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Friday, November 18, 2022



Attention LIVE performers! Think you have what it takes to be a star? Join us on Friday, December 2 at the SLE Media Center starting at 8pm SLT and take advantage of this rare opportunity to showcase your talents to the SL world!

Open to both well-known performers and new performers alike, expect the unexpected as we bring you this exclusive, highly publicized event! Three songs, then pass the mic...participants will be provided access to additional opportunities based on creativity, raw talent, and audience engagement. You could even score yourself a coveted spotlight feature in the SL Enquirer and much, much more! Venue owners and management welcome!

Also, a special thank you to all who helped make our first SLE Open Auditions held on November 4th a resounding success: Lιαм 'Yoυɴɢвlood' M.Ƙ. Ecliρse, DALLAS WINSLET, Samuel James, LoopMan Blep, Mr. J, Mαє Äηαtίηє, ŤÃßØØ ℛℇIĞℕ, DanTheMan, ℬгɨєℓℓє ℰmiℓia ĄєϮєгηa Ӈєℓℓгαgє, and FlorizonaRichD. 

We encourage our readers to stop and give these talented people a listen if you see them performing around the WON'T be disappointed!

Open Auditions will be held the first Friday of every month from 8 - 10pm SLT (or until)

With over 17 years of experience reporting virtual world news and participating in numerous charities, events, and sponsorships across the grid, the SL Enquirer is the longest-running media source in SL. We love working with our fans!

Contact: Ninja, SLE Events Coordinator (ninjaantwoord resident)

Public Landmark:


Social Media:

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Having a Marketing Plan is Vital to Business. Let SLE Help!

SLE Media Statistics show more events and activities as we move into Summer- meaning our readership is steadily rising and so is the rush of avatars that log in to Second Life.

 If you have been experiencing a down slope in your business or venue traffic, now is the perfect time for optimal exposure!

SLE offers affordable advertising options that fit into anyone's  advertising budget and needs. We will assist you each step of the way from helping you create an effective press release, visibility on our website-complete with access to send notices in our media group as well as answer any questions you may have about marketing your service or product.

If you have never tried advertising with media, we will give you a chance to experience it for FREE!

All you have to do is contact Lanai Jarrico

Here are our AD options!

300L- one time press release post. ( 1st post free for first time advertisers to test our service) This includes 1 promo image with your press release.

1000L- Month 

  • 180x180 Ad /Link on site
  • free weekly event pr posts 
  • access to send notices in the SL Enquirer Media Group 


3000L-Spotlight Feature- Article/Interview 1 Month Ad 

  • 180x180 Ad /Link on site
  • free weekly event pr posts 
  • access to send notices in the SL Enquirer Media Group 

* We also promote our advertisers using Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Visit us at The SL Enquirer Media Center and enter the monthly drawing for a chance to win a month of FREE Advertising!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The SL Enquirer turns 12 Years Old Today!

Open Letter to SLE Fans from Lanai Jarrico

WOW! Has it really been 12 years??? I can’t believe how time flies when you are having fun.
 I am proud to see SLE still standing tall amongst the media sources used by Second Life residents today.  With over 3700+ articles, 18+ millions views on Google+ and blogger and thousands of followers on social media. We have certainly staked our claim as the longest running independantly owned virtual world news source on the planet!

 I can remember the first day I launched the original TSO Enquirer in The Sims Online, on October 4th 2004. It was a random fluke just to entertain a couple of online friends.

  I’ve been engaged in virtual world news for 12 years, 7 months, and 6 days, but who’s counting. Not only is it 12 years for the newspaper but it is coincidentally my SL rezzday.

Every year, I’ve hosted a big event to mark our anniversary. They have always been over the top extravagant parties with lineups of top musicians, luxurious giveaways and sim-crashing turn outs. (Included a Linden or two hiding in the bushes watching the festivities).

For the past 2 years, I’ve celebrated modestly and just reflected on just how far SLE has come. I am humbled by the outpouring of love and support.

 It truly is amazing when I think back to the day I thought it would be “cool” to write about my experiences and share them with my circle of friends. Little did I know my friends would share it with their friends and their friends would share it with others. Going viral wasn’t something I set my initial goal out to do but it lead too so much more- not just in my virtual world experience but it cultivated great things in my real life. 

 I think I owe a great big thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey, including a couple of griefers. Let me start with my first inspiration. He was a Gorean Role-player. At the time I had no clue what that was but my encounter with him was what set this whole media thing in motion.

