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Showing posts with label cancer. Show all posts
Showing posts with label cancer. Show all posts

Sunday, November 20, 2022

The Magic of Holiday Stories The 2022 SL Christmas Expo Giving the Gift of Hope to Children With Cancer


‘Twas the end of November and all through SL
Merchants, Creators, and Avatars as well
We're counting the minutes, the hours, and days
‘Til the 2022 SL Christmas Expo takes place!

Spread across 12 regions and featuring more than 150 shops, Second Life’s Premier Holiday Shopping, Entertainment, and Breedables event, the SL Christmas Expo opens Dec 2nd.  Fashion & Accessories, Home & Garden, Animations, Breedables, Pets, and more, it’s all at the Christmas Expo.

This year’s theme is The Magic of Holiday Stories. Each region or ‘Chapter‘ tells a different Holiday Story as interpreted by some of SL’s best region designers and special guests. 

v  SL Christmas Expo / What Snowmen Do At Night / Darkstone Aeon

v  Chapter 1 / The Gingerbread Pirates / Allie Munroe

v  Chapter 2 / Aliens Love Panta Claus / Drummer Jollycane

v  Chapter 3 / The Elves & The Shoemaker / Royal Shippe & Mina Ancio

v  Chapter 4 / Letters From Father Christmas / Bayliner Bob & Abi

v  Chapter 5 / Night Before Christmas / Madame Gyre

v  Chapter 6 / Polar Express / Teyla Smith

v  Chapters 7 & 8 / The Great Reindeer Rebellion / Bambi (norahbrent)

v  Chapter 9 / The Colors Of Christmas / Darkstone Aeon

v  Lights Of Hope / The Nutcracker / SkyeRyder Varriale

v  Linden Lights of Hope / Linden Homes /  Linden Lab

Back again this year is The Holly Jolly CafĂ©, bringing more than 100 Live Performances by the very best singers and musicians in Second Life. Don’t Miss Uber Day at the Holly Jolly, Friday, Dec. 9.  The Stocking Stuffer Hunt is also back! Find the gifts hidden in participating shops. The Lights of Hope Home Decoration competition, Photos with Santa, Build A Snowman Contest,  the Christmas Tree Lot, Santa’s Sleigh Ride and Photos with Santa Patch Linden all make their annual return at the Expo.

New this year is the “Magic of Holiday Stories - Ribbons of Hope Film Festival & Challenge”. Filmmakers are invited to create videos at the Expo regions from December 1st through 7th.  All videos will be presented on the Relay For Life of Second Life YouTube channel beginning Dec 8th.

Auctions are always a highlight of the Christmas Expo and this year is no exception. Bid for a variety of OOAK and Limited Special Editions and do not miss the incredible Linden Special Prizes!  A Mind-blowing array of Linden Gifts to the Highest Bidders or lucky Ticket Holders!

Linden Auction Packages
(Silent Auction bidding opens Dec 2 All Auctions will close  by Live Auction Bidding Dec 11 at 10am)

One Of A Kind Linden Package – (An $1800 / L$450,000 Value!)

v  TWO 12-month Premium Plus Subscriptions (one for the winner and one to gift to a friend, it's Christmas after all!) and a

v  Homestead Region with no monthly maintenance fees for 12 months

Special Linden Auction Package 

v   12 Month Premium Subscription and

v   1-Hour hangout/photo time with Patch Linden and

v  Free Name Change and

v   Patch LE 2022 Holiday Bear

Individual Linden Auction Items (Each Bid Separately)

v  12 Month Premium Plus Subscription


v  1 Hour hangout/photo time with Patch Linden


v  3 Month Premium Plus Subscription

Expo Raffles Include:

v  TWO 2 Giant Mega Raffles -  Each with more than L$50,000 in gift cards from Expo Merchants 

v  Daily Holly Jolly Raffles - Gift Cards from Expo Merchants

Individual Linden Raffles

v  3 Month Premium Plus Subscription

v  12 Month Premium Subscription

v   3 Month Premium Subscription

v  Free Name Change


The 12th Annual SL Christmas Expo is sponsored by Dekute Dekore, Vidarr's Legacies, Queenz, *WK Wild Kajaera*, Taylor Designs, Trinity Clothing, Prestigious Pampered Breedables, Lil Monsters Inc, MOCAPANIMATIONS Dance Shop, Wonderful World Of Meeroos, Mafia Meeros, LOPO DISTRICT, AFantasy, Charisma's Designs, TONE 2, Art By Emma and Run For The Roses, and supports the Childhood Cancer programs of the American Cancer Society.

