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Showing posts with label venue. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Canyon Cove - A Truly Unique Adults Only, Nude Optional Destination


Our Grand Opening is July 30th beginning at 11am. There are still some things needed to be done at Canyon Cove, aesthetics mainly, but people who come can enjoy surfing, caves, scuba diving, horseback riding, cliff diving, amazing DJ's, and an auto guided hot air balloon tour (adult). I'm debating myself about hang gliding though. If a hang glider crashed into the balloon my SLinsurance doesn't cover that. In the future I will have sim wide rentals in the sky complete with sim surrounds. My builder is none other than the hugely talented Naru Darkwatch. There is nothing she can't do from sim design to terraforming to landscaping to creating logos such a Canyon Cove's logo. I am truly blessed.

LM SL group: secondlife:///app/group/3ae51d1d-3721-fa99-ed9e-c2250528a76c/about Flickr Group

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Canipanic Maslow and the ongoing legacy of the ~O~ Lounge - Wendz Tempest Reporting

    The history of the  ~O~ Lounge is rich and colorful with humble beginnings, a love for all music genres, and an appreciation for all types of voices. Novice, intermediate, professional, these titles do not mean as much as the fun and camaraderie experienced in the wonderful world of Karaoke entertainment.

   In the front and center, managing the ~O~ Lounge is Canipanic Maslow, veteran producer & performer on the fly, who has recently moved the lounge’s location to another region, complete with a new and larger venue. This year, the  ~O~ Lounge turns 16 and continues to open its doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, still the prime location for discovering Second Life’s latest and greatest on the live music scene. 

  Here we ask Cani a few questions about himself and questions about what his greatest work in Second Life is.

WT- Please tell the readers a little about yourself, how you came to Second Life?

Canipanic Maslow (CM)- Initially I came to Second Life because I was playing Tiger Woods Golf on my computer. And I saw something that mentioned this 3D Virtual World, and I thought, ‘Wow, that’d be neat, I’ll see if they have golf.’  So I signed up for it and came in. They didn’t have golf. I found a golf shop in my search, but they only sold clothing. So for the first year or so, I just walked around visiting people and hanging out at different campsites, learning how to do simple things. And that’s about all I did until I decided to start the  ~O~ Lounge.”

WT- How about telling the readers how you were personally involved in the creation of the  ~O~ Lounge?

CM - I was hanging around this girl, named Bell Clellon, and she was a KJ (Karaoke Jockey) in real life. She had a thing she did every week in her town, where she went out there and ran the karaoke thing. I was hanging around with her and I said, “Well let’s do it here!”.  So she was the inspiration for it. When we tried it back then, there was no voice (in SL) so we tried it on Skype, and anybody that wanted to join us had to join Skype. It was really problematic. Basically, I gave up, thinking it couldn't be done.

One day I was hanging around a girl named Mitzi, we were on voice, and she told me, “Cani, mute your mic. I love this song!”. I didn’t know what she meant, but I muted my mic. And then she turned her speakers on, and she sang.

And that was the day the ~O~ Lounge was born because then everything was in sync. It dawned on me that as long as the microphone could hear the voice and the speakers at the same time, it’ll be in sync. Because before, we could never get everything in sync. That was the day Karaoke was born in Second Life. Open Mic Karaoke. There was nothing like that before. There were performers, but nothing with Open Mic.

And it took off right away. Mitzi was the builder so she built the lounge, and I went all around and was telling people about it. Nobody believed me. I’d say, “Next week we’re going to start Karaoke.” And they’d say, “Karaoke, what are you talking about, you can’t do karaoke here.”

Our grand opening was a hit, there were 28 people there because everyone was curious as to how we were going to do Karaoke in Second Life. We only did it once a week at that time, but people wanted more. It became 2 days a week for a few hours. Then more days and more hours, and people weren’t leaving after 5 hours. It was just a matter of 3 months when we decided to make it full-time, 24/7, because nobody would go home, they just wanted to sing and sing. And we’ve been like that ever since.