 I cannot explain the situation verbatim but I will say that he was exceptionally rude and belittled me as if I was beneath his foot. I didn’t understand that was the mindset of Gorean masters, all I can remember is being inspired to write about the encounter with a nice cheeky headline calling him a “Gonad”. That article became a hit with my friends who encouraged me to write more about the crazy things that were happening, so I did. 

Over time using humor in my writing, it attracted Mafia family role-players who were dominating The SIMS Online.  They had no real voice amongst the other families so they turned to “TSOE” as a bridge of communication. 

OHHHH the Mafia days! (Laughs)

 I have to admit, it was full of drama, mudslinging and war of words between the families. It boosted our readership. If it wasn’t for them, my news source may not have never found its way into the virtual world called Second Life.

It was nearing 2005 and many of my friends and readers were disappearing into this new virtual world. Some of the feedback I was getting was its too laggy… you need money to do anything and the sexual content was outrageous. I wasn’t convinced I wanted to check it out until French filmmakers contacted me to take part in a real world documentary project.  They flew to the US to meet with me over a 3 day period.  We did some filming and talking about Second Life. They suggested I migrate the news source to SL because people there were talking about my newspaper. So, I decided to check it out.

 On May 9th 2005, Lanai Jarrico was born with newspaper in hand. At first I was having a difficult time cutting through the lag and constant crashing, I had a shoe up my (BLEEP) and was extremely annoyed. My first real encounter with anyone other than the friends who greeted me upon my arrival was the shoemaker. I thought he was griefing me by causing the shoe to be lodged in a very unattractive position but he explained how to fix the problem and off I went on my Second Life adventure.

I really didn’t understand the big picture yet but I thought it was cool that I could design my own avatar any way I wanted. That was a big leap from the cookie cutter “Sims” characters I got to choose from in The SIMS Online.  I decided I wanted to look like a belly dancer, so I found a pink silks outfit with a veil. My hairdo was hideous but at the time but I thought I looked cute.

Little did I know I would encounter Goreans again… For some reason they kept approaching me for sex.  I was still a little wet behind the ears and couldn’t understand why until I realized… I was dressed like a Gorean slave girl.  To make a long story short, if it wasn’t for that look, I don’t know where I would have ended up. Within a month or two I was approached by photographers who wanted to take my picture. I said sure, and went about my business.

What happened about 6 months later took me by utter surprise.

 When that day was a faded memory, I was approached again by the photographers. They invited me to an exhibit in the Soho distric in New York City where my avatar along with 12 others was displayed on canvases throughout the Postmasters Gallery, while simultaneously an in world exhibition was happening at the same time. 

The exhibit was called “13 Most Beautiful Avatars” by Ava and Franco Mattes. Unbeknownst to me they happened to be real world artists and pioneers of Net Art, operating under the pseudonym

I went to NY that day and it was there that I realized, Second Life was not just a game, it was full of creative people sharing their skills on a global scale. I wasn’t at the event promoting The SL Enquirer (by this time I had crossed completely over and changed the name) but people knew Lanai Jarrico.  They were approaching me and shaking my hand. I even had a real reporter following me around trying to conduct an interview until I excused myself to the restroom and tried to hide in the crowd.  The whole experience seemed surreal but it was a lot of fun.

If it wasn’t for those unique chance encounters, I don’t know if The SL Enquirer would have grown as fast as it did, but I am glad it did. It taught me so much and led me to grow tremendously in my real life goals.


I learned how to build the foundation for what SLE is today by trial and error.  I built its reputation from the ground up all while learning the importance of professionalism with an entrepreneurial approach.

As you may know with attention comes haters and people who will say things to try to cut you down. I will never understand why some people treat others so cruel.  But rather than crumble to the negativity, I used the things they would say to prove to myself that I was not as they tried to make me seem. I was determined to build The SL Enquirer into something more than just my personal open diary. I wanted to give other writers a platform to share Second Life through their eyes too.

 One woman, whom I didn’t know, told a mutual friend that the paper would fail because I was “uneducated”.  Her reasoning was that I had no real professional writing or journalism experience or degree. That part was true. I wasn’t “educated” in media, but that didn’t diminish what I was capable of or what I loved to do.

She was my inspiration for enrolling into college and getting my bachelors of Science degree with a concentration in Communication and Technology. The perfect combination for what I do.