Join us December 2nd through 11th and help us
Give The Gift of Hope to Children with Cancer

For Teleports, Schedules, and More Information please visit

If you or a loved one has been touched by cancer or simply needs information contact the American Cancer Society at 800-227-2345; or at the American Cancer Society Virtual Office in Second Life. 


Saturday, October 1, 2022

Rock Your Rack is Takin' It To The Streets


October is here and so is the 10th Annual Rock Your Rack charity event raising funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This 15 day event brings together fashion, art, music and dance in one spot for this great cause. This year we have 7 Fashion shows, 50 Designers, 38 Artists, 3 Dance performances, 8 Tribute concerts, and over 70 DJ/Live Musician shows in our old world New York build. Come and enjoy the events which can be found listed on the website at including our 10L hunt with some great finds! is where all the details about the event are located including schedules, SLURL to the landing point, information about the ARt show and more.

Friday, September 30, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Out Shop Cancer 2022, October 1 - 31


It is time to shop for a very important cause! Out Shop Cancer is a main store and marketplace shopping event and a signature Strides Campaign in Second Life in support of the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and research which started in 2018. The 2022 Out Shop Cancer event includes main store and marketplace shopping, a grid-wide hunt, an Out Shop Cancer Pop-up Market and a special Bloggers for a Cure event. Along with the many shopping opportunities there will be several special raffles during the month, including raffles for eBody Reborn bodies and a Prima Elite body. With more than 70 stores participating ranging from clothes to decor to cars to breedables, there is something for everyone. Sandie Slate, founder of Out Shop Cancer, shares “We are super excited for this year’s event. The response from designers this year has been tremendous and the amount of support for the event has exceeded expectations. With the inclusion of the Pop-Up Market and the Bloggers for a Cure event, this year’s event is jam-packed with shopping and much more.” The Out Shop Cancer event runs from October 1st to the 31st. Shoppers will be able to pick up a shopping hud inworld at the Out Shop Cancer office. A list a of contributing merchants with shopping directory and the official bloggers can be found on the Out Shop Cancer website at Information about the Pop-Up Market and Bloggers for a Cure event will be available on the website as well. All proceeds from this event go directly to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services.

Out Shop Cancer office (pick up shopping hud) -, Website -, Facebook -, Flickr -

Friday, May 6, 2022



WE'RE IN THE FINALS OF THE RFL CLUB CHALLENGE AND WE'RE GOING FOR THE WIN!! SEXY ROCK AND PRIZES! You do NOT want to miss this ROCK OUT filled with the sexiest party rockers on the GRID all comin out to support the RFL cause decked out in their LEATHER AND LACE for the occasion! Come out and join the party that's filled with auction and raffle items ALL for the sake of STOMPIN' OUT CANCER! Go to the Facebook event in the Biology Club group and click "GOING" !! We want to see the club FLOODED with RFL STOMPERS ready to END CANCER! Our Sponsors, IWE (InWorld Entertainment), Ligati Occasions, and BBX Builders are gonna be putting things up for Auction and Raffle with ALL PROCEEDS going to RELAY FOR LIFE! All the information you need can be found on the Facebook Event: The venue is located here: We look forward to seeing you there!!

Monday, February 7, 2022


Cancer deaths rose to 10 million globally in 2019.   Cancer was the second leading cause of death, after heart disease, in the United States, with nearly 600,000 deaths.  Team One More Light is a SecondLife team that helps raise money to support the real-life Relay for Life organization.

