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Showing posts with label Secondlife. Show all posts

Sunday, May 28, 2023


Those of you who follow the fashion trendsetters in SL have no doubt heard of Posh Events.  Every month Posh invites independent designers and businesses to display their latest creations at a Posh Event.   I happened upon one just the other day.  Posh was there, putting the final touches on her displays, calming nervous exhibitors and generally ensuring all was in readiness for the next opening.    Not having spent a lot of time myself buying women’s apparel and accessories, I did manage to get Posh to share some about what a Posh Event is all about.  This is HER story.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB:  So tell me, Posh.  Where did you get the idea for Posh Events? Is there some history here?

Poshbarby Sun (PS): Welll..I guess I got the idea as it developed out of my Idea of wanting to connect with  other women on friendly, business basis,  That was how the concept started – wanting to meet other strong-minded, hard-working women who owned businesses. 


JB:  So then, who managed to put this thing together and what role did each of you play?

PS:  I am the owner I am responsible for all things.  I put the event together and work hard to keep it going. One of the toughest parts if this is making sure we have enough participants month after month.  My continuing role is to make sure my event has the participants it needs.  I make sure the exhibitors are well taken care of, and that they meet all the required deadlines.

JB:    There are many fun and interesting shopping malls in SL. What is the Posh Events difference?

 PS:  What makes my mall different from all the other malls out there is that this is not some cold shopping mall.  When you come to a Posh Event, you can feel like you are at home.  You don’t have to worry about being harassed or mistreated.  You are treated with love and kindness, and are made to feel very welcome.

JB:    Well then, just how big an area do you own?

PS:  We have a 30,000 prim property, split among the mall, a beach area, and special entertainment  venues scattered around the place to host special events.

JB:    Tell us about some of the different areas on the property?

PS:  IN addition to the main Events build, we have a complete shopping mall with shops for rent, a lovely beach area too relax those tired feet from shopping, and various other rentals available. 

JB:    Do you have any plans for future development?

PS:  Absolutely!  I am always looking to expand.  Join the group to be informed of upcoming events and activities.

JB:    Tell us about some of the designers you work with?

PS:  Some of these folks are truly amazing.  But I don’t really want to say any names for concern of leaving someone out who deserves to be mentioned.  We know that designers come and go in SL, but I am so very happy to be able to help those who are shining stars in the design world.  I do hope that, when they make it to the big time, that they will be able to appreciate the assistance I gave them in their climb and when they reach the top of their industry.

JB:    Shopping areas are not normally known for their Special Events.  What kind of events have you hosted and plan to host in the future?

PS:  I am hoping to host parties and do more sales and weekend sales

JB:  So tell me Posh.  If a designer wishes to get in on this, exactly what do they need to do?

PS:  Designers are cordially invited to participate in the Posh Event  June Round

Posh Event has Been around for 2 years. we are a well established development, with a Facebook Flickr Instagram sites. And we have loads of media sponsors

You can check out preview at

We cater in all types of Art Nails Hair Skin Furniture clothing gadget ext

You will need to comply with Linden Labs Policies (including Intellectual Property

Also, your behavior is expected to be professional and courteous to both event staff and fellow designers.  New and minimum 1 exclusive item is to be set for sale at your booth

Payment is open  7th - 13th

Set up/ Event timeline

Setup starts: 20th

Setup deadline: 27th at 12:00 AM SLT

Opens: 1ST

Closes: 17th

Thank you Hope to See you:)


JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

PS:  If you are a creator with a creative soul, feel free to apply to participate in a POSH Event.  There will always be a place for you.  I really enjoy supporting the up-and-coming creators. 

JB:    Please share with us any Social Media sites you have?  FB, WebSites?  Twitter?  Discord?  FLICKR? Any others?



Designer Application:


So there you have it, Folks.  For the latest in Grid Fashions and accessories, head on over to the next POSH Event! 

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya. 