Sorry, couldnt help myself lol

If she is reading this, here is my sincere thank you. I can now say, I am educated to the standards that others may think matters when it comes to using true inner creativity and just being good at whatever it is you do.

I think it is safe to say with 12 years under my belt, I am a professional blogger aside from a real world position as an Operations Manager. 

From as far back as I could remember my love for writing came natural. When I had something I needed to release from my thoughts. I jotted it down, wrote it out and typed it up.  It has always been my artistic therapy and it still makes me happy to share it with whoever wants to read about whatever it is that inspires me. I haven't been writing too much theses days cause life has gotten busy and managing SLE behind the scenes takes a lot of my time but my passion remains.

 I cannot express in words the feeling it is to write alone in solitude and look up and realize there is an audience. To say the least, it has been a spectacular decade of experiences in Second Life with lots of wonderful memories created, crazy situations, funny episodes, dramatic moments, heartwarming stories and a lot of amazing people I have met on this unique journey.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for your continued support by being a true friend and believing in me, every readers who has commented and shared articles, my writing team for contriuting their journeys and advertisers for helping support what we do. 

 It is because of you that SLE continues to thrive.  I am inspired to keep doing what I love, meeting new people, exploring creative places and just having fun while providing a source that has withstood the test of time. 

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for SLE as well as Second Life and I hope you come along with me for the ride.

With Love,
Lanai Jarrico

CEO, The SL Enquirer

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Pamela Live Show Featuring SLE's Lanai Jarrico- Jan 22nd at 3PM SLT

                                 ▉ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇
                                    THE PAMELA LIVE SHOW
                                 THE SKYLIGHT SHOW ROOM

Join us for a candid interview with Lanai Jarrico, CEO of the longest running news source in Second Life, The SL Enquirer.

Since 2005, Lanai has been the overseer of operations of this well known brand known as SLE.  She has seen Second Life evolve from its infancy into a thriving community of creative people who make up this amazing virtual world.  Through the years Lanai has witnessed many changes, explored and experienced an assortment of adventures and worked with countless businesses and community members across the grid. She continue to provide a source of information related to culture, music, fashion, entertainment and is always reinventing herself with new ideas and collaborative efforts.

Join us as we discuss SLE and what's to come for 2017.  Lanai has a special gift giveaway to one lucky audience member.

Arrive 15 minutes before showtime for best seats! Classy attire requested.

PAMELA LIVE TALK SHOW showcase buisness, talents and different cultures here in sl. Live audience, Sundays at 3pm sl time. come on over and learn, listen, and  just be in awe of what's happening in SL.

Friday, December 30, 2016

We found this -- now what do we DO with it? --- "Right -- Edit and POST IT".......said Lanai, our fearless leader.

The worst New Year Resolutions Ever – SL Anonymous
Every year people insist on coming up with new year resolutions that get shelved for the following year just to fit in with other morons who have goals they never accomplish. Let’s start from the top.
  1. Lose Weight
Ok unless your doctor tells you that they will need to transport you to a truck yard to get your true cargo weight, you are borderline diabetic, full blown diabetic, or a heart attack waiting to happen… don’t bother putting this on your to do list.
Ladies if you are trying to fit in with all those airbrushed celebrities on the cover of magazines, Here is a simpler solution to achieving your goal. 1. take a pic and photoshop the hell out of it or raise your  selfie stick way up in the air and do an aerial shot to avoid any evidence of a double chin, run it through a couple PS filters and booom! Instant beauty queen for your profile pic.
Guys, if you are a little round in the middle move your selfie stick up above your sternum if you can find it and tilt the camera to catch a glimpse of a chiseled jawline, crack a smile and snap, or you can sift through old high school varsity photos and pass it off as recent OR just use someone else’s photo, just make sure it's not a celebrity. You want to at least be believable. Most people in Second Life believe a photo even if your voice sounds like you smoke 50 packs a day with bronchitis.
  1. Make More Money
You can do this in a variety of ways without actually leaving your low paying job or the comfort of your couch on public assistance. If you are bleeding the government, simply have one child per year for a raise. Use whatever is left after buying your alcohol and cigarettes on tiers for a bigger parcel and some super kick ass mesh gear!
  1. Break up with your gold digging significant other, time it right around the holidays and save a few bucks.
  2. Move back in with your parents or random family members who won't notice you there.
  3. Find the best ramen soup recipes on the internet. You could totally eat like a king on a 45 cent daily budget.
  4. Start up your own webcam porno. Hey….there is something freaky for everyone, charge extra to smear yourself with condiments. Just don’t buy them. You can totally get them for free at your local Mcdonald's.

