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Monday, September 10, 2012

Using Our Virtual Environment To Enhance Nature's -Jaded Exonar Reporting

Second Life has had over 10 million residents since first release in 2003, with 40 thousand currently inworld as I write this -But is it possible to change, improve, even to save our world from within SL?

Linden Labs seems to believe we can. [i] With the I.T infrastructure behind SL supporting more than 88,000 concurrent users, it nets more than 44 million hours and 43 million Lindens every month. ‘To deliver an immersive experience with the lowest real-world carbon footprint for each user’, Linden Labs joined forces with Intel and Silicon Mechanics to deploy energy efficient servers, fully loaded with Intel® Xeon® processors. “We..... have a clear opportunity to minimize the environmental impact of running Second Life by building the greenest solution possible with a dense, energy-efficient IT infrastructure."
From within SL, this drive for a greener future is evident. Many have been using it as the perfect medium from which to not only teach and encourage awareness of RL environmental issues, but to offer realistic experiences and activities that can be utilized in real world settings. This is a huge step for the future many have been working towards – The merging of technology and environmental concerns that have far reaching and positive applications for the world around us.

The world and its health is the concern and responsibility of every person in every country – What better way to reach more people, more effectively? Perhaps we can be part of a huge turning point in our history. For the first time since the world began, we have the ability to truly work together on a global scale; the chance to put things right. If we listen, learn and act, we can do it.
Second Life + Real Life = Life?

If you haven’t found an area in SL that addressed your questions about the environment, or perhaps you would like to find more, I’ve visited some of the major projects to find out how we can join the cause.

       One Climate - The carbon calculation kiosk demonstrates SL’s ability to link directly to existing web resources from in-world. Practical activities to understand wind turbines and sustainable energy are easy to use and located all around the area.

      OneWorld Meetings - This area is owned by the same organization as One Climate, and once provided a live link to the UN climate summit in Bali, Indonesia in 2007. Perfect for large scale world meetings, without the need for carbon costly travel!

       Etopia - A beautiful educational Eco village modelling a sustainable community. Information and demonstrations about renewable energy, organic products & community are easy to find and wonderful to see in such large scale project – It really brings the issues to life.

       Center for water studies (better world island) - Explore and enjoy the "natural" scenery and water activities at the Center for Water Studies. This is an educational and recreational build dedicated to increasing the appreciation and understanding of water habitats, and their importance to the food chain and land quality.



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