WT - What else do you do in Second Life to promote the Live music scene?

CM- Elvera and I, (Elvera Lerner is the co-owner of the  ~O~ Lounge with me), she is the co-owner of the ~O~ Lounge also, and The Music Hall of Fame Group. She keeps me firmly planted in reality and my head out of the clouds. 

The Music Hall of Fame Group was started by a woman named BringitOn Paine. She was one of the biggest promoters of the music scene in Second Life. She became ill and couldn’t continue on so she asked Elvera and I if she could take it over for her. In most groups with singers, all they’re able to do is send out notices for their shows. 

WT- Please elaborate on what the Music Hall of Fame group is?
CM- The Music Hall of Fame has a resource center. These performers can add their names to be hired and venue owners can come in and click on a board. There are three buttons which are, fees or tips, the genre they want, and the day of the week/time they need them to perform. There are 170 top performers on that Music Hall of Fame board and only the ones that fit that category or criteria, are going to be shown to them.

There’s also a board up there with all the open mic places and karaoke places I could find in Second Life because new performers need to get established. I always bring new performers to the resource center, and I show them that board and tell them they need to go to as many open mics as they can, to become established. Venue owners go there looking for people to hire, and that’s the way people get to know you.

There are other resources like where to get your stream, Soundcloud links, ReverbNation, or youtube, wherever they have their music.

I encourage people at the  ~O~ Lounge to start performing when I hear someone that I think can do it. Plus I also help people learn how to stream. That’s what I do, and everyone around me tends to be the same way. They have the same passions. 

WT- The  ~O~ Lounge continues to be a haven for novices and professionals alike, and your work with the Music Hall of Fame has helped so many performers. Tell us a little bit about what you’re currently working on?

CM- I have an  ~O~ Karaoke Lounge website that’s being worked on right now that is going to promote a lot of people as well as the  ~O~ Karaoke Lounge Podcast that I’ve reinstated which started in 2012.  I’ll be doing interviews, teaching people how to stream, making videos on how to stream, and dual stream, as well as making videos on the various broadcasters and how to set those up. 


Group: ~O~ Lounge VIPs

Preferred contact: Canipanic Maslow

Tuesday, December 20, 2022


This past week, in my sojourns around the Grid, I ran into a wonderful couple, Richh and Alexxxa Devin, the owner/proprietors of Dirty Rythms.  Many of you will remember DR from years past, as it has always been a mainstay of adult club venues in SL.   After a Decade of service to the SL Community, Richh and Alexxxa decided to close their Fan-Favorites club, while they were still immensely popular, preferring to direct their attention to other pursuits.  But, after two years with constant encouragement from their legion of fans and friends,  they decided to reopen DR in a completely new venue.   On their anniversary, Richh opened a new club, Alexxxa’s Place…and the rest of DR returned around it.

One of the things that have always been a trademark of Dirty Rythms in general, and the proprietors specifically, has been Richh’s phenomenal generosity towards his guests.  Whether it is the gifts he gives out every hour to randomly selected guests at their events or the way he salts the ‘Sploder with extra cash, so “everyone’s a winner”.  Or perhaps it is the monthly photo contest with one lucky winner each month walking away with the 3,000 Linden prize!   Richh and Alexxxa run a First-Class operation, completely free of charge to their many guests. 

I managed to corner Richh and Alexxxa between gigs, and they graciously consented to answer a few questions I posed.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    Hi Alexxxa and Richh!  Thanks for agreeing to chat with me.  Let me start off by asking how did you come up with the idea for “Dirty Rythms”?

Richh Devin (RD):   Dirty Rythms was always intended for the discriminating adults as an awesome spot for adult playtime as well as the hot spot for some of the best  DJs on the grid.

JB:    What an amazing build here.  Tell me, what is the basic Theme of the Dirty Rythms?

RD: Theme: Music and Entertainment

Dirty Rythms has everything for discriminating adults. Hot playtime spots with the best gear in SL. Awesome beach hangouts, picture-perfect spots for the SL photographers, and party spots for you and your friends, featuring some of SL's hottest DJs. Your fantasies come true! 

