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Sunday, September 30, 2012

ProFashion ProEmpowerment!

Great Teams are just like a real family — they may not necessarily agree all of the time, but they know they can depend upon one another in a crisis.

ProFashion Productions presented an exercise last week to encourage models and staff to be dedicated and loyal to each other beyond all other considerations; especially when under attack.

Empowering ourselves is the strongest defense against griefers. When we are prepared and stand together, the griefer loses control. When we remove the griefers capability to catch us off guard they become weak.

Griefers are opportunistic and tend to prey on people that they perceive as a threat or that they dislike because of differences. Griefers almost always bully others they feel they can frighten and annoy and when one target leaves, they quickly pick another.

Griefing acts are unpredictable by nature, and this can make things difficult when it comes to preparation for fashion shows. The idea was for models to increase their skills and practice their responses and to not only protect themselves but their fellow models.

Staff and Models varied in response to the exercise. However, I am very proud to say I work with some of the most dedicated people on the grid. To watch a group of people come together willing and eager to protect each other for one common cause was truly moving. We turned the tables by laughing instead of being frustrated and using a negative situation to our benefit. We took care of each other and created a strategy by sharpening our skills.

Obviously we have utilized Linden Labs abuse reporting procedures, but until the griefer is banned we needed to develop skills that will allow us to operate during a show and not be distracted. When we incorporate preventative measures as a part of runway skills we’re more effective in all circumstances.

ProFashion Productions Management is responsible for all technical security as it relates to the actual simulators and we will exhaust every safety measure available.

I am proud to say ProFashion Production models provided an exceptional performance yesterday!

When models are prepared and aware they are less likely to panic during a show and will perform like Pros :)

Roe Woodford
ProFashion Productions, Executive Director

You can read more about protecting your event against griefers in the recent article written by Frolic Mills.


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