Relay For Life of SecondLife is the largest virtual event in the world and in 2020 was ranked 5th among more than 5000 Relay for Life events. Since 2004, Relay for Life of SL has raised more than ONE BILLION LINDENS. That’s more than $4 MILLION DOLLARS in support of the American Cancer Society.


In hopping around the Grid a few weeks back, I landed in the backyard of the Schitt Family.  Lene Schitt, the matriarch of the clan, was orchestrating a BBQ for her family and some close friends.  I noticed a poster on the backyard fence, promoting something called a “Valentine Charity Auction” and Relay for Life, and I asked Lene what that was all about.   Gracious beyond measure, she stopped what she was doing and addressed my questions.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB: So, Lene, tell me about how you first came to be associated with Relay for Life?

Lene Schitt (LS): Last year after meeting Abby Lemongrass and Bob Bayilner the team captains for One More Light group; I was so blown away with their events and how they were raising money for this incredible cause. I could not believe how huge Relay for Life was here in the virtual world and I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it.

::Lucid::  I was first introduced to Relay when my friend introduced me to Bob and Abi and they asked me if I was interested in making some things to sell for a relay event.

JB: Have you hosted events like this before?

LS:  I have hosted smaller parties for myself and for friends but never an event like this. But I am looking forward to hosting more; this has been an incredible turnout and a whole lot of fun.

JB: You have quite an operation here.  Do you do this by yourself, or did you have help?

LS: Oh no, there is no way I could have done this by myself... From the start this has been a team effort, from the build of the sim, coming up with ideas to include everyone, planning the pantie hunt, making the note cards, flyer's, free gifts for everyone that visits the sim, flick pick of the day, coordinating events at That's Amore Cafe, all of it has been a Team Effort... One More Light is quite the Group and we are growing.

Lucid: We have a team, One More Light. It’s a team effort, but special recognition goes to Lene Schitt and Lily Cloud as it would be nothing without them.

JB:  What types of reactions have you had to the Valentine Charity Auction?

LS:  I have to tell you the amount in donations alone from this event thus far speaks volumes. We have had a great reaction from everyone, so many people have shown their support in many different ways. Not only our friends but also people that don't know us or just heard about the event through advertisement; everyone wants to be a part of it somehow.

Lucid:  Overwhelmingly positive reactions, everyone has been having fun and we've met so many new friends.

JB: The “Pantie Hunt” was fun. How did you come up with THAT idea?

LS:  Well, the Pantie Hunt wasn't my idea. That idea was Lily Cloud and the Cookie Monster.  Lily Cloud is one of our Team Members and she and Cookie thought a Valentine Pantie Hunt with love stories would be a great idea to promote the auction. So many people enjoyed the Hunt, we will most likely bring it back next year.

JB:  Tell us more about the auction.  I understand that, unlike most auction boards, you actually have a couple of different categories?

LS:  The idea of the Valentine Charity Auction was to include everyone. We wanted to be able to have everyone participate, so we came up with 3 categories Romance, Friendship and Kinky.

·         ROMANCE: Single and Want to Mingle then this is the right category for you. Looking for that perfect someone to settle down and perhaps be your forever SL partner?

·         FRIENDSHIP: Looking for like-minded friends, or something platonic, one in which people share a close bond but do not have a sexual relationship, then this is the right category for you.

·         KINKY: Do you desire something Kinky or have some Erotic Fetish? Want to go on a date and meet someone with some Kinky Fetishes, then check out this category?

We thought that by having different categories everyone would be able to participate in the auction and I got to tell you, breaking the auction into these 3 categories was really worth it, the response has been amazing!!

Lucid:  Yes, we wanted it to be a really inclusive event, and not everyone is looking for the same things, we wanted everyone to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves.

JB:  As part of my in-depth research in support of this article,  I agreed to be one of those who was “Auctioned off” for a good cause.  As a result of this event, I made another friend in SL.  Such a delightful way to get to know someone – going on a date to help fight Cancer.  What a concept!

JB:  This looks like a LOT of auction boards!  About how many people have participated in your Auctions?

