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GiZZa Creations Presents "Love is in the Air" Event

GiZZa Creations Presents "Love is in the Air" Event
February 7-February 14, 2015

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2015 MARKS OUR 10TH YEAR IN SECOND LIFE! Over 11.7 Million Views on Google Plus.....Advertising Options Available.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

REAL ESTATE: Tribal Reef Rentals now available. Take a tour today!

Are you looking for a new incredible land, low lag and jungle themed surrounded by lush foliage, crystal clear waters and beautiful sunsets?

 Relax and invite your friends over to your exclusive place, where security and sim performance are the main focus.

Contact Ramses Meredith

Tribal Reef Property #8192

3000 lindens per week

Plenty of room to entertaining                                              Beauitful location

                                       This  oceanfront property offers a great sunset views

Teleport Now!

Tribal Reef Property #  4096
Price: 1500  lindens per week

Modest Beach Style Bungalow
Entertain  guest in your very own private grotto or bar area

 Relax and enjoy a soothing sunset

Teleport Now!


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