinos these days are so decadent anyway? Of course, it’s the rich members of society that end up gambling to play Fluffy Favourites at Wizard Slots
And who are some of the de facto richest people in society? Why, it’s celebrities, of course, a group of people that are proven to absolutely love gambling in casinos. You cannot blame them either – if we had as much money as some of the people we are going to mention in this article we would be gambling 24/7! Here are a few celebrities that love casinos:

Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck has been a Hollywood hotshot for several decades now, appearing in seminal films such as Good Will Hunting and the more recent Gone Girl. It, therefore, follows that he has a lot of cultural capital, as well as a personal fortune well into the millions. It is no surprise that he is a massive lover of gambling, something that winnings he has made over his career will testify too. 
Ben Affleck has proved himself to be a masterful gambler on many occasions, winning quite a few poker and blackjack jackpots in his time. The great thing about this actor is that he regularly donates all of his winnings to casino staff and charities – what a great guy! 

Pamela Anderson 

The blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson rose to fame due to the iconic TV series Baywatch, something that subsequently allowed her to gamble away to her heart's content. Just like many of us she has been seen to play slots in Las Vegas quite extensively, which is funny because there are more than a few Baywatch themed slot games available in the city. 
This means she may well have encountered herself on a video slot screen, an icon that was almost definitely of high value! Not every day you get a slot payout from yourself, is it… 

Charlie Sheen 

Charlie Sheen has struggled with gambling and alcohol addictions for his whole life and is therefore somewhat of a casino expert. The Two And A Half Men star has long been known to enjoy gambling in casinos, and it isn’t really surprising when you consider his reported salary of more than 2 million dollars per episode. 
Unfortunately for Charlie Sheen a lot of the money he spent in casinos he never got back, as he had a reputation for some pretty daring (and stupid) bets. 

Derren Brown 

If you had the powers of mind-reading, illusion, and persuasion that Derren Brown had surely you would love gambling? It turns out he does, however unlike other celebrities, Derren Brown is in it out of sheer curiosity for the world of mathematics and probability, not really the search for more cash. 
For more interesting facts, check out this infographic which illustrates the most interesting ups and downs of celebrities gambling life.

Online slot myths how and why they first appeared

Everyone who plays free online slots wants to win, and if they are truly serious about it, they might well have searched online about how to do it. This is where the problems start. Although there are some useful tips online about how to play slot games (although not necessarily how to win since they are a game of chance) there is even more information that is simply not true – myths easily grow up around online slots, and it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. 
Here are some of the biggest online myths, where they came from, and what the truth is – if there is any truth at all. 
The More You Bet The More Chance You Have Of Winning
On most online slot games there will be a button that says ‘max bet’ or something similar to this. It can be tempting to press that button and have one big roll of the virtual dice because, after all, isn’t it true that the more you bet the more chance you have of winning? So if you bet the maximum you can on each spin you’re sure to come away with a profit? 
Unfortunately, this is not true. It would be wonderful if it was because everyone would win a lot of money every time they hit the button, but the truth is that the only thing pressing max bet is sure to do is reduce your bank balance. It won’t give you an extra edge, and you won’t be able to play as long as you’ll run out of money much more quickly. 
Avoid Slots That Have Recently Paid Out
One of the myths that have been circulating for decades now, not just relating to online slots but to all slots in general, is the one that states that if a machine or game has just paid out it should be avoided for a while because it’s not going to pay out again. 
It makes sense that this myth has prevailed. After all, in logical terms when you think about how likely a game is to pay out, those that haven’t given out any winnings for a while look like the best bet (literally); they must be due a payout any time now. 
That’s not how slots work, though, so it makes no difference whether a game has paid out recently or not – they all have the same chance of giving you a win. Each spin is entirely random, so there’s no way the machine can ‘know’ that it’s time to give a win or take a loss. So go ahead and play your favourite games even if someone has just won big on it; you could too. 
You Can’t Improve Your Chances Of Winning
At the opposite end of things from the previous myths, some believe that there is nothing at all you can do to improve your chances of winning when you’re playing online slots. That’s because, as mentioned above, all online slot games (and physical slot machines, come to that) are completely randomized. So how can you have a better chance of winning? 
The truth is you can improve your chances, although you can never guarantee a win at any time. Take a look at the RTP (return to player) percentage of each game and you’ll see that some have higher RTPs than others. If you want to improve your chances of winning, playing a slot that has a high RTP compared to others will help you. 
Often, the slots with the highest RTPs are the ones with the lowest jackpots, but don’t let that put you off. A win is a win, even if it’s not up there in the tens or hundreds of thousands like some games can offer. 
The Time Of Day Makes A Difference
Some players will categorically state that it is better to play slots at night time, in the morning, at lunchtime, on Wednesdays, at the start of the month, at the end of the month, and so on… they will believe this to be true, and they’ll play at those times. They’ll think that the casinos have created machines that work better at this time rather than that time, or maybe they’ll simply be superstitious about which games they’ve always been more successful on at specific times. 
In reality, there is no ‘good time’ to play a slot game, nor is there a ‘bad time’ to play. There is just any time you want – online slots are available 24/7, so if you fancy a game you can go online and play, and it won’t make any difference to your ability to win or your chances of losing if you play first thing in the morning, the last thing at night, or on a day that ends in a Y. The games cannot be programmed to change their RTPs at specific times or on certain days; they just won’t work like that. 
There Are Tight and Loose Slots
A story has been making the rounds for a good long time now, and it tells players that some machines are ‘loose’ and some are ‘tight’. That is, some pay out more than others, even if the games are exactly the same. This started with the physical slots, where the myth would spring up that one machine, in particular, was looser or tighter than the others in the room or row. 
When online slots came about, the myth kept going, suggesting that some games were easier to win than others. The truth is that there are so many restrictions and watchdogs involved in the gambling industry that it would be impossible to deliberately make it harder to win on some games than others. If it was true, the gambling industry would be in serious trouble, and many casinos would lose a lot of business. In the end, the RTPs are all published so you can check them out and make your determination yourself.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Eugene Rodgers (Adolphe Menjou in SL) has written an intriguing new mystery novel, “Femme Fatale Online,” featuring a virtual world much like SL.

