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Friday, April 13, 2012

Spotlight on spirit Wingtips Espiritu Photography Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Espiritu Photography

Modern photography began in the 1820’s with the first permanent black and white photographs.  In 1860, color photography was introduced.  Jumping to 1988, Fuji DS-1p was the first digital camera to capture images in a computerized file. Today Photography has evolved with digital enhancing programs, graphics and computer technology.  Many of us own more than one camera, whether it’s on a smart phone, laptop or multi functioning digital video camera. It is an art form that has improved through the years, helping people capturing memories along the way.

In Second Life, anyone can take a snapshot but it takes a certain eye for angles, lighting, backgrounds, poses and editing skills to create that perfect professional shot. Each photographer has their own style and technique that separate them from the rest; it is a matter of preference and quality customer service.

 Meet spirit Wingtips, founder of Espiritu Photography

Lanai Jarrico and spirit Wingtips

Lanai: Hi spirit, everyone has a unique story, so I’m interested to know what brought you to Second Life?

  spirit Wingtips:  A friend invited me to SL.  She emailed me information and I was like... nahh virtual worlds aren’t for me. One day I decided to check it out, all this was back in 2007. Once I joined up, there was no looking back.

Lanai: I can relate to that, Second Life can be very addicting. When I first got here I spent hours exploring and learning about the culture. Do you see SL as a game or an extension of real life?

spirit Wingtips: Well that’s a very debatable question there. I view it as a hybrid, a combination of both. At its basics, it’s a game but it’s an extension of real life for some. Their Jobs, hobbies, it can just be a place to get away from the rat race at times. It’s a matter of who you ask.

Lanai: That is very true, I like your answer. Do you make a living here?

spirit Wingtips: well for me personally, I'm not here to make a living as a job if that’s what you mean but I do earn a few Linden here and there doing photography and hosting at times for Black Soul Rhythms DJ Suz E-Q

Lanai: I love hosting BSR radio at the SL Enquirer media center too. I think that is how I met you? It sounds like you stay involved in the community; can you tell me more about Espiritu Photography?

spirit Wingtips: Ah yes, you are right. It is where we met. I try to get involved in the community to a degree. Espiritu Photography has been my baby for a while and it has been an evolving project.

Lanai: Looking around your studio I see a lot of great shots, I notice you like a lot of close ups, what inspires your work?

spirit Wingtips: It originally started with me selling RL art here on Sugarhill, then later on came the studio and I am grateful for the help Osuntomi Melendez and Marjorie Dibou have given me as well as several other friends. Because of them, it has evolved in to what you see today. I tend to focus on quality images here and not quantity. I like a client to be satisfied with the work I’ve done and not feel cheated.

Lanai Jarrico: Friends are very important to have. If it wasn’t for my circle of friends, SLE may not have ever been started. Keep up the good work, that's a good perspective to have.

 There are all kinds of programs out there that offer a wide range of editing tools, what programs or techniques do you like to use?

spirit Wingtips: I love to do close up shots and portraits; there is so much you can do with them. I like to make every shot unique to each client because they have different styles and different looks. I make it as diverse as SL avies themselves. If you look around the room you will see what I mean.

Lanai: I have been looking around, you do great work. I like close ups too. They are simple with not too much going on in the background.  How long does it take to produce these images?

spirit Wingtips: Thank you Lanai. I also use the PhotoLife Studio for inworld help. I can do a shoot in a few minutes to an hour. It all depends on the client(s) and their needs. Editing can sometimes take a bit of time depending on the image you are creating also.

Lanai: Good point and good choice in photography equipment. I’m not a photographer but I own one of those too.  The photolife studio is a great tool and has so many options to choose from.  So, what type of packages do you offer clients?

spirit Wingtips: Thank you. I offer from your basic headshots, portraits to group shots as well as avatar art versions of those. I view avatar art as some "fancy photoshoppin". Some clients just want a simple picture, some want recreations of particular scenes.

Lanai: Do you have package deals?

spirit Wingtips: we do have specials and discounts from time to time.

Lanai: As I wrap up this interview, I want to thank you for sharing what you do with our readers. I also would love to sponsor a photo shoot for one lucky winner.

Spirit wingtips: Thank you very much Lanai it’s been my pleasure.

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