Be there!  Aloha!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023


So, there I was.  Outfitted with my new snorkeling gear, and I thought I would explore the local waters. After clearing my mask, I headed out into the deep when I saw a brightly colored Clownfish swimming lazily in the warm coastal water.  Intrigued, I followed him.  I was about to turn back, when we rounded a coral reef.  Suddenly the world EXPLODED with bright colors, the likes of which I have never seen before in my life, nor since!  I had found it.  The Supreme. The Extreme.  The Dream – Siren’s Cove!

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    Tell me, Ladies.  Just what is Siren’s Cove all about?

Roryredrory (RR):   Siren's Cove is primarily about music, and DJ’s sharing their tunes and mixes to other music-lovers in a fun, relaxing environment.  For me, there is nothing more fun or relaxing than the ocean - seeing it, feeling it, swimming in it, relaxing on the beach...and we wanted to bring that vibe and good feeling to the club.  And why mermaids? I always wanted the club to be the "Disneyland" of SL clubs - "Happiest place on earth" - and love the vibe and beauty of mermaids.

idoru.venus (IV):  It's about good music, great company, and fun party time dancing with both! Also, some aquatic life...

JB:    So…there are lots of sims out there, many with underwater builds. Tell us what is the “Siren’s Cove Difference”?

RR:  What makes me proud of Siren's Cove are the DJ’s and people who are part of the Siren's community. We have always been supported by great DJ’s and amazing, fun people who keep things fun and amazing every day!!!  I love being greeted whenever I walk into the club, and greeting people when they do.  It's always so fun and feels like our own little family!!  I love being part of the over-all SL community as well - and I know people with DJ and hangout at other SIMs/clubs too - and I think that's great!!!  I'm honored whenever they come to Siren's and appreciate the time they give us!!! 

IV:  Many tell me that what makes us different is the atmosphere... the spirit of the place. People tell me it’s so warm and welcoming at Siren's Cove. That makes me happy because that’s what we want!

<a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="Mermaid in the Aquarium"><img src="" width="800" height="461" alt="Mermaid in the Aquarium"></a><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

JB:    What a phenomenal build. How did this idea develop?

RR:  Freckles Amore is our club builder and designer.  When we decided to start the club, we literally had 2 days to get the club running so we could keep DJ schedules and commitments from the former club I was managing, which closed on July 27, 2022.  We opened on July 29, 2022 :-).  We talked about how fun it would be to do a Mermaid theme, with Mermaids, pirates, beaches, starfish....but very high level.  I have ADHD irl hehehe and sometimes am not good at completing a picture or describing one.  But Iddy and I talked with Freckles, and then it was like magic :-) She came back the next day with the build for "The Cave" which blew my mind - so beautiful - so cool - so happy!!!!

IV:      It began rather small!  Once we decided to make the club, Freckles Amore offered to make our build. She did it overnight... and it remains in our new sim as The Cave. It’s a piece of art, like the entire build she has done for the whole sim. Truly gorgeous and fun to explore.

JB:    I understand you’ve been here since July, and that there us a story about that?  Care to Share?

RR:  Iddy and I had worked together earlier this in year in a club that was closing at the end of July.  We really enjoyed working together and loved the other DJ’s and people who came to the club.  We tried to open as soon as possible to keep the music going after that club closed.  The closing date was Wednesday, July 27, and Freckles built Siren's Cove and we opened 2 days later, Friday, July 29. 

JB:    Who managed to put this thing together and what role did each of you play?

RR:  Freckles is definitely the visionary who created the build and the magic and the vision for what is now the Siren's Cove SIM.  She is the designer and the one I call "our secret weapon".  I really feel her design and joy she brings to it is what makes Siren's so fun and amazing!  I see something different every time I come here :-)  We recently expanded to a whole SIM - and Freckles added a "Siren's Shores" side and a 3rd club - The Aquarium.  "The girl got skillz"

Idoru is the amazing talented DJ and is our ears and music Director :-)  She is incredibly talented in her own right, and is amazing at finding and hiring DJs for the club, and grouping those DJ's together for nice blocks or "Siren Sets" :-)  And as a co-owner and business partner, she is the level-headed one and keeps me from wrecking my boat into the shore.  I can be pretty emotional and the opposite of "level-headed" and she protects me from myself :-) I love talking to her and working things out.  She is the best business partner and friend ever!!!!!!!!!

