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Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Gifts for Your Lady Love

Tomorrow is that one day out of the year when men scramble like crazy to find the perfect roses, the sweetest chocolates, the brightest diamond--all in the hopes of wishing their beloved sweetie a happy Valentine's Day. While I believe in showing my affections every day of the year, I thought I would help those late-to-the-party, wait-til-the-last-minute people and spotlight some gifts you can get NOW for your SL love.

All day, every day, women love jewelry. Why not give a piece of jewelry that keeps on giving right back to you? What do I mean? If you buy your sexy lady the Alyssa Bijoux - Draping Pearl Heart Necklace & Earring Set [Available at Marketplace], you can guarantee that her wearing the set will add an extra zip up your spine. The beautiful necklace drapes down her back, so you two can go out on the town while she rocks a sexy, backless dress that spotlights her toned back and new necklace. Or, for the friskier couple, your lady might decide to flit about the house in her new jewelry set--and nothing else. Would show off your wonderful gift to her...and her hot gift for you. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

One item that can possibly trump jewelry for women is a sweet pair of SHOES! Yes, chocolates are lovely--so are flowers. But slip the right shoe upon your Cinderella's foot, and she'll make sure you stay all hers. One of my fave shoe peeps, N-core, has its Coquette shoe now in a Spikes Edition for less than $300L a pair [Available at the N-core store]. There are over 20 different colors, so why not, instead of giving that lucky lady a bouquet of roses, present her with a bouquet of colorful, spiky, hot shoes? Let her wear the Draping Pearl Heart Necklace above and these shoes around the house with nothing else, and I can assure you that your Valentine's Day will end on a note sweeter than any box of chocolates!

And if you're going to consider jewelry and shoes, then why not top off this V-Day gift-giving extravaganza with the perfect cute dress? *VEXTRA FASHION* has a great dress that you can buy individually or can buy in its fatpack of 8 styles for under $600L. Called the "Hollywood Dress" [Available at Marketplace], these halter top babydoll dresses provide plenty of cleavage, plenty of back, plenty of gams, and enough swirl as you twirl your lady love about a dance floor. In the pics below, I'm sporting the "Hollywood Dress - #2".

Now that you have dressed and accessorized your special lady, you might think this is over, right? I mean after all, you have her looking like a million bucks. In real life, I might stop there, but in Second Life, where one could buy their beloved an island and not break the bank, I had to add just one more thing. It's not an island, but it is a cute little secluded spot you could put somewhere just for the two of you.

I purchased this Scripted Waterfall Cave with Star Particles [Available at Marketplace] a few months ago while making my own little rendezvous spot, and love it. It doesn't take a lot of prim (26), it has the lovely water fall, and once you walk through the waterfall, there is a small area where you can place some pillows, a small sitting area, so that you and your love can kick back, enjoy the ambiance, and let imaginations soar.

I hope my suggestions help you in getting something sweet for your sweets. Have a happy, loving Valentine's Day and remember to spread the love year-round!


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