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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Homeless In Second Life - Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

When I first came to Second Life, finding a virtual home was the last thing on my mind, however after a few nights of logging in and out of parks, info hubs and shelters I decided it was time to find my own place in Second Life.
After spending some time speaking to other people in Second Life and visiting them, I was amazed by their places and just how much effort went into setting up and decorating the ideal virtual home. I couldn’t wait to find a place I could call my own.

I got the help that I needed and since moved at least three times in Second Life. Even though it can be a lot of fun, I prefer to be settled in one place.
Some residents don’t mind not having a home and are more than happy traveling from sim to sim exploring different places, while others want a place they can set their home to as well as having somewhere to rezz things or have a change room.
There are a few free group homes in Second Life for homeless residents, most of these are for women only, but I have found some for both.
First you need to find a place that suits your needs, than you have to join the group for that sim so you can set home to it.  If and when your new home ceases to exist, then it is time to go house hunting again. (remember to pay your tier on time)
Group homes are very cozy and most of them have everything a person could want. Whether its a matter of you not being able to afford a home or that you don’t log in to Second Life very much, the reasons for choosing to live in a group home vary.

On occasions when I couldn’t tele-port to my home or I have logged out from a group home, it may seem strange to some, but I would rather log in to Second Life at a place that I know as opposed to a store, club or a park.
I put together a list and a few details of three group houses in Second Life. Enjoy your new virtual home tour.

Share our FREE MAIN HOME with over 4000 girls. We are a sisterhood. Find TRUE LOVE & hang out. Join the LARGEST & BEST all girl group in SL. Set "Home" & rezz clothes! Rentals available at times. NO MEN or TRANSGENDER, except TS.
Linda Latte.


A Lady Island.
Sorority house Ladies Home members free home free place to live changing room changing rooms dressing room dressing rooms free home for ladies free home home for women of SL free home for women
Tracey Sassoon.

Dirty Waves Homeless Shelter
Come and hang out at the homeless shelter at the grungy, urban suburb: the Dirty Waves Radio HQ! Hot'n'Nasty classic rock, blues, punk, garage rock on air! Freebies, games, beach, ice-skating, Xmas, SET UR HOME HERE!!
IsisRea Diavolo


  1. I have an Island/Beach that is available to all to use -

    If you want to make your HOME there you will have to join the group ... Join Group is right next to the landing point.

    Island provides: Waterfall hottub, Cave, Dance stage, Intan Dance system, Beach Fire, and more.

    All I ask is that you pick up your boxes. You can add 'Mature' animations that everyone can use.

  2. Thank you so much! I've been looking for places like this. Take care!

  3. Thank you Slowhand! I'm Naru Yakubu in world and just set my home at your place!

  4. I'm also setting my home there.

  5. Slowhand is this land still open for people?

  6. Is slowhand a free land to put my house on??


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