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Friday, March 30, 2012

Jingjing Breedables Coming Soon - Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Coming Soon!

Breedabable virtual pets are very popular in Second Life and vary from fantasy to regular animals. I spoke with Twstd Ruggles the co owner of Jingjing Breedables about how she came to Second Life and life before Jingjing Breedables...

Twstd Ruggles
 ‘In January 2007 my good friend pressured me to download Second Life and log in. I didn’t know exactly what I was downloading. So really it was all by chance that I came here.’

‘Currently I created and co-own Oahu Vacation Resort established five years ago. I am also creator and producer of Second Life’s longest running music television show The Stream Scene seen on and produced by my production company Twstd Heart Productions.’

‘My company LZ Productions was established five years ago with now my partners Abu Ashby and Car Gufler. We have been doing custom building, scripting, sculpting, animating graphic design name it... we provide custom work for anyone who needs anything in Second Life.’

‘We are also creators and developers of Mon Cheri Adoption Panels series as well as the Dating Panels.’

Twstd shares with us the idea behind the breedables and what makes them so unique:

‘A couple years back we were hired by another client to help create and make Krazy Kitty Breedable pets that later led to Blooming Butterflies pets.’

‘After having dabbled in breedable pets, LZ Productions decided to develop our own breedable pet but wanted to take it to another level.’

‘You won't find another pet like this one in Second Life as we created him from scratch inspired by cute creatures of the world.’

‘This year long project will have many surprises and we think people will enjoy our breedable pet system because it’s just not another breedable pet.’

‘We also think people will appreciate the accuracy of how our genetics will work when passing down traits in the pet’s gene pool.’

‘Our breedable pet system will have owners hunting for gemstones and precious metals to gift to their pets. After gifting these gemstones, they may have profound effect to the pet but I don't want to give away all our secrets. All the details will be revealed as the archaeologists give us the go ahead.’

I asked Twstd about the types of animals, there origin and habits:

‘I haven't had a chance to try and calculate the variations so that should tell you the options will be countless.’

‘Jingjings pets originate from Chinese mythology. You can go to our website to read more about their origin.’

‘Jingjing pets are entertaining pets, loyal and lovable to their master. Currently our archaeologists are studying them thoroughly so they can tell us how to properly care for them.’

‘Once they release that information to me, we will be posting it on the website as well as the public release date the archaeologist are allowing us to put them up for sale.’

What does the future hold for these cute pets and when can we expect to see them? Twstd explains:

‘I haven't given a lot of thought regarding the future of the breedables, we have discussed helping others who want to start their own breedable pet. I guess we will have to see as we approach the future.’

‘The pet is currently in alpha testing and we are now starting to prepare for beta testing.’

‘We have opened our public group Jingjing Breedable Pets for all to join so they can find out when we will start accepting beta testers and when the product will be released to the public.’

Twistd is one very busy lady, to say the least. I would like to thank you Twistd for taking the time to share your amazing experiences with us.

Elisa (95,116,22)


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