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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New York City,The In Place To Be ! - Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

New York City Logo

The New York City sim in Second Life™ is simply stunning, it is the in place to be, with beautiful, realistic builds, fabulous places to shop and classy, modern living. New York City Sim™ has luxurious design and style, this architectural masterpiece is one of a kind.

I spent some time speaking with Seth Diabolito, executive real estate broker and fashion director

Seth talks about his journey into to Second Life and his life before New York City:

‘I came to Second Life on January 20th, 2009. My real life partner of 7 1/2 years had just entered Second Life and invited me. So I rezzed in and I am still here enjoying every minute of it!’

‘I did a few things...LOL.... I sold real estate which I really enjoyed and to which I've returned thanks to New York City sim owner, Joi Price. I also modeled (which I still do) and was engaged in PR and marketing for some top Second Life businesses.’

Exactly how did the amazing New York City evolve and what makes it unique? Seth explains:

‘New York City is the baby of sim owner, Joi Price. She previously owned and operated the highly successful New Jack City. But, she wanted to do something a little different with New York City while staying true to her roots.’

‘She's got an excellent eye and is a skilled builder. So, New York City is the fruit of her vision and her very hard work. Lucky us (especially me)! ;)
‘New York City isn't the only sim that's designed with the real life destination in mind. But, in my opinion, it is the best one created like the real life New York City.’

New York City highrise luxury loft apartments

Furnished SOHO NYC studios

‘Furthermore, New York City isn't just about aesthetics. It's about a culture which is actually more important to us.’

‘It's about a real sense of community across our residents, commercial tenants, and visitors alike. The real life New York City is about diversity and so, we offer that.’
‘Diversity in people, in places, and in things to do. Live, work and play in New York City....We say it for a reason.’

Previews of New York City

Seth goes on to tell us what the future holds for New York City:
‘We're placing focus again on our music series where we hold concerts for live musicians in our Promenade Park located behind The Apple Architects near our landing point.’

‘In addition, monthly contests will roll out in the next month or two which will be for everyone - residents, commercial tenants, and visitors.’
‘New York City is about engagement, so we're really looking forward to them. We will continue to grow the fashion business here in New York City and as far as sim expansion, maybe so!’ :)

portrait of Seth Diabolito

Seth shares some information regarding his likes, dislikes and hobbies:

‘In real life, I love movies, being outdoors, and spending good time with friends and family. I'm definitely a people-person. I don't like being holed up. It's like that quote from the film, "Dirty Dancing." "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" :)
‘As for likes and dislikes in Second Life, I like people who are genuine. I especially like this in people who have achieved a lot in Second Life. They've worked hard and gained status. But, they are still down-to-earth.’
‘I dislike those who feel that they are above others because of what they have achieved. While I appreciate the finer things in Second Life and in real life, I appreciate good people even more.

‘I mostly work in Second Life these days which is still very enjoyable for me. But, when I have time to have real fun, I am super silly.’

‘I love exploring new sims for their fun, beauty, and stories such as "Bryn Oh's The Dark Side"™ and "Anna's Many Murders."™ 
‘Also, I enjoy shopping (a model who likes to shop...unheard of...Heh Heh), dancing, and spending time with my friends and family in Second Life and meeting new people.’

But does Seth mix Second Life and real life together?

‘I do actually. While I respect those who come to Second Life to be someone else or to explore another side of themselves that perhaps they cannot tap into in real life, Seth is who I am in real life.’

‘I am warm, kind, enjoy doing good work, but also like to have a good time. I have many great friends in Second Life and a few of them have become great friends in real life.’
‘I've had some bad ones too. But, it's kind of like when love goes bad for everyone at some point. We can either swear off love or we can have the courage to pick ourselves up and try again.’

‘I chose to try again and now am enjoying some special people in both lives!’

‘And thanks so much Pandora for your patience and for your work on New York City! It is much appreciated!’

‘You’re welcome Seth, even though I IM’d you almost every time you logged on, before you even had the time to rezz in or read a group notice. The pleasure was all mine, you are a remarkable person. Thank you.’

Builds / NYC Logo / Apple Architects owned by Joi Price

The Apple Architects NYC logo

SETH DIABOLITO, Executive Real Estate Broker / Fashion Director

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