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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avatar Poll Second Life Questionnaire- Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

I wanted to get an insight to peoples experiences in Second Life, so I asked my friends Chrissie Lisa, Quinlan Placebo and Amanda AKA HeartsJourney a few interesting questions and got some great reactions.

Pandora: What was your first week in Second Life like and what did you do?

Chrissie: ‘It was full of bumping, falling and finding my way around Second Life... I could not walk properly for days. he. he.’

Quinlan: ‘My first week was crazy! I was lucky in a way, because I already knew people in Second Life... but it didn't stop me from doing all the newbie things (like collecting too many freebies). I had friends to recommend places and that helped me to create the avatar I wanted. I think my first week was fun. :)’

HeartsJourney: ‘I didn't know where to go to make friends and find the “popular” non-info-hub spots, although I had fun exploring with the "Map" feature to search places, went to freebie spots, experimented with pose balls, and sought out other people.’

Pandora:What is your favorite place in Second Life and why?

Chrissie: ‘My favorite place is my home with my family and Bogarts, it’s a really nice Jazz Club with great shops as well.

Quinlan: ‘I don't think I have a favorite place, but I guess it must be the sandbox. There are a few places I love to visit, mostly nature areas, but honestly? I think my favorite place is my little home with my friends, it's like any other world, it's the people who make the places.’

HeartsJourney: ‘I have several favorite places and travel between them depending on my friends and what I want at the time. I enjoy my homes to relax, decorate and hangout or build. I love Vox Club and Crissie’s Place for the people and atmosphere. There are tons of places I love for shopping or exploring, depending on what I’m looking for. As well as my friends or new places. I am an explorer and social butterfly.’
Pandora:How would you react if you found out that your partner or a close friend was not the gender they portrayed to be in Second Life?

Chrissie: ‘I would be upset...not because of the the fact that he was a different gender... but more upset because he didn’t trust me enough to be honest with me.’

Quinlan: ‘I know the gender of my partner and most of my friends, but really I don't think it matters so much in Second Life. I have friends who are not the same gender as their avatar and even friends who change gender like changing clothes. Some people have robot avatars... what gender are they? If I like a person, it just doesn't matter. Of course I can see how it might be a problem if there's a romantic relationship involved, but otherwise I don't see why it matters.’

HeartsJourney: ‘Without it happening, I couldn’t say for sure.’

Pandora:What would you do if one of your closest friends deleted you and do you have a particular reason for deleting others?

Chrissie: ‘I would try and talk to them and ask the reason why, but really it is his/her choice. I delete people if they are mean etc.. or say something that hurts other people. I will delete them, but I will give a them a warning first.’

Quinlan: ‘I've never deleted anyone that I can think of, though I've been deleted by others. It can be upsetting, especially if you felt close to that person. maybe that's why I don't delete people, you never know if that person might feel really bad about it... even if they almost never talk to you. I think most of the time when I've been deleted, I saw it coming, so I'm not sure how I would feel if it were someone very close to me. I can only say for certain that I would feel sad.’

HeartsJourney: ‘This has happened. I was extremely hurt and distraught and asked them why on earth they removed me. I only remove someone if they are extremely rude, refuse to listen and work through conflict or just pesters me. It’s rare.’
Pandora:What does your Second Life profile say about you?

Chrissie: ‘It tells me that I am honest and like others to be also..... it also says that I will only tell those that I choose about my real life.’

Quinlan: I am a real person behind my avatar. Mostly it just says that I'd like for people to know me before they form an opinion and that's no different from real life.’

HeartsJourney: ‘I change my profile frequently. Based on my Picks and Groups it shows that I care about and support my friends, various businesses and places that I love (I wish I had more space for it!). The About sections might suggest that I am thoughtful, love quotes, cherishing my friends, expressing my mood towards romance, providing thought-provoking quotes, and/or that I am an optimistic realist whom is unafraid to be true to herself in both worlds.’
Pandora:Have you experienced drama in Second Life, if so, how did you handle the situation?

Chrissie: ‘I’ve dealt with plenty of drama. I try and calm the person down by speaking calmly to them... and if they continue then I ask them politely to take their drama to another place.’

Quinlan: ‘Now you've mentioned the dirtiest of words in Second Life. LOL. I see a lot of talk about 'drama'. Some seem to regard any thoughts of our personal feelings as drama. I think it's a huge mistake to ignore the feelings of the real person behind each avatar, so my definition for drama is not in line with that interpretation.’
‘I think what most consider as 'drama' is actually melodrama... when someone is so overly sensitive that they see every tiny thing as if they're being slighted. It probably also refers to some of the mind games people play with each other when in romantic relationships online. Being a person who avoids all that by nature, I suppose that explains why I've never really had much drama in Second Life. (Being treated rudely by other Residents is a whole other story! LOL)’

HeartsJourney: ‘Yes, I try to talk through the conflict and ensure that they feel heard and we can come to an acceptable conclusion.’
Pandora:What would you do with your loot if you were given 10,000L?

Chrissie: ‘A lot would go on my Second Life baby...for his learning experiences... and some help places for Second Life Residents...that do a good job.’

Quinlan: ‘Oh, I'd certainly have a shopping day! LOL After that, I'd be buying prezzies for my friends for sure! ^.^’

HeartsJourney: Invest-in my building desires, save-in case of a rainy day, splurge-on myself/items I want, and share with friends and places via donations, tips and gifts.
Pandora:Have you ever met someone from Second Life in real life? Was the experience what you expected?

Chrissie: ‘I’ve never met anyone from Second Life in real life yet.’

Quinlan: ‘I already knew some of my friends from real life. As for the ones I've met since coming to Second Life: I've not met any of them so far, though I do correspond through email with a couple of them and I have telephone conversations with one of my closest friends from Second Life from time to time. I have friends in many parts of the word who I'll probably never meet, but I don't think that makes any difference. Distance doesn't matter to friends. :)’

HeartsJourney: ‘No I haven’t’.
Pandora:If you could nominate one person for president, who would it be and why?

Chrissie:I would pick Lily Swindlehurst from Helping Haven, she does a fantastic job, making sure people are being cared for and get the help they need.’
‘I came to Second Life to experience new things and what I found is that Second Life is very much like real life. I’ve mat some fantastic people and I’ve learnt a lot and now I am giving that back to new people, everything that I have learnt.’

Quinlan: ‘I have plenty of friends who would make great nominees; but I'm not sure that's a job I'd wish on any of them!’

HeartsJourney: ‘Someone kind, helpful, compassionate, a great listener, can handle pressure, gets a lot of things done, cares about people, can make a difference in the world, and won’t let the power go to their head.’
‘Howard1985 Doghouse comes closest to this criteria.’
I would like to thank Chrissie, Quinlan and HeartsJourney for sharing their opinions with us. -Pandora.


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