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Friday, April 13, 2012

Spotlight on VictoriaMuller Resident NemzKat Resident Reporting...

After doing a report on Intense Wrestling I figured why not do a report on a wrestler. So here is an interview of VictoriaMuller Resident a female wrestler.

VictoriaMuller Resident's background:

I started Second Life a year ago on March 23, 2011. Like most Second Life Residents, I was involved in the club scene for awhile. I managed a club called Stage 9, I was there for couple months then I quit, persuing  Second Life Wrestling. Broly Blackheart, who introduce in to Second Wrestling gave me application, I applied and got an interview.
Shortly after, I started my training.  I’ve had a lot of help and people that were in the arena to train with me, such as Maxine Darkwatch, Curt Bombastic, Derrick Zane, Ryan Fury and more so I had a lot of supporters

 Then 2 weeks in, I had my first match. I was really nervous. My first match was really exciting. I had a lot of fun. After that, I was hooked and  started to practice a lot during my time when I wasn’t wrestling.

More about her VictoriaMuller Resident

Occupation: SL wrestler

Wrestling places: Intense Wrestling, United honor wrestling (uhw), Virtual Wresting Entertainment (vwe)

Height 5'5

Weight 125lbs

Location: Toronto, Canada

NemzKat Resident: What made you want to wrestle in Second Life?

VictoriaMuller Resident: “Well what got me into wrestling is when I joined UWS last May which is now UHW. They changed owners but when I saw their show the first time I was amazed and really impressed and was eager to become a second life wrestler.”

NemzKat Resident: How did you find out about SL wrestling?

 VictoriaMuller Resident: “Broly Blackheart was one of the djs while i was doing a managing job a club and i notice that he has wrestling as his groups so I asked him about it and gave me application  i was never really in to wrestling before though.”

NemzKat Resident: What do you say to people who think wrestling is a "man’s" sport?

VictoriaMuller Resident: “Well it’s not just a man sport it’s also for women too. Like with most things, anything a man can do could a women can do it too. And if you love something or are passionate about it then you should go for it. Women are just as interested in wrestling as men are.

NemzKat Resident: Do you have a wrestling name? And if you do what is it? 

VictoriaMuller Resident: “Yes and its Victoria Vain is my wrestling name, but when I first started I was Victoria Muller.  I changed my name because I did think my name fit well with me then I changed it to Vicki Vain.  And then I went with Victoria Vain to bring back my name Victoria.”

NemzKat Resident: Where did you get the idea for Victoria Vain?

VictoriaMuller Resident “Well Victoria is my name from birth and Vain, well this name sounds good and stuck with me since day one. And it also means Vanity and I’m so Vanity as me my character. And also, it’s a strong name memorable name.”

NemzKat Resident: What do you say to people wanting to be a wrestler?

VictoriaMuller Resident: “Well it takes a lot of training and passion to be in wrestling and also a lot of practice that is the key to becoming a Second Life wrestler. Also you must be willing to learn the moves. There is also ring psychology. There are lot of people on SL that do the same thing that I do, but they did this for real, they were real life wrestlers as well as SL wrestlers. So, they are just passionate about this more than me, and SL Wrestling Community is a great place to be in. That’s also the reason why I joined is because the people are awesome, the atmosphere is really enjoyable, and somewhere to belong while you are on SL.”

NemzKat Resident:  Would you one day want to start your own wrestling company?

 VictoriaMuller Resident: “No, but that can change but the reason is because there is already too many there is the SL Wrestling community has it is and it would be really hard to start one there is so many there is like 8 or 9 feds already and plus if I did something leek that probably help someone out like do my best and brining the already fed and take its over  something that like but me owning one is out of the question.”

NemzKat Resident: What kind of viewers do you normally get?

VictoriaMuller Resident: “Well we get a lot of people in the crowd all the time. Some that are supporters and some quiet, however some like to boo and cheer for their favorite Wrestler in the ring.  Because the number one thing to become a wrestler is to entertainment people on SL your fans too. If they are entertained they will come back to watch more.”

NemzKat Resident: Is there a since of realness to SL wrestling?

VictoriaMuller Resident:  “Yes! Every promotion or fed is based on RL Wrestling.  From storylines to gimmicks, to video entrances to a stage and big personalities, live promos as well people do voice with their character most do to make that even more real.”

NemzKat Resident: What is your gimmick?

VictoriaMuller Resident: “My character/gimmick- I’m going for the crazy gimmick like really crazy in the ring and out of it but Just my character. My inspiration for this character is from the rl wrestler named Victoria but now know as Tara my entrance theme song is all the things you said by Tatu I’m a high flyer, technical and submission while I’m in the ring.”

Want to see Victoria in the ring? Well I asked her when and where she wrestles. Don’t hesitate to check her out!

When/Where do you wrestle?

1.Intense Wrestling -Mondays @ 3pm SLT

uHw- Tuesdays @ 4pm slt and sometimes you will see me at VWE either Wednesdays @ 5pmslt or Fridays @ 6pmslt


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