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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spotlight on Seagull Island Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Seagull Islands estate logo/info

Second Life© is an amazing place. It allows for connections that may not have been made otherwise. One of the reasons Second Life draws me back after so many years is the many people I encounter and the creative minds that contribute to this pixel world.

Hidden amongst the chain of islands that speckle the grid is a place called Seagull Island. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the serenity of a peaceful retreat, Angel Baxter and Balthasar Trebuchet together create an escape and a green landscape with hidden treasures for all to explore.

Seagull Mountain Lodge

Close-up of Seagull Islands estate co-owner Angel Baxter

During my tour with Angel Baxter, I asked her what inspired such a lovely place and learned a lot about her and her motives in the process.

I began the interview by asking Angel what brought her to SL. Everyone has a story to tell and have found Second Life in many different ways. Angel found it as her escape from the heartaches of an ill Father who had passed away. As a beginner in this virtual world she found it difficult because she had to deal with abusive personalities and those that disturbed the peace she was seeking.

On January 28, 2007,  Angel met her soul mate and they settled in Germania Region, It was an all German region with a very old Mediterranean style, owned my Melina Loonie.  Angel managed 6 sims in the southern region.   "Balt and I moved to Germania Reagion, owned by Melina Loonie,  we settled into Germania Atoll where we shared our first home".  Together they lived there for almost a year and in  2009, they bought seagull Islands.

Waters of Seagull Islands estate

 Balthasar Trebuchet and Angel had built a visitor center because she wanted to help visitors come to understand how second life worked.  Balthasar created most of the landscaping. Between Angel managing and his design they create Seagull Islands together.

In 2009, Seagull region was established for healing.  It has a feeling of peace and tranquility with a goal of giving visitors a retreat away from the abuses of second life. It features cottages, lodges, fishing, camping, hiking,  kayaking and Akk/rezzer/vendors for horseback riding coming soon. 

Seagull Island owner Angel Baxter giving SLENquirer's Lanai a tour

This is not a couples retreat or a honeymoon destination although it is rated Mature. Seagull Island asks its visitors to be mindful of others and respect privacy. Seagull Island is Role Play and child avatar friendly and should be used an environment for those that enjoy virtual nature.

flora & fauna st Seagull

Seagull also offers residential land 1000 meters in the sky. There are a total of 12 lots. Each spaciously sized at 64x64 sq meters for 525 Lindens per week and 300 prim. Skyboxes are permitted for additional privacy as well.

one of the many rentals at Seagull

For those that enjoy role play and adventure, there is a vast landscape to use. Angels told me there are role playing stories being played out sometimes. I got to meet a dragon named Keren Aeon; he shared with me what he does.    “Me and my beloved have found this to be an excellent castle setting, I have been an ancient barbarian king before, and we had lots of fun (here)”

Chatting with Keren Aeon the dragon in Seagull islands

Upon ending my interview with Angel and thanking her for the lovely tour, one phrase she said stuck with me and it rings true for us all.

Lanai hanging out with Angel Baxter, having a drink!

If you have love and you have hope and dreams, you can create anything” ~Angel Baxter

Visit Seagull Island

Additional Information
Seagull Island Rental
Full use of the common group facilities of Seagull Island
Dock usage for small sailboat or Kayak at a boat landing of your choice.
Your private home is allowed as long as it does not detract from the appearance of the surrounding area of the sky platform or affect your neighbor.
You may set Orb inside your home no Orbs outside. If you have security issues please IM me ASAP.

Contact Angel Baxter, Manager, in-world for a guided tour.

We volunteer our sim for events.  Visit us for regional tours

TY for reading.


  1. wonderful article about a wonderful sim. I found this sim "accidentally" years before and did a lot of visits there. I met my best longtime friends there. I like the calm and natural environment. tks for the article and tks to Angel and Balth for the sim. Theo Finney


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