  It goes on sale at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and other ebook stores on Wednesday, July 11th. Until then, it may be pre-ordered on those sites at a 33% discount. It continues to be available on Amazon.
The novel centers on a provocative question: if a friend in a virtual world is totally anonymous—their RL is completely blank—and your life depends on identifying them, what do you do? As the novel’s hero says when he finds himself in exactly that situation, “I couldn't see any way to investigate a woman who was nothing but pixels on a computer screen.” But he tries mightily, and readers are invited to try along with him. Details on the book and author can be found in the ebook stores on the book’s pages and at

The novel has been featured in the SL Enquirer and SL Newser and on the national cable TV program, “America Trends.”

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Sane Lunatic Just Rambling about the World and its Increasing Ludicrousy

We live in a world controlled by technology. There are over 7 billion people on this earth; about 6.5 billion have a cell phone glued to their hand or in reaching distance. Now with the Pokémon craze, many have found a new reason to be more entranced by their handheld devices. I speculate more trips to the ER with injuries related to not paying attention in public, the divorce rate will jump another 15% and within 5 years babies will be born with a genetic disposition to anti socialism. That is assuming people will have actual sex for conception purposes.  Some people just don’t have the time for the kids they have or the donor of  the genes they need to reproduce. Call me crazy rightfully so but am I making enough sense to at least land a job at a local Walmart as a greeter?

Anyway, why bother even looking up from a screen anymore when all forms of communication are taking over old fashion face to face engagement?

We’ve become a society bored with each other and more self centered.  If we took a look at our Facebook feed we can tell who had what for breakfast, lunch and or dinner, stupid meme’s about life goals people don’t even follow, opinions about the mundane and just stupid selfies with the shameless duck face. Some have even mastered the perfect camera angle to eliminate double chins and all the rolls they have accumulated since the last time anyone seen them in public. Nothing seems to be real anymore. Most seem to trudge through life molding perceptions about themselves but not even owning up to their own reality.

The SL Enquirer sat down with a rambling lunatic to talk about the world through the eyes of the utterly deranged and for the love of humanity I make more sense than a person not loaded with medication.

What the FUDGE is going on around here? I have no flipping clue but who cares anyway? It has been approximately 15 hours since I’ve lifted my head from my phone to even absorbed the chaos that swirls around me. I may be wearing the same clothes for the past week, hardly had any sleep but I sure love the life I live. At least I think so, ask me that when I’m off meds and I might break down crying because it is my crutch. Or maybe I just can’t help the way my emotions change from hot and cold.

There really is no main objective to this article. I was asked to ramble on the record so I’m seizing the moment while I have at least one person’s attention.

If I was normal, I’d work all day for someone else and their unrealistic expectations, enjoy 2 breaks and a half hour lunch. My back would hurts and the corns on my feet will grow by the day in these damn shoes. Besides that, I’ll have no time to sit on my ass for a second to even check my calls, personal emails, Oh yeah or even spend quality time with my family.  Right now, I choose to ramble to the masses and get everything off my sloppy hairy chest because I’ve been given this monumental opportunity. I love the SL Enquirer and all that it stands for. It gives anyone a voice that is willing to take advantage of it. By you reading this is served a purpose. I just either wasted your time or made you reflect on your own life. 

That is more than I can say about those who share their thoughts in character limited posts on social media just waiting for someone to like or comment on it. I could give a blind flying nun on a broomstick what anyone thinks but it sure felt good to just ramble about the world and the decline of intelligence.

 That leaves me with one question for you. How do you see the world?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PAICE NEWS- CyberCrime: A Pandoric Pandemic... Baeric Constantine Reporting...

Cyber-Security has been of the essence, and too few people understand the necessity for protecting our data, and our machines from the ever escalating cyber-threat.

CyberSecurity... just how secure are we, as a nation and as individuals? This is a question that is discussion with the top ranks of those in security.  The Internet is a hotbed for transnational crime, and according to Iain Lobban of GCHQ, the Government’s listening centre, "a significant change has taken place in the modern world where our adversaries employ similar technologies as used by the citizens going about their daily business, so reassuring people that they are being appropriately defended against threats without encroachments on their privacy is very important."

Lobban went on to give some context, "that there are deliberate (malicious) attacks and accidental, cyber techniques have been used to bring pressure on other states, there is theft of intellectual property (such as the theft of Japanese Military Secrets), Cyberspace lowers the bar for entry to the espionage game, both for states and for criminal actors, and that the risks are growing with the Internet, about 60% a year."