Jinxy is my wife and is the visionary for the rentals here, and had the idea to add rental properties to the SIM.  She has amazing ideas and has brought a very cool element into the club.  She has a great feel for what things would be popular / fun for club-goers and renters, and keeps that side of the business going!!!  She is amazing :-)

Kisi is my sister and supports club promotion and managing!  She also brings great ideas on how to promote the club, how can use events, and manages our social media!!  She is an Angel who keeps the club events promoted and out there for all to see :-)

IV:      And don’t forget Rory!  She is a manager on steroids!  She is good at lining people up and organizing the schedule. She found the place for us and supports the sim. My part is to help her run the place and also help find us great DJs for the lineup. Freckles is the super builder who pours her heart into building the place and asks for little or nothing in return.

JB:    Could you share some of the interesting things that visitors and guests can do at Sirens Cove?

RR:  Siren's Cove is a place for land folk and merfolk to all explore and visit.  There are amazing underwater and above-water spots to explore and investigate. There are lots of beautiful photo and cuddle spots as well.  You can also meet our resident mermaids, Oyster Annie and Siren Sadie.  Although they might be quiet - be careful - they bite :-)

IV:     There are a LOT of things to explore on the sim, outside of the venues for music and dancing. In addition to the rentals offered, Freckles has created a gorgeous forest to explore that’s full of surprises and gorgeous scenery.

JB:    Tell us about the Aquarium. What kind of features can we discover there, and at each of the three main areas?

RR:  The Aquarium is our largest venue - and is unique in that it is actually underwater.  Swimming fish, mermaids, and other sea creatures are all around.  The colors swirl in the water to the music as the DJs mix on the underwater stage. 

The Cave is our original venue - with everything fun about the Sea.  There are pirate ships, mermaids, and huge snails, and you might even find Sponge Bob hiding in there.

The Rooftop is our Pool area - on top of the Cave, and has a fun beach set with a pool where you can hang out and swim with Oyster Annie and Siren Sadie.

Siren's Shores is a magical land where you can explore - just across the cove from the Cave, it has 7 rental properties, where you can actually live among the Mermaids and creates here :-)

JB:    And how about the future?  Do you have any changes in mind?

RR:  We would love to eventually expand our hours so we are open longer.  We plan to continue to add hours as our audiences grow.

IV:  We hope to continue to grow in group membership and daily visits to our events. We also might do occasional special events.

JB:    Do you have any special events planned? And how can people find out what’s Happening at Siren’s Cove?

RR:  Each week, we alternate to a different venue - Pool Parties at The Rooftop, and then a week each at The Cave and The Aquarium. To see what’s happening, I encourage you to check out the links at the end of this article for our Website, Flickr, and other Social Media URLs.

JB:    Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

RR:  Support live music on SL!!!

There you go folk.  For a truly unique experience, you have simply GOT to check out Siren’s Cove.   For unrivaled entertainment, SecondLife style, you owe yourself a visit.  I guaranteed it. You WILL be impressed!

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there!  Aloha!






FLICKR Groups:


Monday, February 27, 2023



Petrichor: (Noun) a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather

This week’s hidden gem of a Sim is managed by the rental company Petrichor.  Anyone who has been in SL for more than about a week has learned to recognize the difference between a poorly built sim and a beautiful one.  In a Grid full of sims of “comic book art” caliber, this place is indeed a Michelangelo.  If Bob Ross could have painted in 3D, he would have designed a place like Chrystal Island.  If you are a lover of beauty, scenic views everywhere you look, and lag-free properties on a grid of omnipresent lag, you will find this place to be a refreshing change.  As I was exploring this once in a SecondLife time creation, I came upon The Starchilds, Night, and Onyx.  They couldn’t wait to tell me about this Garden of Eden that they had created (minus the snakes).

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:    What a lovely build.  Did you do this yourself?  Or were others involved, and what were their roles?