JB: What makes the Dirty Rythms compound different from other Adult Sims out there?

Alexxxa Devin (alexxxa.mynx) (AD): Dirty Rythms has been built with much attention to detail.  Upon exploring the sim people will find the perfect spot for photographs, naughty play, or both!  Music on the sim is commercial free and there are screens set up in strategic spots all over the sim for guests to watch the commercial-free video playlist!

JB: Tell me about some of the various areas in Dirty Rythms?

AD: We have various venues for themed parties such as Tiki Cove, the Tiki Bar,  Tiki Country,  the Beachhouse, the Romantic Gazebo, Alexxxa's Place  Lounge & Discotheque, the Photo Studio and of course,  the Swingers Clubhouse!      On exploring the Clubhouse, you will find the best Red Room on the grid, IMHO! Using the Teleporters on the sim you can select the various venues available here. There are also some hidden private spots on the sim, which people will find when exploring.

JB: OK Alexxxa… tell me…and I promise to keep it just between you and me….(and our 70,000 readers each month)….what are some of your personal Favs here at Dirty Rhythms?

 As a DJ of course I love being at the events of some of the best DJs on the grid right here at Dirty Rythms.  And, of course, we have some of the best furniture and gear for naughty play all over the sim, something for everyone, which we have tested thoroughly! 

JB: Do you have accommodations for people who may want to live here?

Currently, there are no rentals at Dirty Rythms. However, we have some  people who have made Dirty Rythms their 'home base' where they log in like home

JB: As you know, there is no shortage of Adult entertainment sims here.  What is the “Dirty Rythms” difference and why should people come here for all their entertainment needs?

 AD: We take pride in Dirty Rythms being the adult sim with class. You will discover that once you visit us.  People are encouraged to come and get naughty and know that they can expect to be respected because NO means NO on our sim.  The BIG difference?  No long list of rules when you land!    Our welcoming notecard mentions RESPECT and if respect is used by all, a list of rules should not be required!

JB: What has been your greatest challenge in operating Dirty Rythms?

RD: With the ever-dwindling numbers of people on SL lately, attendance to events, etc has been an issue but numbers have been increasing lately.  

JB: I understand you host special events here.  How can people find out about those things?

AD: We advertise all events on the SL Events page, the Dirty Rythms groups notices, as well as on our Dirty Rythms Discord page!   DJ Alexxxa's SL  Group is also used for all Dirty Rythms events advertising!  For booking special events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc, please contact   Alexxxa Mynx (Devin).

JB: And how about the future?  Do you have any improvements or changes in mind for the weeks and months ahead?

AD: For the future, in the new year there ARE some plans in the works.  Once ready for unveiling, those will be revealed in the Dirty Rythms Groups notices as well as in Alexxxa's Group notices and of course, Dirty Rythms Discord page.  

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer readers?

RD: We encourage all who read about us in the SL Enquirer to come and explore the sim and they will find their perfect spot for hanging out with their friends.   They are also very welcome to join us at the events as advertised on the board, on the events page, or on our Discord page.  Special events will also be advertised there!

So there you have it, folks.  If you are looking for a beautifully built sim, with wonderful events, adult entertainment options, and the most gracious hosts on the Grid, let me encourage you to drop on by and check ‘em out.   You’ll be glad you did.  And if you run into Richh or Alexxxa….Tell ‘em Josh sent ya!

BE there.  Aloha!

Additional Information: 




Monday, October 17, 2022

Ready for more events to enjoy?


