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Saturday, March 10, 2012


 [.XIV] Evanesce is a SIM with a twisted dream. When you arrive to the SIM you have to adjust your viewing for a perpetual night. I find this setting best, let me tell you why.
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It’s like you have stepped into the Mad Hatters head during a dream. When you arrive your welcomed by a eerie floating  “Welcome “message as you find yourself standing in the middle of a pond. Take your time to get you visual barring, trust me you will need them. Alice  (Alice in Wonderland) does not live here.

When you’re ready to walk it will seem like your floating on marsh like lands. Go ahead and fulfill your god like desires by walking across its waters. Every day modern clothing seems out of place in this space, so I got into my own whimsical character “Prissy on Wanderdust” and headed out to explore.

Around every celestial beam is a site to see. I found a broken carousel horse perched in a tree and a love note on a desk discarded in the sea. Oooh, that rhymes. This place is ethereal with a peaceful chaos. You can dance under cosmic lights or serenade a lover with an upright. The SIM attracts all with a hunger to explore, you might meet a mouse size avi or a burlesque whore. What? I found a couple giving each other massages in a glowing barely there gazebo. It gave the illusion of being made of smoke.  There is a forgotten church with its metaphoric crumbling walls. I wondered about the prayers made through its doors. I will stop rhyming now. There is much for your visual pleasure from this Mad Mad designer with its layers upon layers of imaginative pixie dust.

If your senses get on overload and you feel you need to escape the dizzy dream, pop into the Mocha CafĂ© for cup of something warm and wait for the sun to rise.  I kept my expedition at its all-time high as I swung from a swing in the celestial night sky. Well, what can I say its like a just have to speak in rhyme when your here.   What a great place for photos if you can get your wind light just right. I invite you to visit Evanescence and lose yourself in time while the largest ghostly time clock floats in the air nearby or a smaller clock lies wounded at your feet. Time seems to be represented everywhere and makes no difference. So I guess this is the place to ummm...Pass Time. 

I offer you below the LM of a Golden Ticket and more information on the fantasy or reality of this place. Its history is rich in Role Plays and Spirit moving musical sounds. Go read their website, put on your most whimsical wear and take a trip to a place I’m not sure is there. I promise you when I TP'd out I stopped rhyming.

I met the designer Vix Yoshikawa (vixsilver.yoshikawa) and complemented her politely on giving me happy nightmares. She invited me to share my photos on their official flickr page in the xiv group pool .
Vix Yoshikawa (vixsilver.yoshikawa): "thank you soo much! If you're on flickr, u can add to the xiv group pool"
Go take some photos for yourself and join this Delicious Tea party.

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