Night Starchild (NS):  We had a vision and we involved some of our friends to help us build the sim.  For the build I provided the building materials and designed a few parcels on my own, then our friend Julia (Judithan Resident) stepped in and used the materials to help design more parcels. She was also very helpful in bringing in her own creativity enhancing the feel of the parcels even more. She turned out great at designing the hot springs with crystals in particular. We also have some properties with the interior design already done by my lovely wife Onyx Starchild and our friend Winter Rose (Abraa Xue).  If a renter isn't comfortable decorating their own home, they may choose to take advantage of the designs already made by them.  Our friend Winter Rose also loves ripping some houses apart and making extra rooms or create a new upper floor and new stairs. She customized a few houses for us in that way.

Onyx Starchild (OS):  Night Starchild, who has lots of skills and previous experience as a sim designer, started creating the sim, bringing to life the vision we had for Petrichor. Later on, some friends joined us to help along the way. Our friend Julia (Judithan) brought her building expertise, and our friend Winter Rose (abraa.xue) her abilities in the field of interior design and customizing houses. All of them are very talented, As for me, my role is mostly dedicated to the interior design of some of the properties.

JB:       There are many beautiful Sims out there. What is the Petrichor Difference? 

NS:  We focus on the beautiful views of nature all around the properties and have privacy as a priority.. So, we obscure the view of other houses in the sim using nature and blend the houses in so they become a part of nature. We use only the best quality materials and we re-texture a lot to our own liking to make everything blend together. We built the sim using a particular set of textures that we think makes it so beautiful and by controlling the texture set size also eliminates lag.

OS:   We wanted to provide the experience of a place that not only can offer privacy at its best but also, direct contact with nature. Each house is surrounded by unique landscaping and an enticing environment with breathtaking views. Everything here has been meticulously thought to bring our residents that special feeling that will invite them to call Petrichor their home.

JB:       As we were touring the property, I noticed a lack of clear paths between the properties.  Are you going to add those later?

NS:   Aha, yes.  We did that on purpose because we do not want people to wander onto other parcels.  The property borders are not that clear from the ground when you walk around, which adds to the rural wild feel of the rugged nature around and on the properties. Having paths leading onto private properties would entice casual wanderers to enter private properties, only to be greeted with a security warning.

JB:       Who would you envision as the ideal renter?

NS:   Everyone has a different taste. Basically, someone that really enjoys the beauty, the privacy, and the overall energy of the sim. Someone that feels at home here. If they like to play the occasional board game with us at the community game center area then that would make for a fun renter in my book :)

OS:   Someone who appreciates nature, and privacy and is looking for a comfortable place to live that they will proudly call their home.

JB:       How are your properties laid out here?

NS:   On the ground level, we have 8 big elite properties laid out in each wind direction. North South East West, and also on each corner. These are located on parcels that are around 4560sqm in size. They have around 2400 prims of which I use about 900 for the house and the nature around it. I tune the size of the parcel and its nature to have 1500 prims available for the renter to decorate their own space further and make it their own.

JB:       Tell us about the different areas here?                                    

NS:   On the ground level we also have the center of the sim, a big greenhouse is located in the middle of the forest there. This could be used by renters to have a wedding party or something like that. Free of charge that's a perk of being a Petrichor Resident. When this space is not in use, we provide some game tables there. This area is completely obscured from view from the private properties, yet freely available to all.  No roads lead to the center. The public center is separated from private parcels by streams of water.

OS:   To clarify, this area is not connected in any way to the houses, so the residents won’t be disturbed in the privacy of their homes.

JB:       What are some of the things that guests can do at Petrichor?

NS:   Guests are welcome to wander the public center part of Petrichor sims, and play board games there. Of course, Petrichor residents can have their guests on their private land as well. Guests should not wander into rented homes or they will be returned home by security, although some renters turn off security and run an open house, and available cottages have security disabled as well.

OS:   They can explore the public area of the sim, where the community center is located. And the guests of our residents should remain on their own property to respect the privacy of the other residents.

JB:       Is the natural lighting changing here?  What’s that all about?