Synful Club Info > Tuesday, Oct 4 Synful's Hot Seat Challenge Its an Open mic, 4- 6pm SLT, ( or later depending on how many people we have) From those performing, John Rocky, NeoMaximus, and Rice Tyler will pick 2 singers that will get a show option that weeks Thursday at our Synful's Road to the Top with 4pm first Singer, 5pm John, 6pm second SInger Wednesday, Oct 5 3pm Aaron Cabott Jones Aaron is a singer/songwriter/muscian ,His cover songs range from Tom Petty ,Allman Bros. Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters , Rolling Stones , U2 Lynyrd Skynrd, and a whole lot more 4pm Mavenn With a selection of over 400 songs, Mavenn engages guests and fans providing an interactive show encouraging requests and dedications and lively chat. 5pm Kris Composer His extensive song list of contemporary covers includes a myriad of genres and artists and a sprinkling of his original tunes. 6pm Austin Moores His vast repertoire might have him doing Country one min, Pop songs the next, and Crooning (like Sinatra, Buble, Como) the next. On top of that is sprinkled in some rock and swing music. Thursday, Oct 6 4- 8pm Synful's Road to the Top 2 chosen performers from Tuesday and John Rocky will perform for you 4pm first chosen 5pm John Rocky 6pm second chosen 7pm Vince Ruissatel Friday, Oct 7 3pm Roxy Chronotis Singing songs from artists such as Nora Jones, Billy Joel, Calum Scott, and Colbie Caillat with a few show tunes sprinkled in.... 4pm Agatha Nowles Agatha's strong, smooth and sultry voice will take you down the alleyways of Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Pearl Jam, America, and her Bossa Nova will simply take your breath away. 5pm Inkaku Capalini Most every genre from the 1920s, and oldies to current and classic Rock, country, blues, top 40s & more! 6pm Sheyz Sheyz Sheyz brings you diversity in her song choices, from old to new, from Latin to rock 7pm RickyLiveMusic Every style of music for any kind of venue. Opera, Country, Jazz, Pop, blues, RnB, rock, reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, Latin, etc, all styles, all decades, 5 languages Saturday, Oct 8 5pm Baz (Avantgarde Frequency) His ambitious one-off arrangements of classic rock, blues, funk, jazz, and fusion tunes along with his sardonic humor make a Baz show a unique and unrelenting sonic roller coaster ride for the ears, mind & soul. 6pm Marqs DeSade Hearing Marqs is more than going to a show; it is an experience that connects the listener with the music in a unique and intimate way. 7pm NeoMaximus Brandenburg His eclectic style encompasses pop, rock and blues, Indie, Classic rock, grunge, and metal. genres. Sunday, Oct 9 1pm DonFranko DonFranko is an outstanding German artist who loves to sing Swing, Jazz, RnB, Country, Rock/Pop, AND HIS ORIGINALS in German and English.. 2pm Katia Portugal Rock, show tunes, ballads, Italian & Spanish songs, and Portuguese. 3pm Hogan Baily Hogan: "I truly enjoy performing. If I can make something smile thru my talent, there is no greater joy. Once I take the stage, I hold nothing back." 4pm Raven Zenobia With a wide variety of genres, Raven has a voice and character that will make your heart sing. 5pm Andreus 'Anj' Gustafson Musical styles include alternative, pop, and progressive rock with a definite electronica influence. This week 6 days of events for you, its gonne be filled with many, divers performers, just for you! Come Party with us, enjoy and dance on some amazing voices :)

URL: FB: Calendar: HYPERLINK ""& HYPERLINK ""ctz=America/Los_Angeles

Thursday, September 1, 2022

CUM Have FUN at SINsationz!


SINZ City - All your adult needs in one place! DJs, Dancers, Lovenes, RP areas, and shopping!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Perfecting The Pitch


Pitch Perfect is open 4 mornings a week. Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturday. With a special singer each Sunday. Pitch Perfect is about live music. We have an eclectic selection of entertainers from Europe, Britain the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and the occasional American. We have games, virtual fishing, currently building a photo studio and soon you will be able to elope. Pitch Perfect is based on the beautiful sunny shores of Australia.

