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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Echelon Award Ceremony For Lanai Jarrico, Carmichael Caudron Reporting

The Echelon Award statue,designed by Nani Xue

Ah what a wonderful evening it was.....wait it is still going on with the after party lol,but I decided to write this article while it was still fresh in my memory before the champagne makes it blurry.

The evening was about honoring media mogul Lanai Jarrico, owner of The SLenquirer newspaper and Press Pass network.
Organized by Scorpinosis Nightfire's Pulse TV Network. His team was excellent in guiding the guests and rehearsals of those doing speeches like myself and SLenquirer journalist Allen Eppenberger, Tv personality Pooky Amsterdam, Pulse Tv's Nani Xue who also DJ'd after and journalist Persia Bravin who left a touching notecard which was read to the audience, all this while Lanai waited backstage and listened.

Scorpinosis, the event organizer also gave an amazing introduction speech of the night about Lanai and her accomplishments as being one of the first in Secondlife to lead the news and now being the oldest news organization still standing.

Lanai came to the podium and gave a touching 3 page letter speech  in which she thanked everyone who has been by her side along the way, such as her editors Shon, Lacy and so many other people too much to mention, 7 years worth of it!

Lanai accepting the award (and yes thats a huge Champage bottle in her hand too lol)

I kept crashing throughout the evening taking pictures but managed to take some of everyone in the crowd with their name tags.
Ty for reading and also ty for attending

Scorpinosis, nani,linda lauren and many more

guests : jessica lyon, allen eppenberger, and many more

prissy price, avacar, angelina, skip, prince and many more

starlite schnook, ashkee and many more

ramsa luv, sumi, zayne, krystal ,brigit ranger and some others


  1. What a fine evening it was indeed. I am so excited to have been in attendance. Lanai is a bright shining star in the media universe.
    Prince Sonoda


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