NS:   Yes, I’m glad you noticed.  We have our own shared environment settings.  The sim goes through about 6 or 7 different settings in the course of a day, which takes 6 hours in this sim. These settings change over time, along with the seasons of nature. It just makes the sim look so much better.

JB:       Do you have any plans for future development?

NS:   Yes.  We are making a small community of a few very affordable tiny homes on smaller 1024 sqm private parcels on a platform at 2000 meters. This is currently under development to accommodate people with a smaller budget.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

NS:  We see our properties being rented really quickly and we cannot keep up with demand. We have started building where people can add themselves to our waiting list. The website was just started so for now the best thing is to contact me or Onyx Starchild if you want to be on the waiting list, and you will be notified when we create new rentals or one becomes available.

OS:   We have put on this sim everything that we thought that the perfect place to live should have, such as stunning views of nature all around, lots of space and lovely comfortable homes. We love to invite everyone who appreciates nature with a dash of spirituality to come have a feel for the amazing atmosphere at Crystal Island.

Sooooo….there you have it.  These properties are going to go fast.  If you are interested in only the finest of residential properties in an idyllic mountain setting, you are going to want to get in on the ground floor of this deal.  Go visit Petrichor at the SURL below. Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there!  Aloha!





Friday, February 17, 2023



The other day, as I was strolling along the beach on the Blake Sea, I heard the faint sounds of music, wafting over the roar of the incoming surf.  I was instantly captivated by the Siren song, urging me forward.  I had to know where this magical sound originated.  After a perilous journey, traversing three whole regions, I finally located the source of this enchantment.  I was in the aptly named region of “Dark Rose”, and the music issued forth from the massive structure before me:  The Basilica.  I beckoned to two persons I assumed to be acolytes at this Basilica, asking that they share with me the story of this fantabulously amazing build (and yes, “fantabulously” is a real word.  Just ask my 6-year-old).  This is their story.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    So, tell me, Trynn and Emi? Just what is the Basilica all about?

Trynn.Mildor (TM):   It is about feeding the soul - through music, through connection, through togetherness. It is about the thrill of the dance, about losing yourself in the beat. Because when we are swept away by the dance we become united, unified. We belong.

Emilysilkstone (ES):    Why do people come to SL? To escape from reality for a bit, to chill, to relax, to meet friends. We want to give them a good time because we think everyone deserves to have fun here. And a club is just perfect for this: bringing people together, listening to music, dancing, chatting ... you can do it all at the Basilica.

JB:   What a phenomenal build.  Did the two of you do this all yourself, or did you have help, and what did they do?

TM:    Oh no this is the work of Marcus Inkpen - we are more um ...  putterers together of things. - including ideas and people.  But we are in love with the building - the reflective floors, the high-arched vaults, and the majestic apses. we think are the perfect setting for a sacred experience like music and human engagement.

ES:    Well, I'd say "we threw stuff together and called it a club". The real artists are the creators of course. I'm the greatest admirer of all those amazing people creating amazing things in SL. And it's an honor to use them in our sim. We started with a central theme, a central story, then handed over to our imagination ... And this is the result.

JB:   Why did you choose this setting?

TM:    Well, we chose this beautiful building by Marcus firstly for a selfish reason - we love it. But also, we chose it as a sort of recognition that it can stand as a sort of metaphor for our devotion to music. Like faith, music is transcendent in nature. It lifts your spirits, it reaches the deep recesses of your mind that sometimes stay dormant.  It even has the potential to remind us of the vastness of the universe and how small we are in it. 

ES:    When I saw this Basilica for the first time, my jaw dropped. I've never seen such an amazing building. And yeah, my first thought was ... let's use it for a music club haha. I've seen RL (techno-)parties in churches and I was at Tomorrowland last summer, so yeah, this kind of scenery really adds to the experience. And I like it big haha. But don't put that in your article.

JB:   Certainly Emily…no double entendre or nuanced naughtiness here.  So…what kind of musical genre do you envision here, and what kind of guests are you hoping to attract?

