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Showing posts with label valentine's day. Show all posts
Showing posts with label valentine's day. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Kinetics Dance February Premiere Show! February 7th at 6pm SLT


You're invited to the Kinetics' February Premiere Show! We have an exciting lineup of new acts to share with you. It's going to be an evening of killer moves, awesome beats, and all-around good vibes. Our dancers have poured their hearts into these performances, and we're stoked to bring the energy to the stage. Feel free to bring friends, family, or anyone who's up to start their day with dance and fun. Save the date, mark your calendar, and let's make February 7th an evening to remember! Get here early so you can make sure there's enough space for everyone. Find us on Fantasies Island - can't wait to see you with us! Salut, Kinetics Dance

NB*Adult only Sim

🎉 Date: February 7, 2024 🕖 Time: 6 pm slt 📍 Where: Got questions? Email us at

Monday, January 22, 2024

Struck by Cupids Arrow: Valentine's Day - February 10, 2024.


Valentine's Day Love Party featuring Stephanniyah Sinatra and Taty the Poet at the Bariki Restaurant - February 10, 2024. Tickets are available for Couples and Singles! Various options available such as Couples/Singles Dinner--Bar Only (All the drinks you can handle) and VIP (front row seats to the performers- No dinner provided. Finger foods and drinks).

The Bariki team is ready to provide the ultimate RP experience. You do not want to miss this special occasion. It's a love day Party.

Purchase your tickets on MP!

Tickets are selling fast. Once purchasing, send your reservation form in world to Jahkobi Resident. We can't wait to see you there!

Friday, February 10, 2023


One Light, in support of the Relay for Life, is hosting a charity auction to raise money to fight cancer.

This is the final few days to get in on the “The Road Less Traveled: Relay for Life Valentines Charity Auction”  The Auction ends on Saturday, Feb 11th at 11AM SLT” and anticipates dozens of participants all over the grid to bid, buy or even watch.  Win a date with one of the 129 participants in the Charity Auction.  

To get started, hop on over to Tropical Bliss's “The Road Less Traveled” Sim at the LM below, where you will find the auction boards representing three categories of dates. 

ROMANCE: Single and Want to Mingle then this is the right category for you. Looking for that perfect someone to settle down with and perhaps be your forever SL partner? We have 41 candidates to choose from, 

FRIENDSHIP: Looking for like-minded friends, or something platonic, one in which people share a close bond but do not have a sexual relationship, then this is the right category for you.  There are 54 participants in this category.

KINKY FETISH: Do you desire something Kinky or have some Erotic Fetish? Want to go on a date and meet someone with some Kinky Fetishes?  We have 34 eligible participants in this category

Check back often.  If you are outbid, your initial bid will be returned to you and you can try again.



For further information, contact moira.tristan.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Eclipse Restaurant & Events Announces 2 Amazing Dining Experience Packages for Valentine's Day!


Eclipse Restaurant & Events brings to the public THREE Amazing, Unique & Fun events for Valentine's Day! The Eclipse - Love is in the Air Dining Experience Event takes place from Feb. 9 - 14th! There are several different time frames available for each day's event! The Eclipse - Masquerade & Murder Dining Experience Event takes place ONLY on Feb. 14th at 4PM SLT! And for those single and looking, we have something for you too!! The Eclipse - Flirty February Date Auction is going on NOW! The Auction ends on Feb. 3rd at 11AM SLT! Put yourself up to be bid on OR bid on the auctions up now, find a date for Valentine's Day! Tickets for the Love is in the Air and Masquerade & Murder event experiences are on sale NOW! All three of these events have LIMITED space! So don't wait! Get your tickets now or reserve your spot on the auction block! Don't miss out on an amazing Valentine's Day special full dining experience! Come by today and get your tickets or reserve your spot!

Eclipse Love is in the Air and Masquerade & Murder details can be found here - Eclipse Restaurant & Events Shop for Love is in the Air and Masquerade & Murder tickets can be purchased here in world - Eclipse Auction Board Event area for details and sign up/bidding can be found here - Contact Alassra (xalassrax) if you have any questions.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Interview with Cupid 2021- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and Cupid is hard at work matchmaking across the grid. Every year the torch is passed to a new and improved Valentine’s Day mascot because it seems the previous ones go into retirement or disappear without a trace due to the groupies after his heart. So it was always a mission finding Cupid but this year he seemed to fall into my lap. I came across Cupid 2021 while out and about shopping for a pair of shoes, looked over and saw something stuck in the bushes so I went over to investigate.

Lanai: Hey there. Do you need a hand?

