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Monday, January 30, 2012

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Music Grove Academy Starts Classes on February 12th. Allen Eppenberger

Music Grove Academy of Performance is a lovely campus, designed by Indi Vella. The grounds are well thought out, with a number of focal points to hold your attention without being overwhelming. The most eye catching feature is the school building itself. The front facade is stylishly curved. But as you continue, you're aware of a distinctive piano shape, that the Dean, Adevina Citron-Gearz, is quite proud of. She has been involved with music in physical reality since she was young, and as a performer in Second Life since March of 2010.

Like many established artists in SL, beginners in the business would ask her "How do you do it?”, referring to her SL performances. Where upon she would take hours explaining, often turning away serious enquiries. Frustrated with those that disappeared after spending much time with them, she met with some of her peers to flesh out plans for what would eventually become this beautiful sim.

As Advina explains it, "We aren't here to teach you to do it "our way", but to help you understand how the industry operates so that you can find your unique niche in this market". To that effect, the school has many options. You arrive at the Registration Circle, which serves as a kiosk that allows anyone interested to review class options and pay for the classes. Each wall of the circle represents a class level (Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, Senior). And the faculty can access registrants info from an HUD. The faculty have their own display on campus, so you can read their SL profiles, and learn about their experience.

Another unique feature of the campus that Adevina pointed out to me is the Academy Connection. In the corner of the grounds are several cubes. These are an advertising partnership between Music Grove and various concerns in Second Life that cater to the entertainment industry. As she explained, this was a feature for performers to seek out a place to perform, and venues to look for talent; a kind of mutual support system.

There are several classes to choose from in each level, too many to list here. A few that I found intriguing are FR15 - Streaming for Beginners; FR17 - Intro to Performance Marketing; SP22 - Lag Abatement Strategies; SP26 - Entertainment Networking Basics; JR34 - Building a Unique Brand; and SN45 - Managers 101.

The campus is open now for registration. Tuition is structured at individual classes priced at L$500, or the entire core curriculum priced at L$10,000. The first classes will be held on February 12th.

 I encourage you to apply if you're considering a musical career in-world!

 Allen Eppenberger


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