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Monday, November 12, 2012

'Art Of Protest' Exhibition Underway At Art India Gallery -Jaded Exonar Reporting....

Last week saw the Official opening of the new 'Art Of Protest Contest' at Art India Gallery. With such a varied selection of artwork surrounding you upon landing, it's easy to lose yourself immediately in this beautiful exhibit. Each piece is unique, conveying its own individual protest, personality and world view. Alongside each is the option to receive a notecard providing context about the work in the artists own words, and the option to vote (With a select few available to buy). Visitors can vote on as many pieces as they wish, which is fortunate for us as the quality of both build and concept are beautifully high throughout the exhibition.


The piece that particularly caught my interest was 'One Less Car' by Eupalinos Ugajin. It seemed deceptively obvious upon first glance - A protest against an excess of cars and their subsequent pollution represented via a traffic jam image. As I walked closer however, I became drawn to the centre of the artwork. Striking the very heart of the bustling traffic, was a car wheel - Yet this was not the friendly spare ready to aid me in my morning commute to work. This was menacing, cold, threatening. The tables were turned. No longer does the road dictate direction to the wheel, but the wheel now smothers and controls the road in its gaping maw. No longer was I observing the art. The longer I stood in its dominating presence, the more certain I became that I was in fact the one who was under close scrutiny. The wheel now appeared to be a vast all seeing eye glaring at me, challenging me against this backdrop of chaos and pollution. The cars appearing frozen in their treachery, with the persistent wheel ticking accusingly, its pupil etched with congestion and aimed like a bullet directly at the timeless rows of metal. Is this time to reconsider? A measure of damage? Or a choice to put my own finger on the trigger?
'One Less Car' is a thought provoking and questioning work, and just one of the many incredible pieces on display waiting for your vote. Every vote really does count, and with such a display of talent and voices to experience, it's well worth a visit or two.
Judging is to be held in three categories - 3D Art Scripted, 3D Art Non-scripted, and 2D art, and public voting ending on November 18th, with considerations from the Jury of Rowan Derryth (Art blogger and historian), Ux Hax (Artist and Curator), and Quan Lavender (Art blogger and Curator).
Participating Artists Featured -
Betty Tureaud,
CaraMia Quan,
Corcosman Voom,
Eupalinos Ugajin,
Hugo Krell,
London Junkers,
Noni Abeyante,
Pol Jarvinen,
Queen Bish,
Riali Sandalwood,
Secret Rage,
Silene Christen
Sisi Biederman



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