Cupid 2021:Huh? No, I don’t need any help at all, I mean to crash umm land down here I am incognito you know. Looking for people that need my help in the matching of the loves.

 *ruffling around in the bushes*

Lanai: Well... I find it pretty creepy that you are snooping around this shoe outlet. Do you think you will find a lot of singles around here to play matchmaker to? 

*helps him out the bushes*

Cupid2021: *coughs* observing, not snooping ok?! Well history shows there are usually a lot of men seeking a match in a place like this. It is a known hang out for women filling their time instead of finding men. And it is my job to assist them along with the process.

Lanai: Yea…. Men with foot fetishes maybe.  Wait… Is that you Orion?  I thought you were on a business trip! That outfit certainty does not look like a suit!

Cupid 2021: Hmmm oh hi Lanai! Fancy meeting you here. And hey, what you might not call a conventional suit, they do say this is the suit for the job. Come on you love the wings don’t you? So, I was tasked this year to help a lot of people find love and find their soulmate or at least one for a good long weekend. 

Lanai: The wings work with that outfit just not with a halo... Your reputation in SL is’t that great, especially in the music scene.  Anyways... I can respect that you want to do “charity work” in Second Life, but taking on being Cupid this year to stalk women at shoe stores? What exactly do you intend to do with those magic arrows? 

Cupid 2021: First of all, as for my reputation, well you know how I feel about pixels um I mean people and what they think of me or us or our business, so it matters not to me. And again for the record, I am not stalking. This is a job I am taking very seriously. These arrows help people find their true love. It reveals it to them. Or…. It makes them utterly stupid and fall for the first person that comes along. Either way people get lucky for a bit. And not only that! How cool is it that I get to shoot people with arrows and not get arrested?!!?

Lanai: Fine come with me as I shop for some shoes.  Your job is literally being a pain in the ass.. So let's get down to the reason for the season and the definition of love from your point of view?

Cupid 2021: Well yes, I mainly shoot in the ass, there is most of the meat, especially with those curvy anatomically incorrect avies aka “KFCs”. But love to me, well combine, happiness, sadness, frustration, joy, sweet, dread and then add in a lot of confusion and there you have love. 

Lanai: Interesting…. Well SL Statistics show 62% of SL couples don't make it from one Valentine’s Day to the next, 25% have side pieces that seem to balance things out, 12% actually make it past 1 year and the remaining 1%... take it to Real life and live their happily ever after. Now that you are crowned the expert of Love; Mr. Cupid….With these statistics all laid out what advice can you give couples dabbling in that thing called love? What makes it work and what doesn’t?

Cupid 2021: Well first off, Ladies, seriously! Spending all your time at some shoe stores isn’t going to get you the man of your dreams unless that is he sells shoes for a living. My advice for all the other people out there. Communicate and trust the one you want to be with, don’t look for the short haul, look for the long term. I know in my own experience patience and perseverance won and now I am the winner. You can find it too, just stop over thinking everything and let my arrows do their work. 

Lanai: She must be a lucky lady or miserable to actually have Cupid as her man. Any advice for single men out there having a hard time with love?

Cupid 2021: Oh she gets lucky, umm I mean is lucky I will say that, damn is she lucky. As for advice for men, I don’t think here is enough time for all that, but I will give the quick cliff notes. Men… LEARN what mesh is, you are in SL looking for love, not looking for a hookup behind the Dollar Tree?!!? Moving forward just stop acting broke or being a jackass. For the men who want their cake and a muffin on the side, sometimes you have a great woman right there in front of you but you still want to poke their “arrows” in others. STOP IT. Just STOP IT. Appreciate what you have and if you don’t have one, TRY harder, don’t expect one to fall from the sky. I am shooting them from the ground not while they are flying overhead. Stop looking up for them and look in some hearts.

Lanai: I guess that's good advice.. So for those who are already in a relationship, trouple, swinging or whatever, What kind of ways can they celebrate Valentine’s day?

Cupid 2021:Well that is a good question, and has a lot of different answers for many. Some say staying at home watching some Netflix together is great. Me I rather just blow my wad on some flowers, chocolates,  great fine wine and dining, maybe some dancing then home for some “showing her how I love her” if you know what I mean?! But the main thing no matter what you do is to show your significant other that you love them and they mean the world to you. And well, if you aren’t that kind of romantic person you can just always take her shoe shopping!

Lanai: That’s good advice Cupid! You actually do have a sweet side.  BTW what do you think of my shoes?

Cupid 2021: Well thank you! But let’s keep that between us for now ok? And regarding your shoes, you do have good taste but I think you can do a little better. Stop buying bargain bin shoes.

