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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ozimal Bunnies – 2 Years On and Still Hopping! -- EDD Graycloud Reporting

Two years after its release, Ozimals bunnies continue to hop among the SL community. After more than 6000 plus bunnies and nests in total, I reflect upon some if its finer points and why I still hold on to some of my prized 11-prim pets as many move on to other virtual prim pets and interests.


Ozimals bunnies, officially released to the masses on January 9, 2010 to much anticipation and excitement. The world of breedables was never the same again. With real-life breeds thrown together in a mix with beautiful hand-painted textures, Ozimals Bunnies appealed to both the hardcore breeders and casual pet-owners.

Marshmallow Purple (Natural Elite)

It is extremely easy to fall in love with Ozimals Bunnies (I can personally attest to this statement after more than 6000 live bunnies and nests!). With a single pair, you will soon find them multiplying in no time. After all, we do know bunnies are always at it :) Joke aside, bunnies are able to breed and multiple when they reach the age of 7 and fed with Standard Breedable (Level 2) food. Any male and female bunny can be paired to produce a nest. Generally speaking, there are 4 main traits in a bunny – fur,eyes, ears and shades. With every trait category, there are numerous possibilities. What that means is, there is an almost inexhaustible number of combination of traits and possibilities to breed.

In addition to the usual breeds and traits, Ozimal Bunnies also have what is known as 'elite bunnies' or simply elites to the community. Elites, as their name suggests, are a class of their own. They are either produced/bred or sold during special/holiday events or bred under very special circumstances (what is known as natural elites). Some of the rarer natural elites are highly collectible and sought after. They have been known to command a hefty price tag in the secondary market. Here's a take on yours truly's favorites (one each of holiday/event and natural elites).

Snuggles (Christmas 2012 Holiday Elite)

Europa Alien 2010 – First released as a limited edition pack from January 19-31 2010, this highly collectible elite was limited to one pack per customer. It was later auctioned off with unlocked shades and airplane ears for a 2011 RFL event. This is among one of my personal favorites, featuring realistic textures and 6 glowing green eyes!

Leafhopper – The most recent addition to Ozimals' pool of natural elites, the leafhopper features textures that are unbelievably realistic. They resemble that of the leafhopper (what else?!) and completes a series of elites based on insects (bumblebee, ladybug and firefly). Thumbs up to Ozimals and the artist in question for a job well-done.

(L-R) Ladybug, Bumblebee, Firefly

While the bunny community and market may have declined in recent times (based on personal observations), there is still much hope and a handful remaining hopeful of better things to come. If the past is of any indication, there is indeed hope for fans and friends.


* Starting a bunny farm, regardless of the scale, is relatively easy and convenient. Starter packs of all different sizes and nature is available from Ozimals mainstore or in the secondary market.

Two places you can go in-world to learn more about Ozimals is its Main Store (Bunnies) and Shamrock Market and Auction, all things Ozimals including bunnies and pufflings.

You can also visit the Ozimals website and visit its support site.


  1. This article is very interesting, highly informative and genuinely well-written. Kudos, Mr. Graycloud. Refreshing to see someone who actually knows what they're talking about.


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