Monday, August 29, 2022

A NEW slightly risky Second Life dating venue opens in September


Zen Metal WANTED is a new Second Life dating venue and online website opening on Friday, September 30th. The Grand Opening will kick off at 8 AM, and Tonia Thraw will activate the dating boards starting at 8 PM. There shall be fireworks! From the beginning of September, the extensive, thought-provoking profiles on https://ZenMetal.Club are open to being filled up, but they cannot be read by anyone but the profile owner until the Grand Opening. What is different about Zen Metal WANTED, in addition to the profile fields that are completely unique and copyright protected, is the dating game rules; you will go on one date on the Second Life grid without exchanging any contact information. If you both like each other and want to turn the date into a relationship, you will meet at your rendezvous point as specified in the profile of the younger avatar. "Zen Metal WANTED is a dating concept designed to enable those who are 'everybody's type,' like celebrities, to date around without the pressure to commit to the first avatar that swoops by them. It is not nice knowing you'll have to reject yet another nice person who likes you a ton and expects interest shown toward them to lead to a relationship," explains Tonia Thraw, the owner of Zen Metal Projects. "While much-loved people love others' company and hanging out, it may not mean they're willing to commit to that person. Nice people don't enjoy rejecting nice people... So I figured I'd make it a part of the game. A part of the risk factor for also those people who don't get rejected a lot. Maybe now they will be. I was actually thinking of naming the place 'Stood Up' for the humor value of it," Thraw laughs. The festivities will begin at 8 AM and end sometime after 8 PM on September 30th at Gowers, Gaeta V - Second Life mainland.

(Teleporter to the event will be found here... Once the event opens.) - The Zen Metal Club online dating profile registration. For questions, contact ToniaThraw Resident.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Spotlight on King of Queens Production-Not just another venue on the grid.- SLE Reporting…

King of Queens Productions is an entertainment company that caters to everyone with a special addition to couples looking for a full-service dream wedding experience in Second Life.  Owned and operated by Juan Boucher; a 15+ year SL veteran.  Many might recognize him from a successful club he ran back in the day called African Pride. After a long hiatus, he returned and focused his attention on working closely with live singers, choreographers, and dancers where he was inspired to create (KoQ) King of Queens Productions. The SL Enquirer sat down with Jaun to learn more about this unique entertainment company and what you can expect from KoQ.

Interview with Jaun Boucher

SLE: Congratulations on winning a Spotlight Feature. Also, thank you for taking the time to sit with us while we find out more about Kings of Queen.

Jaun: Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I am very honored that you gave me this time to sit with you.

SLE: First off, tell me about Kings of Queen as in where did its conception come from. For example its mission statement and what your plans are with the company. 

Jaun: After working for a while in Second Life when I returned back after a break and mastered Second Life again, I created King of Queen Productions, seeing that there is always a need for expanding in Second Life, and to use my knowledge to give Second Live Residents the best memory to take with them every time they leave my venue.  Because Second Life is for making memories, and those memories need to be treasured.

SLE: Your venue seems to cover a lot of aspects of Second Life. Meaning building, design, and shopping to name a few. Are you looking to offer as much as you can to the Second Life residence?

Jaun: It sounds like a lot, but with good management and time planning it really is not a lot :). I am doing landscaping and little builds, then my events are only a few days a week, so I carefully plan each project which I take on together with those who are helping me in it.  I will not offer a service if I cannot give the end product :)

SLE: You have stated you are from South Africa and wanted to give the KoQ the same kind of feel as South Africa. Can you tell our readers how you have or plan to achieve that?

Jaun: Right, now you thinking Elephants, Lions and Rhinos most probably :).  South Africans are known also to be friendly and easygoing, and I think this is what I plan to do.  We love nature as well, which is why my areas involve nature in it, like my Country wedding style, which reminds me of a typical South African Farm style in the country, and my beach club area - reminds me of the South African Coast. I am trying to support also South African designers in 2nd Life, by promoting them where I can, as there is a very few South African designers in Second Life.

SLE: Along with the live music and shopping you have mentioned you have a large wedding venue with various themes. Can you tell our readers about that and how they can schedule their large wedding there?