Lanai: o.O 

 And there you have it shootin’ straight from Cupid. Cheers xoxo :)

Happy Valentine’s Day SLE fans!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Origins of Valentine's day wasn't always so romantic...- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


Valentine’s Day is a holiday dating as far back as the 5th century A.D. originating from Paganism and the Lupercalia Festival. This event was held on February 15th each year in the city of Rome. It was a sexually charged event with random hookups, violent and bloody celebration which included animal sacrifices to ward off evil spirits and promote fertility. 

With the rise of Christianity, the Lupercalia Festival was outlawed and deemed “un- Christian”. It is said that Roman priests in an attempt to replace the pagan festival with a less aggressive form of romance would sacrifice dogs and goats and run upon and slap women on the streets with the blood drench hides as a blessing of fertility. These blood slapped women would then put their names in an urn to be selected and paired with a man for a year which often resulted in marriage.  It appears both parties weren’t being too romantic about matchmaking but back then they apparently had no shame.

Then comes Saint Valentine. He was a patron saint shrouded in mystery. According to some historians, Roman Emperor Claudius II  felt that young male soldiers were better at war than those with wives and children so he outlawed marriage for young men.

Well, Valentine wasn’t having it and thought it wasn’t right,  so he continued to perform marriages of young peeps on the down-low.  He ended up getting caught, sentenced to death, and beheaded. Not before allegedly falling in love with a young girl, rumor has it she was the jailor’s daughter, who visited him during his imprisonment. According to that legend, he was the first to send a love letter signed “From your Valentine''.

Other sources suggest there was another man by the name of Valentine who was a bishop but it turns out Claudius had a problem with that guy too and off with his head.  Claudius should go down in history for being the first c*ckblocker but I bet you won't find anything about that online.

Anyway, at the end of the 5th Century, it is said Pope Gelasius declared February 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day. It is believed that England and France observed the day because it was the beginning of birds mating season and should be a day for romance. Awww now that makes a little more sense. Who really knows the truth behind all the legends and allegations since there are all kinds of versions of how Valentine’s Day got its name or where it originated from.

Today, couples celebrate it with dates, flowers, and chocolates which usually lead to a little bump and grind. Others forget and run to their local gas station for a fist full of wilted flowers and a bag of M&Ms before they get home. I guess it's the thought that counts...

However, you choose to observe the day, celebrate it with Love. Don’t go slappin' anybody with a bloody goat or anything like that.

Happy Valentine’s Day 



Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine's Day at Serendipity 2020- All Day Event! February 14th from 11 am SLT-11pm SLT

Serendipity Weddings & Events is providing non stop entertainment for free to the public on Valentines Day.
Beginning at 11am thru 11pm SLT.

Here is the lineup:

DJ Sharna 11am - 1pm

Loreen Aldrin 1 - 2pm

Erika Ordinary 2 - 3pm

DJ Wendy 3 - 5pm

DJ James 5 - 7pm

Melenda 7 - 8pm

Ry Anne 8 - 9pm

DJ Leona 9 - 11pm

Serendipity will also be doing some prize giveaways like  a Dinner for Two, Suite or Date Night package!

As well as a few photo op areas set up for couples to take photos on their own and we will have flower vendors walking around to purchase for their dates.

Knowing how special Valentines Day is, we have set up several proposal areas and provided maps to those.

This is an overhead view of our dance floor and dinner tables. In the South East corner (the red circle) is a very special proposal area for those that want to declare your love in front of others and have a wonderful photo opportunity.

This is a photo of our Proposal Benches which are located literally all over the place in between tables if you want to do a more private proposal.

At this point we are at about 98% booked on Dinner tables but the Dance Floor will be open to all for the entire day and night.


 Serendipity Weddings, Events, Getaways
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Monday, February 10, 2020

Valentine Formal Sponsored By: Sin Original @ The Gallery with D.J. Pixi- Monday February 10th at 7pm SLT

It's That Romantic Month. Let's Have A Valentine Formal. And Wear Our Best Formal Attire. .The Top 3 Are The Winners Only. And The Prizes Are.1st Place A $300L GC. 2nd Place A $200L GC. And 3rd. Place A $100L GC. Come see the Gallery dancers as they show off there dancing skills. Our Dancers and Escorts are the hottest and sexiest in all of SL and are here for your entertainment.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Interview with Cupid 2018- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

