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Monday, March 19, 2012

Fight Against Cancer : Inside Story Of Fashion For Life 2012, Luc Fray Reporting......

A lot of people had heard of Cancer, but what really is Cancer?

Cancer is a traitorous phenomenon in which your own body betrays and attacks you. It is derived from the latin word meaning, "crab" or "crab-like," which refers to the crab-like growth invasion of malignant cells to nearby tissues.

Contrary to popular belief, cancer is not a single disease with a single cause. It is a term that describes all forms of malignant neoplasm --- uncontrolled and uncoordinated cell growth and division that follows no physiologic demand --- with different and distinct causes, manifestations, prognoses, and treatment. For example, skin cancer, the most common type of malignancy for both sexes, does not have the same causes or manifestations or treatments to that of prostate cancer, the most common type of malignancy for men, or to that of breast cancer, the most common type of malignancy for women.

Though often confused with each other, cancer frequency does not necessarily mean mortality. Often, skin malignancy is curable and has better prognosis compared to lung malignancy, the leading cause of patient death from cancer.

According to the World Health Organization, 7.6 Million people all over the world died in 2008 from Cancer. American Cancer Society has also added that Cancer is the second leading cause of death in U.S., next only to Heart disease, and that it is expected in 2012, that about 577,190 Americans are going to die of cancer . With these numbers, a lot of measures have been done to prevent mortality rate from rising. One of that is cancer research.

Research aims to gather more information so that we will be equipped with the knowledge how to prevent or retaliate against Cancer. Unfortunately, researches can be very expensive projects.

This is where Relay For Life (RFL) and Fashion For Life (FFL) comes in.

Relay For Life is American Cancer Society's Signature fund-raising activity that had started out in May 1985 with Dr. Dr. Gordy Klatt, a Tacoma Colorectal surgeon. Deciding that he can raise money for his local American Cancer Society office, he showed his support for his patients by running a marathon, something that he loved doing. For 24 hours, he covered more than 83 miles around the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma . His efforts had raise $27,000.

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) didn't start, however, until 5pm of August 27, 2005 where it was spearheaded by Jade Lily and was attended by 315 avatars. 5000 US dollars was raised. Currently, it is an annual activity that takes place in July each year, though teams of volunteers join hands in fundraising and raising awareness early on from mid-March through mid-July.

Fashion For Life, one of the many RFL teams, is lead this year by Miss Harper Beresford. Miss Beresford, a noted expert in SL fashion community, was kind enough to spare a bit of her time to answer some questions regarding FFL 2012.

Miss Harper Beresford

Question: Do you know anyone personally that has cancer?

Miss Beresford: I think everyone knows someone who has cancer. Both in SL and RL I have friends who have been treated, who have died, who have survived. Right before the opening of FFL my great uncle died of complications from bladder cancer. He had a good long life but it was hard seeing him in hospice at age 89 in pain.

Question: Would you mind sharing an experience how cancer had touched and affected your life?

Miss Beresford: I wrote about a friend in SL in my own blog A Fashion for Virtual Passion (link to From a casual conversation about eating out to then learning a few days later that he was diagnosed with colon cancer, I was struck by how something like cancer can take a good, usually healthy, man down.

When did you first learn of FFL 2012 and how did you come across it?

Miss Beresford: I took over the RFL Clothing Fair late in 2010 when the original organizers decided they could not continue running it. I had been a participant in it for two years before that. I hated to see the fair die because someone couldn't take over. I had some ideas about how to make it function better.

What made you want to join in this arm of RFL?

Miss Beresford: I am involved mostly in fashion in SL. It seems a no-brainer. And I am very interested in service to my community, and SL is one of my communities.

How did you manage to organize and spearhead this big event, and how was it like doing it?

Miss Beresford: It's very stressful and a full-time job in many ways. Sometimes I feel like no good deed goes unpunished, and I have to ask myself sometimes why I do it. Setting down a clear mission statement (link to, being devoted to it, and being mindful of everyone's contribution and how it all fits together has helped a lot.

When I see the enthusiasm of all the designers and builders and even more importantly, the thanks of the many survivors, patients, caretakers and loved ones touched by cancer, I realize it's worth it.

Who are some of the clothes designer/store owners/entrepreneurs/builders that had generously contributed their items, time, and effort to this event?

Miss Beresford: We have over 300 people contributing time and effort to this. I can't possibly list them all. However, I will extend special thanks to Anne Daumig, who leapt in to be my right-hand lady for logistics and service, Troy Vogel, who was my left-hand man for building, and Roscko Cobalt and his wife, Bonadea Avedon, who did many things including building, graphics,etc. Behind the scenes, Kimmera Madison and Nave Madison-Fall helped me greatly too.

Let me add, every single person involved did so without compensation. All proceeds go 100% to the American Cancer Society via Relay for Life in SL.

Currently, how much money has FFL 2012 garnered now, and how much more to go before the goal is reached?

Miss Beresford: We are over 3 million linden as of today. We would like to bypass last year's total of 5 million and I would like to see us go to 6 million, but that remains to be seen.

Is there anything else that I haven't asked regarding FFL 2012 that you'd like to add in?

Miss Beresford: I hope people realize that Fashion for Life and Relay for Life in SL are not just about fund-raising. Though that is an important component, this reaches beyond simple money gathering. For many, their effort is a way to give cancer the big middle finger by expending their energy on something they CAN do when perhaps, the devastation of cancer has left them feeling helpless.

Additionally, the reason so many make such a visible effort is to remind our fellow residents who have been touched by cancer that we care. So even if you just show up to view the beautiful sims and fashions, you are adding to the general zeitgeist of our effort and probably helping someone without knowing it.