Jaun: I have 2 wedding venues, the Greece Style - which is surrounded by the ocean - a very formal venue, and we can cater to a lot of guests.  We recently had a wedding in that area, and it was very successful.  Then we have the large Country/Farm style area, which gives you the typical Country feeling at your wedding.  We have a few other styles as well, so depending on each client's needs and wants we can adjust the venue to what you want on your special day.  We plan everything for you in your budget!  They can contact me in-world via NC, visit our inworld Wedding area, or via our Website :  Being together with my Second Life Partner for 10 years and renewing our vows for 10 years recently, I know the importance to make your partner/wedding day as perfect as possible.

SLE: We loved that you stress the importance of the community working together as a whole and including everyone while celebrating diversity and treating everyone with respect.  Without giving too much information away, what kind of service do you offer to businesses who are looking to promote at your venue?

Jaun: Well, depending on the promotion which they will need the field of promotion is big, and there are a lot of options.  Sponsor one of our Live Events - if they decide to Sponsor one of our Live Singer events, then during that 1 hour, the venue will be branded with their logos around the event.  The host will do promotion in chats, and also when we post events the Sponsor's logo will be visible together with relevant Landmarks.


For Clothing designers - We can do a catwalk promotional event - showcasing your designs with Models or even with Live Singers!!  It's unbelievable how much promotion Live Singers can bring to a venue - and I'm a bit scared to mention it now on here, as someone might steal my idea :P

SLE: For entertainment bookings, who can Djs and musicians contact?

Jaun:  They can contact me inworld, or via our Website contact page :)

SLE: Are you hiring for any positions at KoQ Productions? If so, how can people apply?

Jaun: I am looking for hosts (preferably qualified and know how to work with Live Singer Performances), and also looking for an Assistant Manager to be my right hand.  But as we all know Second Life, finding loyal ones who are willing to start and build that trust. to walk a path with you is hard to find.  I'm not looking for someone who works for me...I want someone who works WITH me.  I don't believe in superiors in Second Life, as we all have the same goal when we once logged into Second Life the first time - to get to know people and have fun..and that is important to maintain.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Jaun:  I believe we all are creators in Second Life, whether you build something, take photos, visit and support venues/singers/DJs, shooting a movie, it doesn't matter, we all are creators of our Second Life, and the one needs the other to make your Second Life worthwhile.  It's like a huge circle.  KoQ is not there to be competition, KoQ is there to ADD to Second Life as each place has its own signature. 

Addition Information:


KoQ Productions/ Mermaid Dreams Beach Area

KoQ Wedding Planning

KoQ Country Style Wedding Area

KoQ Wedding Style Area 


Preferred Contact: Jaun Boucher / ღ   Ąηgĩ  Boucher   ღ  (angi.darkfire)

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Spotlight on Tabby’s - Re-Grand opening of a new adult club and complex with many hidden surprises- SLE reporting…


Unlike the many sex clubs in SL that are reminiscent of the red light district’s gritty lower east side. Tabby’s is a beautifully designed atmosphere. Established in June of 2019, Tabby’s club is an adult luxury playground for voyeurs with a variety of amenities to tempt that naughty side. Owner Tabitha Mercury has worked hard to create a place where adults can let go of their inhibitions and freely explore those kinks without fear of judgment in a safe environment. Not only is there a club with events hosted on Sundays & Wednesdays, an elegant indoor pool and spa room,  game room hangout, and sex rooms there are even rental properties for couples and apartments for singles. SLE met up with Tabitha for a tour to learn more about all the hidden amenities and was pleasantly surprised by how well-designed it was. 

Interview with Tabitha Mercury

SLE: Hi Tabitha, thank you for meeting up with us for a tour of Tabby’s. Before we get started can you tell us a little bit about you and how you found your way into Second Life?

Tabitha: I actually found my way to SecondLife many years ago. I don't recall what drew me to begin with, but when I left was when Flexi hair just came out and was all the rage. I came back to SecondLife after 13 years because there were changes in my real life and I felt alone. I remembered how SecondLife made me feel before, the fun I had building in it (prim building, mind you), and thought, "Hey! I can build clubs and sell them on SL for some L$ when I go back!". Then I logged into the new world of mesh.