It has been two years since I last scouted for and interviewed Cupid. It seems like a trend that each year the chosen Cupid abandons his posts as the mascot for Valentine’s Day. I get that they only have the job for a short time but perhaps they find true love of their own or they turn to getting swept away by the countless club scenes in Second Life never to be seen again.
This year was a bit different when I went out in search of the perfect Cupid 2018. I needed to find a well rounded, intelligent man to fill some speedos and wear a bow and arrow like a Greek God.
While out and about assisting a friend with a mesh upgrade, I was politely greeted by a shopper nearby. He complimented me.  At first I wasn’t really paying much attention to anyone around me but I decided to zoom my cam on this stranger saying hello.  It was a jaw dropping experience to say the least. My first thought was this was the Cupid I have spent my Second Life searching for.
He was handsome and well put together. His eyes were piercing grayish blue and he had a swag about him that was unignorable. We exchanged calling cards and went about our business.

A week past with no word. I saw his name light up on my friends list and thought I'd reach out and ask him if he knew where i could find a Unicorn. I thought it might be a nice ice breaker or maybe I was just embarrassing myself, but nonetheless he responded with, “Hi beautiful, I have been waiting to hear from you and judging  from the ridiculous reason for messaging me, I’m thinking you have been thinking about me also. But if you want to look for a Unicorn I’m game.” and that's how the beautiful friendship began.

Interview with Cupid 2018

Lanai: Vito, you know I wasn't really looking for a Unicorn when we met, I just didn’t know what to say. You made me a bit nervous unlike all the tools I come across on a daily. I have to thank you for agreeing to be this year’s Cupid. You fit the description of a Greek God very well.  SLE Fans missed out on one last year.

Cupid: I take it as a compliment and I’m honored to be this years cupid if it means spending even this little time with you.

Lanai: You are such a sweetheart and I am enjoying this time I get with you. So let's jump right into your position as Cupid. I love that you tell it like it is. There has been a lot of drama and BS happening across the grid. I think SLE fans need to hear what you have to say about all that mess and how you intend to improve relationships for Valentine’s Day.

Cupid: Damn, when I heard you say let’s jump right into a position I had to adjust my arrow. But then I realized you were asking a serious question. I shoot my damn arrows and sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t, but if i can give advice… men: learn how to talk to a woman, actually listen sometimes and for f**ks sake stop saying “want to make sex”. And women: look at your damn avi. If you look like plastic surgery gone wrong and everything is hanging out then your going to get what you get; a tool. Now Lanai, what position would you like to do next?

Lanai: OHH ummm going back to that sound advice. I have to agree with you for both men and women. It just seems like people have no motivation anymore to keep up with their appearance or even their socializing skills. Now, what was that about positions? *fans self* NVM let’s not get off track here. I think it is very important for SL residents to know the do’s and don’ts of relationships. One or one hundred arrows to the ass might not help them if they don’t have the skills to make their situation work. Am I right?

Cupid: Men and women on here need to stop sending representatives, meaning be yourself, tell the truth, I find a lot of men on here will say whatever they think the woman would want to hear as long as they get to be with that woman. Problem is they will always show their true colors and those women will go running into another man’s arms… same goes for the women, if that guy seems too good to be true then guess what he might just be.

Lanai: So what you are saying in a nutshell is trust is something that needs to be earned to avoid these types of problems or does it mean both men and women need to always be on alert? How can people really tell when they have found that perfect person?

Cupid: Trusting people in SL can be as hard as finding a unicorn. But it’s not all doom and gloom, love is out there and it might take getting burned many times to find that person but when you do you will have no doubts. You will feel their love, and their energy, and you will trust them in ways you never thought possible.

Lanai: that is beautiful advice Cupid. In reality it doesn’t take an arrow or even Valentine’s day to validate what your significant other means to you or when you should celebrate love. It is about knowing oneself and sharing it with the person you care about. Not because it is what everyone else expects. It should be unconditional and natural.

Cupid: You have it figured out Lanai, it is impossible to love and trust if you don’t love yourself first. I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you, now after spending 5 months with you, I think we’ve both been hit with an arrow. In fact, the only way I am signing off on this interview is if your next article is titled “My Life with Cupid”.

Lanai: Would this be a good time to tell you I’m pregnant?

Cupid: o.O


**Special thanks to Vitochicone xoxox

Valentine's Day Ideas 2019 - Seersha Heart

Valentine’s day is one of the most social days of the year.  Today I spent some time around the grid checking out the festivities.  I visited a few places to let you know what is planned around the grid.

