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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spotlight Feature: Explore and Discover, Endeavour Cove - Lukes Lionheart Reporting...

Endeavour Cove

America has a space shuttle named “ Endeavour”. That name comes from good lineage. History buffs might remember something about Captain Cook and his famous sailing ship “The Endeavour”. For those who might not, here is a brief run down. Captain James Cook was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer and Captain of the famous exploration ship “HM Bark Endeavor”. He was the first European to make contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. In short, he was a famous explorer who made many remarkable discoveries. This is where Endeavor Cove derives their name. They, and I, would like to invite you to come “Explore and Discover Endeavor Cove” 

Endeavour Cove

There are many different places to shop and play on SL. Some good, some not so good, but none like Endeavor Cove. This is not just your average sl shopping mall by any means. Endeavor Cove is a destination. There is so much to see and do here at this nautical themed sim it would be an insult to call it a “mall”. Oh make no mistake, they offer some of the best shopping on sl. Mall Manager Angelica Garnet says that she looks for “quality, originality and price” when deciding which vendors she will invite to be part of their family. And it shows in the quality and diversity of stores here.
Twenty different vendors call this place home, including the massive DK main store. Products range from clothing from the likes of “DK”, “Velvet Rythms”, and even “Molly's Boutique”, a remarkable child avatar clothing store. Contemporary fashions from places such as “just Because”, “CKS Designs”, “League” and, (I really hope my Lady Love doesn’t see this.) beautiful boots by “Drakke”. You can even find specialty animations from “Matahari Skate” For all the animal lovers, there is also the “Virtual Kennel Club”. These are some of the most amazingly beautiful, scripted pets I have ever seen on sl. These dogs are pro-active and will take the initiative to come and interact with you. 

 For the adventurers out there, they have you covered. “20,000 Leagues under the Seas” by “Heps virtual dive systems” has some incredibility detailed scuba and diving gear which you can, most conveniently, don and explore Endeavour Coves underwater park. If you want, you and your friends can jump into your own individual attack submarines for a friendly game of “Blow your friends out of the water” (That's just what I call it.) Just watch out for the sharks. If you don't want to get wet, that's fine, you can chill our in their aquatic lounge and watch a variety of sea life swim by.

Sea Life Scene

 “Motor Apolon” offers vehicles for any sport. Boats, seaplanes, helicopters, dune buggies, jeeps and jet skies to name a few. Even better, all their items are copyable! Speaking of boats and seaplanes, Endeavour Cove is located on the Blake Sea which means it is accessible by air and sea, much more fun than just hitting the teleport button. So, for the pilots and mariners, next time you're out for a flight or a cruise, mark this place on your navigation charts and be sure to stop by for a day.

RichD Tomsen

    If you love the arts and entertainment, this place is for you too. Owners Eve Compton and Artist RichD Tomsen, are the  masterminds of Endeavour Cove,  RichD also has his art gallery here. That alone is worth the visit. You want live music? You got it! There is a main stage for music and events and also, “Martinis at the Cove” a really cool martini bar that features live musicians nightly from some top notch entertainers like “Melody Paperdoll”, “TheGhost Melody” and “Tricky Digfoot Band”. Now I'm not trying to endorse any particular entertainer here, I just picked a few from the long list that I was provided. In fact, I'm sitting at the bar right now sipping a martini as I'm writing this article. We can not forget about the games. I've already mentioned the attack sub game but it doesn’t end there. “Capalini Spirits” is a sports bar with sports related games and skeeball. There are also multiple “Greedy Greedy” tables and “En Guard” courts with tournament teams forming. You can even test you marksmanship skills in trap shooting.

DK Mainstore

    If you are interested in opening up shop and becoming part of the family here at Endeavour Cove, contact Mall Manager Angelica Garnet. If your an entertainer interested in performing here, contact Music Promoter Saffron Seranade. If you're an artist, aviator or boating enthusiastic, I'm sure Owner RichD Tomsen would love to talk to you.

Lukes Lionheart enjoying a drink

    There is so much more offered here that I just don't have room to cover it all. As it is I think this article has gone a little long. You will just have to come here to “Explore and Discover Endeavour Cove” for yourself. Make it your destination and have fun! I know I did!


Owner: RichD Tomsen, Eve Compton
Mall Manager: Angelica Garnet
Music Promoter: Saffron Seranade


  1. Endeavor Cove is a great place, I love to go to all the live music concerts there!

  2. I've called Endeavour Cove my 2nd home since I began working for Rich and Eve nearly 2 years ago! It's my favorite place to be whether it be work or play - so I invite each and every one of you to come Explore and Discover...our Live Music, Fabulous Shopping, Awesome Adventure - all that is Endeavour Cove!


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