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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spotlight on Spiritfire Entertainment and Sher Salmson Allen Eppenberger Reporting...

Spiritfire Music Isle
I had the pleasure of interviewing Shar Salmson for this week’s Spotlight. She’s a lovely entertainer, whose company, Spiritfire Entertainment, acts as an agent for numerous musical venues and artists in Second Life.
Sher invited me to the interview on her island, called Spiritfire Music Isle, appropriately. It’s a relaxing place, playfully shaped as a guitar! There is a large stage placed where the bridge would be. A circular deck for the acoustic sound opening. A rough stone fret walkway leading up the neck. And six piers on either side of the head to complete the tuning keys. In addition, on other parts of the island, you’ll find an intimate bar, small shops, and hotspot streaming of various artists.
Interview with Sher Salmson
Sher Salmson and Allen Eppenberger
Allen Eppenberger: I was looking around earlier. I like the whimsy of the island!
Sher Salmson: ty so much :) It's been my vision of a promotional site... a project if you will. Did you pull up the map?
A.E: I might later. I did the walk thru. :-)
S.S: Okies :)
A.E: So, how do you work with the various artists?
S.S: Well, we are kind of full service. We are a specialty management business for live musicians. Right now we have 9 artists on the roster.
A.E: Do they come to you seeking placements, or do you do any advertising?
S.S: Yes; we heavily promote our artists and the venues, but I don't advertise seeking artists. SpiritFire Entertainment group specializes in exclusive artist management & development for some of the most popular live music artists in VR. We take pride in being reliable, dependable, knowledgeable, professional, courteous & responsive to the needs of our artist and clients. That’s the stuffy version :)
Sher Salmson
S.S: hehe
A.E: I assume that your artists do a variety of music types.
S.S: Yes, our artists are very diverse, lots of genres. And Allen? They are all Class A :)
A.E: Do you have many of your clients performing here on the island?
S.S: Yes, we feature them. Also, each of the artists we assist have a little "listening island" here where one can go to hear each of the artist's music 24/7. The stream here is all SpiritFire artists.
A.E: I discovered those in my exploring. I got dunked at least once island hopping. LOL
S.S: lolllll *smiles*
A.E: It's a very nice experience, all in all. I assume you are a performer yourself?
S.S: I used to perform in SL, I don't have time anymore :)
A.E: Too busy with your clients?
S.S: Yes, we have over 40 concerts a week. It keeps us hopping :)
A.E: Wow! You have a group of people helping you to keep you on your best, then.
S.S: I have always chosen to operate with a "team" concept, and our support team is fabulous. There are 7 of us to support 9 artists.
A.E: Is there anything you would like me to share with the SL Enquirer readers specifically?
S.S: I just want people to know early on that there is a thriving music community in SL, and truthfully, you couldn't hear better music anywhere.  SL has soooo many incredibly talented and creative musicians! And btw... not only are there incredible musicians, there are VERY dedicated & committed venue owners, and then there are the wonderful music lovers. It's magic when it all comes together :)
A.E: That’s for sure! Ah, one more thing. The info for this island says it’s almost open. I assume you are officially open now?
Spitfire Music Isle Stage
S.S: Well, it's open for anyone to come anytime, but I will be having a grand opening, and it will be EPIC :)
A.E: Ah, good. Is there a date set for that?
S.S: I'm hoping in May. Again, we stay sooo busy!
A.E: That’s fine. It’s something to look forward to. Thanks much for this interview, and your time!
S.S: A pleasure!


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