Dunk-A-Linden & Hug-A-Linden Event
LL is offering an opportunity to party with the Lindens at the Isle of View on February 14 beginning at 10 am slt.  The landing spot in the “Love Pavillion”, a large round building surrounding by hugging booths and a dance floor. Pink permeates every view from outside.  There is a gift giving kiosk that sends your special someone one of the valentine gifts pictured such as a teddy bear, roses, candy and more. Outside of the pavilion, there are walkways with heart hedges and soft lighting.  Sky is even a nice shade of pinks and purples. Be careful approaching the other pavilion. I was thrown out by a security orb, I was unable to get a comment from LL on this before writing the story. There are people exploring the SIM before the big event, if you get a chance see if this is the place you want to take your special someone.  The whole place looks like Valentine’s Day and knowing the Lindens, there will be all kinds of things going on when the activities begin on February 14.

Valentine Town 2019
When you land, turn around and you will find the Tunnel of Love.  I recommend Sunset or Dawn sun lighting. This SIM also allows flying so it is easy to get around.  The Tunnel of Love is a fully operational ride. Turn left and walk through the Welcome gate to visit the town.  Some of the trees have heart leaves in reds and pinks. The town itself looks like Whoville. The decorative hearts are lavish and large.  There is a large gathering area for the DJ and dancing. Off the dance floor are kiosks with flowers for sale. If you join the group, there is a free gift of a bullseye backpack.  You may choose from “Cupid”, “Single”, “Taken” or “Warning” to alert those around you. I wore the “Cupid” while I visited the SIM.

Valentine’s Day Street Fair in Mielville
Mieville’s Valentine’s Day Street Fair runs February 10-15.  There is shopping, gachas and various fun activities. They are hosting a special Valentine’s Dance on February 14th at 6 pm slt.  Love was in the air when I stopped by the SIM, moments after arriving a woman became very friendly with me when she saw the backpack [ “Cupid” ] from Valentine Town.  Of course I was a dashing male avi so who can blame her? I checked out the shops, one item I thought was particularly clever is a SPIKE kinetic sculpture. This item made by Liam Metaluna has a rotating heart that releases a flow of hearts periodically.  I was fascinated for several minutes watching it. There is no shortage of gifts with heart and love themes so you might consider stopping and picking up a gift before you pick up your date. At the end of the row of shopping is a large building with the dancing animations.  Again, I recommend sunset sun for most pleasing lighting.

London City Love-In
This stop is certainly popular, now attracting the newest members of SL.  They are having a month long celebration “of the heart”. This stop wasn’t as pink and red as the others, yet if you enjoy a London backdrop, this is the place to celebrate.  I would recommend this spot for a single person who wants to get out and have some conversations. Perhaps meet new friends and dance the night away. There a many avis on this SIM, 76 when I visited, so be prepared for lag.  Yet if you want to meet people, you need avis.
I have some personal “go to” romantic spots I will share with you.  Alone or with a friend, a date, I promise you will enjoy this stop.

Lost Gardens of Apollo
An old SIM maintained and charming, the dance floor here is always magical.  The light is perfect and there are stars twinkling around you as you dance. Explore the island, and you will find a Zeppelin tour and some areas to sit and to cuddle up to enjoy your surrounding.  There are lovely gardens, waterfalls and secluded places throughout the SIM.
Zeppelin tour:
Dancing area:

Ocho Tango & Cammino e Vivo Capovolto [builder]
This SIM is a visual feast.  The club Ocho Tango has tango and other dances available.  Usually I can find someone to dance with easily there without bringing a date.  It is a multilingual location so if you want to practice Spanish or French you might meet someone there to help you.  I have helped French residents with their English while visiting. The BIG reason to come here besides the great dancing is the 3D art build adjacent to it.  One of my favorite SL builders, Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, has maintained an installation here for at least four years. It remains beautiful and haunting, the building takiing care to set the windlight for maximum effect.  There are plcaes to sit and places to cuddle. It is a nice SIM to explore and spend time with someone special.

There are 89 SIMs listed as romantic on the SL Destination guide today.  These are my favorites to visit. We wish you and yours a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Love Made In SL - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

...And Second Life© is a wonderland where you can find the magic of love.  Linden Lab / @SecondLife and @draxtor have initiated a mini series - Love Made In SL - #lovemadeinsl.  Take a look at Draxtor's twitter feed for links to the episodes already aired.

Love Made in SL logo created by Marianne McCann with permission from Linden Lab

The series kicked off with the fabulous story of  residents, Teal and Wolf, whose love story crosses time zones and oceans to reach a very exciting chapter...  THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED in real life.

This makes the romance writer in me absolutely extatic.  Take a look:

We would love to hear your Love Made In SL story.  You can contact Draxtor - @draxtor via twitter or me at  We look forward to hearing about your #lovemadeinsl stories.