LS:  We broke up the Auction in two rounds and each round had about 125 boards, most people in round one came back to participate in Round 2 and some that hadn't had a chance are still coming to sign up.

JB:  How are you doing on fundraising this year?

LS:  The  Season is just starting and I have to tell you we are blowing it away so far. This event has put us right at 30% of the goal for this season. Our Goal this Season is to raise $6,000 US dollars.

AL: That’s Six Thousand US Dollars – and not Lindens.  Overall, Relay for Life of SecondLife has set a goal of $500,000 US dollars for the year.

Lucid:  We are over a third of the way to our goal already, with four months to go.

JB:  What happens with the money you raise?

LS:  All money raised at our events including this one will go to Relay for Life of Second Life.

AL:  In 2021, SL Relay for Life was the #4 organization across the world.  Relay For Life of Second Life has raised over $3.2 million for the fight against cancer.

Lucid: Every Linden we raise goes directly to Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. Our team leaders go so far as to pay for this sim out of pocket so no money gets redirected at all, straight to Relay.

JB:  Do you have specific events planned?  Can you share some details of those?

LS:  One More Light Team has a list of upcoming events for the Season. The calendar is getting full already and our next big event is the Mr/Miss Multiverse Pageant, which is going to be so much fun. We also have an Easter egg hunt/Tea, surfing event, Roller Disco, Golf Tournament, Comic Con, live singers and you won’t want to miss out on The Great Gatsby Themed Weekend Event... We have so many great events upcoming...

Lucid:  We have oh so very many things. In addition to the activities Lene mentioned, we have an event called Keg and Eggs, and a really special Art Gala, along with many one-day events.

JB:  Is there anything Else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

AL: Believe it or not, less than 20% of the people in second life even know about Relay for Life here in SecondLife.  Can you imagine if everyone knew and got involved what a difference we might make?  We are always looking to add fun, creative members to our team who want to share in our passion to raise awareness and money for Relay for Life...

Lucid:  While just one out of every five SecondLife Users is aware of the Relay for Life presence inworld, SL is the fourth largest donor. I think that's pretty amazing, and if the word is spread further, we could work miracles.

So there you have it, Folks.  If you want to help make a difference in the world,  come on out to the One More Light, Relay for Life auction and charity fundraising event.  You really CAN make a difference.

Imagine a world free from cancer. Help make it a reality.

OK Folks…Check out the links above.

Be There.  Aloha!


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

RelayStock & Bid The Lindens Bald Opens Friday May 14th

Multi-Team Relay For Life Event
Six teams of Lindens & Moles Compete to Save Their Hair
Limited Edition Bid The Lindens Bald Linden Bear
Live and DJ Entertainment
CRFB Top DJ Finals

It’s Back! The 8th Annual RelayStock Multi-Team event opens this Friday, May 14th. Relay For Life teams will once again hoist their banners above Hippie Vans and Tents as they gather together for the annual festival in support of the American Cancer Society.  

The three-day event also features the popular fundraiser Bid The Lindens Bald (BTLB).  In its 5th year, BTLB pits teams of Lindens and Moles who challenge each other to raise the most money to support Relay For Life.  ‘Bidding’ opens on Wednesday, May 12th, and concludes with a Haircut Party from Noon until 2pm on May 19th.  Governor Linden will oversee the haircuts, given to the team with the least amount in their kiosk.  That team will remain bald until SL18B in June.

A special commemorative, Limited Edition Linden Bear will be available for purchase during the weeklong event with all proceeds going to Relay For Life.

RelayStock and Bid The Lindens Bald is located at RelayStock 2021 adjacent to the American Cancer Society virtual office. Access to the Bidding area will open at 12 noon on Wednesday, May 12th and RelayStock opens on Friday, May 14th.

A limited number of tent and van sites are still available to Registered RFL of SL teams wishing to take part in RelayStock. Team Captains can visit for more information and apply for a site.