SLE: Well we are glad you did come back and adapted to all the changes Second Life has had since you first took a break. So about your club, Tabby’s is a place for voyeurs, those who like to watch. It can be intimidating to some and exciting for others. As we all know Sex can be a taboo topic for a lot of people, especially for those who are not comfortable in their own skin or who have been conditioned to believe sex is a dirty thing unless it is confined to an act within marriage. Since it is 2022, it's time to brush those old traditional beliefs out the way and be free, especially in the virtual world. What made you get into the adult hospitality industry in Second Life?

Tabitha: Honestly, because I had been here before, I knew how it worked. I knew what industry a new person could get into right away to make some L$ to maintain the life I wanted to in SecondLife. Unfortunately, for many new people to SL, you have to have been around for 30 days before you can get hired somewhere. I got lucky and was hired my 2nd day as a dancer for an adult club. About a month later, the owner closed the club down and my new friend and current business partner, Veronica Bunny, surprised me with my own club within a day. Tabby's was born in May of 2019 and opened its doors on June first.

SLE:  That is great having good friends in the game to help you succeed. We all need that. So, we know you allow escorting and voyeurism at Tabby’s. There are a lot of Sex clubs on the grid that allows it also but rarely have any staff around to ensure minors and child avies do not use these places for “illegal” purposes. How do you safeguard against possible TOS infractions?

Tabitha: Nothing is 100% effective, but we take what measures we can to dissuade those under the age from entering. The land settings are set so that no one reporting themselves under the age of 18 can enter. And our staff is vigilant against allowing any avatars appearing under legal age from entering. There is ambiguity with some avatars, but we do try to encourage those with "borderline" avatars to update their appearance to fit the adult scene. We also check profiles on entering to ensure the avatar is not being portrayed as an underage individual. Everything else is a violation by the avi's user of SecondLife and Linden Labs TOS.

SLE: I am sure that a lot of people including SLE commend you on you taking the seriousness of protecting minors, thank you. At the SL Enquirer, we don’t like to just do fluff pieces, so we ask a lot of questions that make you stop and think and sometimes can be uncomfortable. The main one I believe our readers would like to know is. Why another Adult club? There are so many in Second Life already, everywhere you turn there is a kink club, BDSM, open and AFK sex. What would make Tabby’s stand out from them? Why will people want to go to your establishment?

Tabitha: A lot of clubs out there are after L$, plain and simple. Our staff wants to challenge the status quo of most clubs by being personable. We want to get to know our guests and provide them with a place they feel they can go to whether they're after the "fluff" or not. The entertainment earns 90% of their tips and there's no pressure to do anything they don't feel comfortable with. We offer several venues for events and have rental areas available to those who could use a place to call home. While it's still being finished, we are adding profiles for each member of our staff at so you can get to know us a bit before coming to the club.

Come visit us to see what's different!


SLE: I am sure after this Spotlight you will have many visitors coming to see all that Tabby’s has to offer. Starting with Tabby’s Club, What type of events do you host, and how often? Do you need to be a great member to access private events? 

Tabitha: We currently schedule weekly events. Our main club is open every Sunday from 12-6 PM SLT for the return of Tabby's 'School Girl Sundays', a tradition of ours that is back by popular demand. Every Wednesday from 12-6 PM SLT we have our 'Half-Price Hump Days' where our guests can enjoy our premium services for half the L$. We will also hold public and private special events. Private access can be gained by being a tenant of Rivendell or Keyhole Towers, or simply by becoming a regular to Tabby's and getting to know us! Upcoming events include our 'Grand Re-Opening White Party' on Friday, April 8th, Secretaries & Suits in May (est.), Pride Day in June, plus many more to come!

SLE: I can go many places with your marketing of “Half-Price Hump Days” but I will digress :) There is also a sex room in the back of the club, can you tell us a little about that? And what kind of privacy if any does that allow?

