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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Cottages at Santa Catarina Surf.

The sand. The sun. The waves. 

 You know that feeling of freedom you get and that connection to the Earth and the Ocean that you feel when you spend a day at the beach? Don't you wish you can feel like that everyday?

  You Can. 

 Located at the top of the Artisan Irish Islands, Santa Catarina Surf is literally the crown jewel of the Irish Estates. this Sim is a surfers dream and is sure to bring out the beach bum in any of us. set after set of righteous waves roll in 24 hours a day and no sesh' is ever harshed out by Lag. It's Going Off! 

(3,072 m2)   L$2,200/week  Prims: 703

When the day is over, grab your flip flops and walk home to your beach side getaway. Fire up the barbeque, turn up the Marley, and enjoy the most brilliant sunsets that the Grid has to offer.  I know what you're thinking, "I can't afford beachfront property." Well no worries! in Santa Catarina, you can live like a big kahuna for not a lot of moola!

(1,328 m2)    L$900/week   Prims: 300 

 Many other adventures await you as a resident of the Irish Estates' Artisan Island chain. The 18 water based sims in this community have been painstakingly handcrafted to give residents and visitors alike the ultimate experience in sailing and yachting. World famous jazz clubs, 5 star shops, romantic hideaways and an endless calender of events make this community one of the premier luxury estates in Second Life.
 Lanai carving the barrel. We didn't have to twist the bosses arm to get her out on the waves!

 see all of the cottages available on the Irish Estates website & call Santa Catarina your new home today.


  1. Amazing place and you're a champion on that surf board Lanai ! wow !


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