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, wish to learn more about cancer screening. survivor and cancer services or want information about cancer,  the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life please visit,, call 800-227-2345, or visit the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

Friday, October 2, 2020

2020 Out Shop Cancer Now Open


October 1 to October 31, 2020

An American Cancer Society in SL Strides Campaign Fundraising Event

It is time to grab your L$ and start shopping for a cause! The 3rd annual Out Shop Cancer event returns to Second Life featuring more merchants and more ways for residents to support Making Strides and the American Cancer Society.

Since 2018, Out Shop Cancer has been a grid-wide shopping event that brought residents to participating merchant stores. Merchants designate specific items that will be sold as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services. Each year has seen an increase in the number of merchants and designers joining the fight against breast cancer.

Continuing for the 2020 season is Out Shop Cancer: Marketplace. This allows designers without in-world locations to take part as well!

And brand new for this year we have partnered with the Heathens Court Event, which includes more than 20 additional shopping opportunities to support Making Strides all in one location.
But there’s still more! Also for the 2020 Out Shop Cancer event we have the Wythburn Art Walk with over 20 participating artists, hosted by Sethos Wythburn of Wythburn Fine Furniture. Residents are invited to stroll or ride the paths from the village that lead up to the Raven Craig Art Center. The path is lined with art for sale.

Additionally, there have been special items donated to be raffled during the month. These include two Mega Shopping Spree Raffles each valued over L$15,000, a girl animesh baby and a boy animesh baby from Suki Baby, a custom 1968 Nova from Taz’s Customs, a 2019 Demon SRT from Bad Bunny’s Customs and more.

A full Store directory including some Marketplace specials, full details about the Wythburn Art Walk and other highlights are available at or you can pick up a notecard listing in-world of participating locations and to check out the current raffles at the Out Shop Cancer office here,

Further information please contact Sandie Loxingly & SavannahRaye

Monday, May 11, 2020

2020 Out Shop Cancer Merchant Registrations Now Open

2020 Out Shop Cancer Merchant Registrations Now Open 
October 1 to October 31, 2020
An American Cancer Society & Relay For Life of Second Life Fundraising Event

Do you know someone who has fought breast cancer? Have you ever wanted to do something about it? Do you believe that we should commit ourselves to create a world where our children don’t have to go through the same experiences as we have?

The American Cancer Society gives us the best chance to make a meaningful difference in finding treatment options, early detection, and the prevention of breast cancer. You are invited to be a part of our community of breast cancer warriors in Second Life. October is commonly known as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month;” therefore, each October, the Strides Campaigns of the American Cancer Society in Second Life offers multiple opportunities for a wide variety of avatars to use their Second Life to make a real difference in the lives of people around the world.

In order to make the biggest impact, we are opening registration for the 2020 Out Shop Cancer shopping now! Event organizers urge builders, creators, and store-owners to sign up now if you want to be a part of the grid’s most-successful, longest-running, and farthest-reaching effort to fight breast cancer in October.

Since 2018, Out Shop Cancer has been a grid-wide shopping event that brought avatars to participating merchant stores. Merchants designate specific items that will be sold as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services. Each year has seen an increase in the number of merchants and designers joining the fight against Breast Cancer. 

Continuing for the 2020 season is OutShop Cancer: Marketplace. This allows designers without inworld locations to take part as well!

Sandie Slate and Savannah Loosestrife are the Event Leads and plan to welcome a variety of designers to represent the diversity of avatars in Second Life. “Because breast cancer is the 2nd most diagnosed cancer, and because Second Life gives us the opportunity to explore so many different forms of expression, we are planning a shopping experience that will offer something to as many types of avatars as possible. This means that we need a cross-section of designers and creators to represent fashion, hair, accessories, skins/shapes, A/Os, recreation, art, and anything else that would interest men, women, children, and non-human avatars in Second Life.”

Essentially, if you create and sell anything in Second Life and you want to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer program, you should apply now to reserve your spot. 
Please contact Sandie Slate (Sandie Loxingly) or Savannah Loosestrife (SavannahRaye Resident) for questions or more information. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

American Cancer Society's New Way of Fighting Breast Cancer in Second Life

The American Cancer Society’s New “DIY Campaign” Model will Simplify Breast Cancer Fundraising in Second Life

The American Cancer Society in Second Life is known for always adapting to the changing needs in our virtual world. The latest evolution will change how we fight breast cancer in the Second Life. 

