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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A song bird of note

 By wish813 Resident

Out of Southport, NC comes AMForte Clarity with a sound that is very down to earth and welcoming to those who are just beginning to experience her music.

With songs such as "Concrete" and "With You and Me", AMForte has the tendency in her material to express a warm and vibrant array of lyrical notions that tell stories of a hopeless romantic. The other side to the tail is the quick and up-beat personality of AMForte, expressing herself with a blunt facade as she inquires about her recently failed relationship in a song titled "Are You Happy Now."

The SL Enquirer recently caught up with AMForte for an exchange of questions and answers; the song-writer had this to say:

wish813 Resident: What is it like or how does it feel to be a musician making music that you love and feel so strongly about?

 AMForte: Music is my out. I love to make music but at the same time, it can be haunting. Most of my songs are about personal experiences and with personal experiences comes pain, sorrow, and most of all, haunting memories and strong emotion. It brings me back to that place in time where things weren't so great. Then there are other songs, such as a few love songs that I have written that can be great and bring great memories or feelings that are good. So making music is a great way for me to get out what's inside of me or when I can't find the words to let out what I need to let out. Sometimes it takes time but when the words and music come out, it's the right mixture.

 wish813 Resident:  What is your favorite song that you have composed and what does it remind you of?

AMForte:  My favorite song is a song called, "It's a Nice Day." It reminds me of relationships and how people are always on their best behavior when it comes to dating or relationships. People change, like seasons change, for every action there is a reaction but I wish, for once that people would just be themselves and who they really are when they first meet, instead of wasting so much time on a relationship only to find out 2 years down the road, the guy that you met at that coffee shop is really an asshole. If you're gonna be an asshole, be an asshole when I meet you so I can decide then and leave your ass to the curb. /;)

wish813 Resident:  In what city/state did you make your first recording, and what was the experience like?

 AMForte: I was in Maryland, when I made my first recording.  It was awesome.  I had really awesome people to work with.  I actually felt like I was finally getting things accomplished and hopefully getting to where I wanted to be musically. It was definitely a step in the right direction and I plan to do much more recording in the future.

 wish813 Resident:  What artist/group is most influential to you and why?

AMForte: Radiohead was the most influential to me because Thom Yorke is so passionate, emotional about his music. He lives it in real time, the emotion that is. He to me, is what music stands for. I mean, there are many other artists that stand for music, but there is something about him and the music that they produce.  It breaks boundaries and they don't care for critics, they just do their thing and it works. I have much respect for them.
 wish813 Resident:  Are there any goals that you keep in mind while making your music? Have you achieved any of these goals lately?

AMForte:  My goal in mind when creating music is this; create the best music I can. I try to create music that I could hear on the radio and that are catchy, but who knows, what I think is catchy may not be. I know many of my songs have touched people all over the world so it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has these emotions or experiences.

 wish813 Resident: Finally, are there any new projects from you to look forward to within the next year?

AMForte: Recording my album, writing new songs, writing a musical, writing a movie script, writing a book, graduating from school and just moving forward. 

 For a calendar of upcoming shows and events, visit AMForte's google calendar at  Also, be sure to visit her website for contact information, pictures, tour dates, and her biography. 



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