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Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012- Reporting From The Front Lawn- Lanai Jarrico

No. You didn’t read the headline wrong. I’m literally reporting from the front lawn of the Media Center and making my rounds to various places across the grid that use the SL Enquirer to report their news. I wouldn’t say I have much of a front lawn here at the SL Enquirer Media Center, but Its a business in the front and a party in the back, like a mid 80’s mullet., accept not so tacky...

The Media Center offers information for visitors interested in becoming an SLE Journalist, advertising for products and services,and we even hosts exclusive events. They aren’t very often but when they are hosted, it is a get in where you fit in situation. My advice would be to join the SL Enquirer Media Group to stay up to date with what’s going on in world or subscribe to this website for SLE and other popular sl media headlines.
Next event coming up is a Hawaiian Luau taking place at my private beach on Tuesday, July 3 from 7-9pm SLT. Hosted by Black Soul Rhythms Radio’s DJ Dibou and Charity Richez.  On August 4 @ 2pm SLT. Independent Ballet will be performing Petah and the Wolf.

Visit us at for more information.

 The English Rose Theatre

 Speaking of entertainment and performances, Our members vary in many ways but all add a piece to the creative puzzle that is Second Life. Together we work to keep the grid active and inform others about the many awesome wonders you can find in this virtual world. I thought I’d give some of them a shout out and tell you a little bit about what they have to offer.

Elvera Lerner’s English Rose Theatre- Music Hall of Fame

Talk about a breathtaking venue that offers live music and theatre in Second Life. 

 The Rose Theatre was one of the locations for the recent SL9B celebrations that took place across this grid. Elvera Lerner surely took the time to create a virtual masterpiece and a fantastic place to entertain residents. The surrounding atmosphere is a reflection of the name with beautiful lovers arches with blooming rose, adding a touch of class to the landscape.

The English Rose Theatre Company performs The Phantom of the Opera.

   If you are interested in hosting a performance at your venue, Contact Elvera Lerner or Greennote Freenote.

Not much into theatre? How about watching a virtual massacre go down over at (WIN) Warrior Instinct Nation?  

Weekly Schedule:

New! Thursday Takeover at Brawler’s Island, 4pm SLT-

Friday Night Massacre-5:30 pm SLT-

Wednesday Inferno- 6pm SLT

I’d like to give them a Happy Anniversary Shout out, WIN will be celebrating 5 years from July 13-July 15th. Be sure to check them out.


Ever Wonder what your avatar’s aura looks like?

 Visit the Angel retreat at Linda Lauren’s ETU Abbracciare.

This location is special to me because it belongs to a dear friend and it is a relaxing place to visit. Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Lauren in real life on a few occassions. I even got to spend some time with Max, one of the legendary 13 crystal skulls said to be over 10,000 years old, twice.  Last year, I attending Linda’s Hostage in Time book launch party in New York, hosted by The Merchant’s House Museum, one of the city's most haunted locations in the city. Besides that, I got some Rieki done by Sumi Portola on my birthday. These ladies are truly one of a kind and a place I recommend adding to your SL itinerary.

Linda Lauren’s ETU Abbracciare, Embracing the Universe
See your avatar’s aura here!

GIZZA Creations Mainstore

Are you looking for a shopping experience with stores for both men and women, mesh or no mesh with easy to follow street signs?  

Gizza Creations Mainstore boasts fashions by BaoBa, Vanity Hair, Spartacus, KMADD, FineSmith, LoQ Hair, sYs Designs and more.

It is a convenient way to share an outing with friends or a “friend” from the opposite sex ,without having to teleport to multiple locations to satisfy everyone’s needs with a great selection of SL brand names, including Mesh.

 This mall also pays attention to detail and gives out some really great gifts to group members.



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