Tabitha: I like to refer to that as "Las Vegas" because, what happens in the sex room, stays in the sex room. The sex room is actually on its own parcel and private. You cannot see what is going on in there by camming, you must be in the room physically. If you are into voyeurism, then we have a place for you, and that is called "Keyhole Towers".

SLE: That is a great concept to adapt with, the what happens there stays there. The pool room and spa at Tabby’s is a gorgeous little spot to hang out and explore some fantasies. What kind of events, if any, happen there?

Tabitha: Eventually, we would love for this to be open daily and have a staff there who aren't expected to do anything other than serving drinks and helping guests in a non-"fluff" way. For now, it will be open to the general public to explore and use. It may also be closed for private events for our tenants or staff. Keep an eye on our VIP Group notices for updates.


SLE: I am sure a lot will keep an eye out and help you bring your club to new heights. So, Tabby’s Club is doing its re-grand opening as we all know, but are you hiring? And if so, what positions and where can people apply to work for your club?

Tabitha:Tabitha: I am so glad you asked that! Yes, we are hiring! We are looking for exceptional conversationalists; women who are outgoing, intelligent, and who radiate their beauty from the inside. We are looking for Pool Room Hostess', Dancers, Escorts, and DJs. While there are position-specific requirements, generally we need people who will be attentive to our guests and put their best foot forward to represent not only Tabby's Club, but themselves as well! Anyone may apply by speaking with a manager or myself or by getting an application from our giver at the landing point and drop it off there.

Tabby's Club SLurl:


SLE: You know, Orion slacks from time to time and I believe he is bored with helping manage SLE, so maybe I will get him an application from you. Besides the locations to engage in some sexual fun, you also have a game room for guests to unwind in. Do you host game nights there?


Tabitha: Yes! We will be hosting game nights very soon. For now, we invite you all to come and play the games to get used to them for upcoming contests and game nights! We have Zombie Hunter, Darts, Beer Pong, Mad Pass, Mad Hoops, Texas Hold 'Em, Mahjong, Greedy, and more!



SLE: Games in SL are a great way to spend time with your friends. We have a SLE game night also, we love it. You also have property and apartment rentals for couples and singles. Can you tell us more about Rivendell and the Keyhole singles communities? What are your pricing and availability and what amenities are included?


Tabitha: Rivendell is...I can't begin to describe the pride I feel in Rivendell's beauty. Veronica Bunny did an amazing job turning my dream into a reality in SecondLife. There are 3 homes for rent. There's the small shack we call "Hob's Crick" which goes for L$200/week for 100 prims (which actually has already been rented), and 2 "Hobbit homes". One is called "Hob Hill", and the other is called "Hob Knob". Don't let the outside fool you, though. These homes are quite roomy inside! Both Hobbit homes are L$500/week each for 300 prims and also parcelled privately. You can visit Rivendell here: SLurl:


 - Tabby's Club

 - Spa and Pool Room

 - Games Room

 - Rivendell Sim

- Access to all private Tabby's events

- Purchase up to 200 more prims 

Keyhole Towers is a basic, fully furnished rental complex. Voyeurism is encouraged and even implemented through a desktop computer system included with each unit, as well as hidden lobby peepholes. Their design is not for families, but rather for singles and open-minded individuals and couples.

The rentals, via the desktop chair menu, will have further access to watching their neighbors.

You can visit the Keyhole Towers Lobby here:



 - Tabby's Club

 - Spa and Pool Room

 - Games Room

 - Rivendell Sim

- Keyhole Sandbox

- Access to all private Tabby's events



SLE: Sounds like you have everything in place that is so great. Thank you for the tour of this lovely adult resort. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


Tabitha: We would hope that they would come by and give us a visit. Regardless of that, we wish everyone the best experience they can have on SecondLife, and we hope we can be a part of that. Remember, this is YOUR SL and it is what YOU DREAM it can be!


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Contact In-World: Tabitha Mercury