  1. Apologize to the people you upset
That doesn’t go for all the people you pissed off in 2016, give them an advance apologize and go on being a total douche for 2017. Nothing is more satisfying them being your shameless self until someone knocks you out and you find Jesus.
  1. Quit Smoking
Do away with cigarettes. Those are old school. Get a vape, fill it with marijuana and kick the nicotine. If it is crack you smoke… yea maybe switch back to bumming cigarettes from random smokers until you’ve exhausted everyone’s  generosity. But really this one usually doesn’t happen until you die a terrible death from lung, throat and mouth cancer. Stick it out until then, you mobile chimney.
  1. Get Organized
Listen here, if this wasn’t acquired at a young age when your momma told you to do chores and keep your room clean then you are one hot mess. Who are you kidding. Just kick all the trash you have laying around your house into the nearest closet and spray some Febreeze.  You are only fooling yourself and maybe you just need a well needed, long time coming ass whooping from an organized person who gets anxiety standing in your mess.
  1. Be Happy.
Well you don’t need much for little spurts of happiness if you follow this plan step by step.
Go to the local gas station, buy a lighter and some EZ widers. Visit your local ghetto, approach a thug who smells like pot, wave 10 bucks, do an illegal drug exchange and go find the nearest dumpster to stand behind and smoke a nice joint.** Summary -----

These are prolly the WORST ways to go into 2017 --- but nowhere will you find more honesty in reporting and opinion that what ends up on the cutting floor of the SL Enquirer.

From the owners and staff of we want to wish you and yours the BEST in 2017 and beyond.
Set out your plan -- see it through and say hi to us out in the grid, we’d love to hear from you.
--- Menacier Fiertze for Lanai Jarrico - SL Enquirer -- taking a long hard toke…….ahhhhhhh
** for entertainment (reading) purposes only

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Distant Thunder Fashion Academy

Showcasing Styles For Every Occasion

Distant Thunder Fashion Academy host a Fashion Show at the end of every month. We showcase breathtaking designs in four categories by wonderful creators. Our models have had the pleasure of gracing our runway in designs by Morea Styles, Biker Bratz & Basters, Like Design, Carries Lingerie, Luas; to name a few.  We can't wait to show off more alluring looks as we open our doors to even more creators! Our shows will leave your jaw on the floor and eyes spinning with desire. Come join us at then end of the month and get your fashion fix like no other!
Any creators wanting to participate in one of our fashion shows can contact:

Kimmy Maldor (Kimmy Underwood) Owner
Fiona Whelan (Fionawhelan68 Resident) Marketing & Promotions 

There is no cost to participate, just the donation of outfits of your choosing. Promotions are done via many outlets both inworld and on social media.  There is space available for sponsors to put out vendors in the Distant Thunder Rock club as well as the Fashion Academy venue, if the sponsor desires.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Second Life - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

The 23rd June is given as the actual birthday of Second Life and yesterday was said actual birthday.  The highlights of the day on the SL12B sims included an interview with Patch Linden, Senior Manager, Second Life Product Operations, and  Dee Linden, Land Product Specialist for Linden Lab in the Auditorium, a Beach Boys tribute band followed by the Lil Mambas Dance Group at the Cake Stage, closing the day with the rock and blues DJing from Titan Hawksby at the Main Stage.

We (the SL Enquirer) are also represented on the SL12B sims. Since the theme for the celebrations is What Dreams May Come, we decided to go with a Wonderland theme, set in a maze for our parcel.

Friday, June 5, 2015


To the casual reader, the SL Enquirer is a great Second Life news source.  To others, it’s just a tarted-up blog with pretensions of being a newspaper.  However you see the SLE, you keep coming back again and again.  It’s friendly and familiar, with a great mix of news, views and interesting articles written by a team with a wide range of interests.  But behind the scenes, gentle reader, lies a different world.  A world of debauchery, greed for power and control.

To begin with, the initiation ceremony is humiliation enough.  But when you are in dire need of a handful of lindens to feed your starving family, you’ll let anyone do anything to you with a rubber chicken, a Walmart gift-card and small statue of Oprah Winfrey.  Survive that and you become embroiled in the seedier side of the SL Enquirer.  For a start, you are not allowed to address the CEO, Lanai Jarrico, as anything but “Miss Jarrico”.  The punishment for calling her anything else will earn you a donkey punch to the back of the head while still being receptive of a dog toy.  And you must never NEVER look her directly in the eyes unless given permission.