After several conversations with multiple volunteers and considering many options, the ACS leadership team is excited to announce a new “DIY campaign”  model that will offer opportunities for new and existing volunteers to support the ACS’s breast cancer mission by creating their own campaigns. 

The new model allows anyone to plan their own campaign, using existing American Cancer Society fundraising tools that are designated to fight breast cancer during the month of October. This is a great way for volunteers and advocates to think BIG! Within Second Life, there can be a multitude of major campaigns overlapping each other throughout the month of October, creating a movement across the grid where we attack breast cancer from every angle.

“Established events like Out Shop Cancer and the Making Strides Walk will continue and are examples of the types of fundraising campaigns that we hope to see more of, from various segments of the larger virtual universe,” says Stingray Raymaker, Sr. Consultant of Virtual Community Development. “We want every community in Second Life to feel like they can organize and lead their own campaign.”

Questions about Strides Campaigns or the American Cancer Society in Second Life can be directed to MamaP Alter, Trager Alter, or Nikki Mathieson. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Book of Daniel Event : Sept 10-20th.

The Book of Daniel is an upcoming Fund-Raising Event, where you can shop to save a life. A talented SL creator and a dear friend of many, Daniel Estro, 29 years old, (co-owner of Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads) has cancer and desperately needs our help. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy. He is fighting as hard as he can to survive but as many of you might know, fighting cancer is very expensive. We have been trying our absolute best to help them financially and we still are. But we need your help. We are doing everything humanly possible and it’s just not enough. 
Imagine that life is a book, imagine that you are a page in someone's life. Some of us may be just a line in Daniel's book, some of us - a page or even a chapter, some might give his storyline a while new meaning, and some might never even appear in it. Imagine that a single line can twist a person's fate and change the ending of their book because yes, every story has an ending. But we can share and contribute in order to add more pages or even chapters to Daniel's.

About 124 designers gathered together to help with their creations. You can help too ! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Let’s Use the Power of Second Life to help these children! – Sherlynn Donner’s Fundraiser Event- April 22nd 2015 7-9pm SLT

There are many fundraisers in Second Life that collect donations for Relay for Life and other illnesses and diseases.  Throughout the years residents of Second Life have shown massive amounts of support and donated their time and money to help others around the world.

Sherlynn Donner’s story will pull at your heartstrings.  Often we do not hear the individual stories of those that lost their battle with breast cancer but they all include leaving behind family and loved ones who continue to suffer their lose. What happens to the surviving children of Breast Cancer?

Many times their lives are dramatically changed and they are raised by one parent or family members. Some even go into foster care because there is no one else who can care for them.  If we can do something to ease the pain and make a difference in the lives of these children, we should.

 Here is Sherlynn Donner’s story:
Sherlynn Donner lost her fight with breast cancer this morning and we lost an angel : (
Sherlynn was Ms. October 2008 and became a photographer for Playmates Magazine and Boy Toy in 2009.  Because of her generosity, Playmates stayed open during a very rough time, so we all have her to thank that Playmates is still in publication. She was one of my best friends in SL.  She had a wild sense of humor and a heart of gold.

Sherlynn was a single mother of 3.  Her ex-husband left her and moved back to his home country and she never heard from him again and never had financial support for her kids.

Now they are left without a mother. They are 17, 15 and 12.  She spent the last month of her life in a hospice and we spoke on the phone just 2 weeks ago.  Her biggest concern was leaving her kids behind without any money.  Sherlynn was an only child and both her parents have passed away.  Her last wish was for her kids to remain in their home with the oldest raising the 2 younger ones.

PLEASE Donate.  Even if it's $20L.  It is something.  These kids need our help.  All donations will be sent to Sherlynn's oldest daughter.  Thank you for your help!

-Tazzy Jenkins

In honor of Sherlynn Donner Fundraiser Event

Wednesday April 22nd from 7-9 SL time

Featuring DJ Irish  Karillion

Sherlynn Donner Fundraiser collection  box: