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Thursday, November 10, 2011

SLE's Astrologist, Linda Lauren is making waves in the real world.

Linda Lauren sure has been busy these days and we are excited to announce that she just made front page of the NY Times! Check out the article here!

Who is Linda Lauren?

Linda Lauren is a 4th generation psychic medium, that can be found in Second Life at Embracing the Universe (ETU) or  she can be visited at her metaphysical center in Mountainside, NJ. She has also been a part of the SL Enquirer staff for over 2 years.

 Linda meets clients for personal readings, reiki, spiritual healing, meditation and stress management. She also hosts special events that include a visit from Max, one of the ancient crystal skulls.  It is a rare chance to have a private session with this amazing relic.

Last year I had the unique opportunity  of  meeting Max for the first time and attending a lecture where Joann Parks, Max's caretaker shared her story and how Max was brought into her life. The message of peace, hope and the preservation of humanity was her message. I took a lot of positive energy from that experience and hoped that I would get that chance again to see Max that up close and personal.

This year has been very busy for Linda.  She launched her new book, Hostage in Time ,at the Merchant's house museum in October. The setting was at NY's most haunted house. Touring such a preservation of history was great, I even got to experience food from the period and some mysterious footsteps.

I visiting her at her metaphysical center and spent some time with Max on November 5th.

Just like my visit last year it was a special experience. This year an EMF dectector was in the room and Max became active right away. Some of the words that showed up on the detector where in relation to what is going on in my life now.

Lanai with Max

During my half hour session alone with Max some pictures were taken and a visitor appeared in the mirror as well as some light energy coming from him in one of the images.

As fascinating as it is to touch this 10,000 year old relic, the feeling of peace and calmness came over me.  Could have been mind of matter, or something entirely different. All I can say is, you would have to experience it for yourself to understand.

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