A recent image of an SLE journalist ,who missed out a comma in a sentence, trying to pacify Miss Jarrico.

The hours are long and laborious; often lasting a few days until Miss Jarrico is totally satisfied that you are worth of a reprieve from duty.  These reprieves can last from 1 to 7 seconds, depending on her mood, and may or may not include comfort breaks and/or food.  Call into the press room anytime of the day or night and you will see dozens of avatars, broken and battered by toil, endless research and spellchecking.  Many, just shells of their former selves, starting to take notice of their other male captives and doing their level best to hide broners, all why trying to avoid the wrath of their wicked, masochistic editor-in-chief.  Meetings can last for weeks with little or nothing being said.  The last meeting this reporter went to consisted entirely of singing nursery rhymes backwards, and mass mutual shame fest; interspersed with occasional cries of “Fo’ Shizzle Ma Nizzle!” (shouted as loud as possible to Miss Jarrico’s question, “Do you pathetic waste of prims love working for me?!?”) .
The women in the press pack don’t get away lightly either.  I observed one reporter being throttled with her own thong for writing an article that didn’t give praise to the SL Enquirer and dared to express her own views.  The party line (or should that be the Panty Line) should be followed at all times or woe betide your soul.

Three female staffers anger the CEO by not praising The SL Enquirer and are dealt with in line with the SLE Handbook.

One female presspacker, who we will call Jill, spoke to me discreetly from under a table.
“I turned up here all eager and peachy-keen on writing about my passion for fashion…and shoes….and purses….I was bouncing!  I longed to be a journalist and share my adoration for mesh with the world.

And then I signed the contract…

…I was still aglow at finally being a reporter and that’s when the mood changed.  She suddenly had a fire in her eyes and her voice changed.  She took off her glasses and began chanting.  Two of her goons appeared from nowhere and held me in my seat.  When she had finished chanting and her head had spun round to the right position, she stood up, disrobed and……and….”

She broke down quietly but regained her composure a few seconds later.
“Let’s just say there was a forest on the outskirts of the Amityville House Of Horror”
Jill turned a vicious shade of lime green at this point and scuttled away.  I never saw her again.  I’ve since heard rumours that she managed to escape and went into hiding on a sim close to the Blake Sea.  I do hope she’s ok…

Staff Action Figures on SLE Now!

Dear reader, please take it from someone who has seen and experienced the horrors at first hand; the SL Enquirer is not what it seems!  Yes it’s a great read and seems like fun to work for from the outside.  But brutality and fear reign supreme in the world of Miss Jarrico.  Please, spread the word, send help.  We implore you.

I must close now as I hear the sound of 12 inch spiked heels approaching.  Please, save us!  I must now return to pixel-counting, if I’m caught writing this, I will be subject to pain beyond human imagination….

…Keeping Up With The Kardashians…

Saturday, May 30, 2015

SLE Ad Fair Happening Now! May 29th-May 31st2015

The Ad Fair is going on until Midnight May 31st!  All advertising options are 25% off!


Join The SL Enquirer on May 29th at 11 am as DJ Mack kicks off the SLE Media Circus with Ringleader Mariellaanna. 

Be amazed by Featured live performance by Miss Diva Stone and enjoy the Attractions including great music, ferris wheel rides, free tarot readings, games, best clown contest, Dunk the CEO and great raffle prizes from our sponsors. One lucky raffle winner will receive a free SLE Spotlight Feature, 1 month of Advertising and there are other great gifts from our sponsors. We also encourage you to browse the shops along the main street for free gifts as well.

The AD Fair will run all weekend with a special discounted rate of 25% off ALL Advertising options until Midnight May 31st.

The fun begins here:

Sponsored By:

  • The SL Enquirer
  • Seychelles Isle
  • Distant Thunders Rock Club
  • Skew Creations
  • Aloha Skies Tours
  • Linda Lauren’s Embracing the Universe (ETU)
  • Truthball
  • Art of Asia
  • AVATAR PR- NuVibz Magazine
  • Aero Golf Course
  • Mimi's Choice
  • Aero Estates
  • Lovecats
  • E'lan Fine Furnishings and Accessories
  •  SL Offshore Powerboating Association
  • Love Kats