Miss Roe Woodford, Dream Seeker Productions Director, and Miss Samantha Ohrberg, Dream Seeker Estates Community Engagement Director, had graciously answered too some questions. Dream Seeker Estates Corporation has provided generously full payment for the sims where Fashion For Life is to be held this year for the event to be made possible.

Miss Roe Woodford

Question: Have you known anybody close that has cancer? Would you mind sharing us a story about him/her and his/her experience?

Miss Woodford: Cancer is something that is very close to me and haunts me on a daily basis. Numerous people in my life have been affected by cancer. Some have lost their fight but others have fought hard to stay alive. I am taking these experiences to further my strength in the cause to conquer this disease.

What does an FFL 2012 Sponsor mean, and what do they do?

Miss Woodford: As a member of The Dream Seekers Estate Corporation, I work as the Director of Dream Seeker Productions, the modeling and fashion production entity of our corporation. I am producing two (2) fashion shows for the FFL Event.

As part of Dream Seekers Estates Corporation, what made you want to become one of FFL 2012's Sponsors?

Miss Woodford: As a member of the Dream Seeker Estate Corporation, Fashion for Life allows myself and the Dream Seeker Productions Models and Staff an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer.

One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. The funds raised at Fashion for Life save lives by funding cutting-edge cancer research, early detection and prevention education, advocacy efforts, and life-affirming patient services.

My desire to be involved is to help save lives, help those battling cancer, and empower all to fight back against the disease.

How do you feel knowing that people are coming in to support the cause of this event?

Miss Woodford: Second Life volunteers have the ability to reach out to millions of people all over the world, sharing the RFL’s mission and advocating for those touched by cancer. The thought of this makes me feel extremely proud to be a part of something that will touch so many lives and make a real difference.

In your opinion, what does FFL 2012's theme, "It's time" meant for you?

Miss Woodford: The theme immediately makes me think of "Time for a Cure" A very popular slogan but also I think of Early Detection & Screening. Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. There are two major components of early detection of cancer: education to promote early diagnosis and screening. There are more than 100 types of cancers; any part of the body can be affected and in many cases early detection is the difference between life and death; "Time" means everything.

Is there anything else that I haven't asked regarding FFL 2012 that you'd like to add in?

Miss Woodford: I'd like to thank Harper Beresford who is a "real" angel on earth. Thank you Harper for all that you do!

Miss Samantha Ohrberg

Question: Tell me, what is FFL 2012 all about?

Miss Ohrberg: Since Relay for Life has been in SL, there has a been a fashion component. One of the first fashion fairs in SL six years ago, the RFL Clothing Fair aimed to combine people's love of fashion with the positivity of donating money for a cure for cancer. Now in our sixth year, Fashion for Life is the embodiment of the collective efforts of a small group of people to make a big change. As we enjoy shopping and taking care of our avatars, we can also send money to the American Cancer Society, insuring that the research and support that they provide to millions of people around the world can continue. We are pleased you are joining us for this effort and encourage you to shop and have fun!

What are the upcoming events that's going to happen in FFL 2012?

Miss Ohrberg: Luc, I am glad you asked. Over the eleven day period, our events have ranged from theme DJ events to concerts, which we hope everyone has truly enjoyed thus far. This weekend the Pearl Club has graciously sponsored a Venetian Masquerade Ball, to be held on Sunday March 18 at 1pm SLT. What makes this event more special is the incredible builder who has worked numerous hours to complete a true work of art, but you have to see it to believe it.

The Dream Seeker Productions team has committed a tremendous amount of hours and work into creating two fabulous shows featuring some of the 2012 Fashion for life Designers. Make sure you join us on Sunday March 18 @11am slt this show will truly encourage all fashionistas looking for the hottest trends&

How does it feel to be part of the FFL 2012's team committee as Dream Seeker Estates' Liaison?

Miss Ohrberg: It has truly been a wonderful experience to work alongside some incredible people. Especially, in this day and time that we live to have so many people come together to make a change and difference touches a sentimental place.

What is your view on cancer and its victims?

Miss Ohrberg: Cancer has affected so many people across the globe, that one can only be touched and encouraged by these stories. Everyone's viewpoint on cancer is different. In my case my father recently passed away three years ago from cancer. So, it had a significant impact on my life and family, nothing will ever bring my father back, but participating in an amazing fund-raising event such as Fashion for life in conjunction with The American Cancer Society, Relay for Life maybe we can get closer to finding a cure.

Did you have any unusual experiences while organizing events for FFL 2012?

Miss Ohrberg: I plead the fifth on this question. Moving on... *giggles*

Is there anything else that I haven't asked regarding FFL 2012 that you'd like to add in?

Miss Ohrberg: I personally want to thank the entire 2012 Fashion for life team especially Harper Beresford, who I have worked closely with, Dream Seeker Estates Corporation and our Estate Team. All with the entertainers, our incredible sim builder Anonron Hanson and special build by Loz Hyde

It should be known that no matter how many lives cancer had taken away, a lot more lives have crossed and been brought together because of it. Relay for Life and Fashion for Life are just some of the many proofs of this statement.

FFL 2012 "It's Time" Theme

To support FFL, visit the 10 sims listed down below and check out the many stores that had participated in the said event. You can also join in the parties and concerts that are held. The sims (excluding the center sim) are divided into 4 categories --- Past, Present, Future, and Timeless --- for FFL 2012's theme "It's Time."



Vrijeme (


Aika (

Czas (

For more information regarding the said event, please visit the official Fashion For Life website (

Contact Information:

Harper Beresford
Roe Woodford


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