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Showing posts with label SIM. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Explore Lavender Bay - The Landscape is inspired by Italian Tuscany


Photogenic Sim invites you to explore, meet friends, relax and take photos.

The landscape is inspired by Italian Tuscany.


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Welcome To Loveless Estates

All of our Islands/Regions are None Zoned. 
This means you are free to build whatever you wish

 (that is not intended to grief other residents on the Island or cause lag.)

You have 100% control over your land and the terraform-ability. You also can restrict access to your parcel if you wish, by using the land access options. You can also set music and movies from the media tab in the land options, and all the other land option goodies.
Commercial or Residential you pick.

Larger spaces can be readily made available!
all lands are new non grandfathered lands

------30k Full Sim------
1/16 - 4096 sqm - 1875 prims - 1250 L's per week
1/8 - 8,192 sqm - 3,750 prims - 2,500 L's Per week
1/4 - 16,384 sqm - 7.5k prims - 5000 L per week
1/2 - 32,768 sqm - 15k prims - 10000 L per week
full - 65,536 sqm - 30k prims - 18050\ L per week 

full homestead 65,536 sqm - 5000 prims - 7600L per week

------Sailing Homestead sims ------
ask about details 

If you have any questions or need help please contact

Pink Haven, Miseria Beaumont or Kitila Cortes

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Announcing the Grand Opening of Clear Creek Nursery November 20th at 1pm slt.

The nursery covers 1/2 sim and is beautifully landscaped by Ricardo Avalira, the owner of Clear Creek Nursery. With a discerning eye to detail, Avalira wants his customers to experience the beauty intrinsic in his landscaping talent, and has opened a sim that showcases his talent for all SL community members to see.  This is an especially unique thing, because while many landscapers can conveniently show their clientele pictures of their work, Avalira brings his work directly to his customers, and encourages all to use his land as a place for spiritual growth and meditation.

From the landing point, you can join our group and pick up your FREE gift for group members. The best way to experience the nursery is to walk the pathways as they wind all around the nursery. You never know just what you’ll find around the next bend.

This nursery was created so that you can have a peaceful shopping experience. There’s a meditation gazebo by the pond where you can sit and enjoy the sounds of nature. encourage people to come by and just sit and relax. Customer service is important to us and we strive to respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

At Clear Creek Nursery you will find just about anything you need for landscaping your home, your business or your sim. We strive to keep everything as low prim as possible and at very reasonable prices. We also do custom work, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Put a Little Sunshine in your Second Life At Sunshine’s Cove Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Sunshine has some very important qualities besides brightening your day. It warms the soul and keeps you in a good mood. In Second Life sunlight is controlled by you. It depends on your mood and the environment you set for exploring.

Let me take you on a tour of Sunshine’s Cove at Spirit Marina owned and operated by Pachy Artis and Bo Sharpshire. This is a sim where you will meet great people and have lots of things to do. You can take a stroll along the shop lined streets where you can find fashions from XTC Leather, Lulu and Fine Photography by The Skeleton key. Shop space is available for new and seasoned designers to showcase their collections. This sim has something for everyone.
Sunshine’s Cove also has complimentary freebies for guests. They include an assortment of complete avatars, skins, various shapes and clothing items for both men and women.  Wedding services are also available for those love birds looking for a place to tie the knot. Brides to be can pick out their dream wedding dress, bouquet, poses and decorations with the help of a consultant.

Are you a party animal? Check out the outdoor venue that plays great top 40’s hits, rock, pop and the wild and crazy 80’s. The sim is open daily from 2pm-8pm SLT and welcomes anyone, even mermaids that can explore the underwater hangout or blood thirsty Bloodline Vampires and their need to feed. For Zombie Slayers, there is a designated zone to grab a high powered rifle and blast away at the ghouls. Be sure to wear the HUD and gain stats on the body count you lay out in a flurry of gun blastin’.

Are you a Greedy Greedy addict? Grab some dice and get it rollin!  They got a game table just for you and your friend.

Explore the Sinners & Saints Diligo Prosapia Castle where Queens Vivienne Vesuvino, Aphrodite Pyrithea and King Memnotichlan and their clan members await fresh blood.
Did I mention Sunshine’s Cove is also home to the one and only Paramount Playhouse Burlesque Shows? Be sure to check them out for show times. You won’t be disappointed by their performances.

I recently met up with Pachy Artis to learn more about what inspired Sunshine’s Cove and upcoming events available.

Interview with Pachy Artis

Monday, March 12, 2012

Trippin with Price/ Take a Risk

Ok! I have never taken drugs, and never will. If you know me....Be Quiet! I'm reporting here. I have to say in a good way this Sim is like being on acid. Here are some new words my wonderful SL Readers I want you to remember, I will use them many times. This Sims was “Frosty”, totally “Iced”, really “Frigid”.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


 [.XIV] Evanesce is a SIM with a twisted dream. When you arrive to the SIM you have to adjust your viewing for a perpetual night. I find this setting best, let me tell you why.
"Read More "  <br>

It’s like you have stepped into the Mad Hatters head during a dream. When you arrive your welcomed by a eerie floating  “Welcome “message as you find yourself standing in the middle of a pond. Take your time to get you visual barring, trust me you will need them. Alice  (Alice in Wonderland) does not live here.

When you’re ready to walk it will seem like your floating on marsh like lands. Go ahead and fulfill your god like desires by walking across its waters. Every day modern clothing seems out of place in this space, so I got into my own whimsical character “Prissy on Wanderdust” and headed out to explore.