TM:   There isn’t anyone across the Myers-Briggs personality spectrum that we don’t want to attract!  We think everyone deserves human connection. So, we hope for the passionate, the adventurous, the experimental, and the spontaneous but ... we hope to add some of those elements to those who do naturally or currently feel those things. Even those who aren't huge fans of EDM will find pleasure in the vibe, the awe-inspiring sense of the place, and the hot AVs dancing or hanging out. 

ES:    Well, personally I like almost everything! From techno to classical, from oldies to French stuff. But it will be a journey, taking off with EDM, techno, house, but also things like a dark wave ... ok ask Trynn hahahaha. And about our guests, well my doctor once said I have a big heart, so yes, there's room for everyone.

JB:   As you know, there is no shortage of adult entertainment sims in SL.  What is the “Basilica” difference and why should people come here for entertainment, vice go elsewhere?

TM:   Well The basilica is not only a dance club, or only a hookup place - it's an amalgamation of the two things. But that just makes sense if you think about real life. I mean, most of us have fallen in lust at clubs millions of times over. Because music can be sex ... and sex can be music. And a tad of lovense in the furniture will only add excitement into the mix.   The Basilica has a certain energy to it, a pulse. You feel it the moment you look up at those ornate windows and the apses, and then that first wave of neon brushes over you, and you feel you are somewhere special.  There are other little things too, like the couple standing poses discreetly placed around the floors and the exclusive balcony boxes that can be  rented out for private parties. But at the heart of it is our love for music - we are true devotees -  it translates into everything, from the DJs we pick to the themed events we'll be having.

 ES:    Oh, our unique selling points are many: first of all, our scenery: the fantastic Basilica, but also the buildings next to it: we have a cozy coffee house, a warehouse for illegal raves, a nice square for open-air concerts ... We'll bring the experience to social media, we'll even live stream to YouTube. We'll have Twitch DJ's in-world. And we'll implement artificial intelligence, so you can interact with NPC's. Fun Fun FUN!

JB:   Did I see some zombies wandering about the premises? What are they doing here?

ES:    Oh, did you spot me on a Monday early morning here? Guess I didn't have coffee yet.

TM:   (Laugh) Those are only for my own stress relief and amusement. When they are shot, they explode and there is great satisfaction in that... I sometimes forget them and they spawn across the sim giving visitors shock. Their days will be unfortunately numbered once the club is open.

JB:   Do you plan any special events here, and if so, how might people learn about them?

TM:   Oh yes!  We will definitely host themed events - both Emily and I are fiends for fashion and dressing up. The best way to stay abreast of upcoming events is to join the SL group: the Basilica @ Dark Rose, or to visit Emily's coffee shop - the hostess there is always up to speed with the latest gossip.

ES:    Yes. not only parties, but also fashion shows, car shows on the square in front of the Basilica, and even chess games with famous YouTubers. We're aiming for the next Eurovision song contest - ok, now I’m kidding.

JB:   Tell me about the Fire Station?  Do you have some ideas for that?

TM:    The Basilica for all its grandeur is situated among some old factories and warehouses, some tenements, and a skanky hotel.  One sees this often in urban development where a beautiful old building, often with historical value, gets engulfed by industrial plants and such. however, luckily these buildings  are quite beautiful in their own right. They have a gritty sort of glamor to them. We are hoping to make them available as a venue for hire and to host some parties in them - maybe old-school style raves could be amazing in there.

ES:    Well, we value safety and security, and as the Basilica is an old building, we rezzed a fire station as well. We had to. Insurance ordered us to do it. So, we're safe  now.

JB:   And how about the future?  Do you have any improvements or changes in mind for the weeks and  months ahead?

TM:   We are very mindful of feedback, sometimes you have to trial and error things, live with them for a bit to see if they work or not. So definitely we will be ready to adjust if we must. But we believe the bigger picture for the sim is quite feasible, and that the bigger picture slots together like pieces of a puzzle. For example, Emily's is a dainty little coffee shop with a marvelous view of the ocean; and there are plans underway for an acoustic lounge on the beach with mismatched beach chairs and gently crashing waves.  Also, down the line we would like to offer accommodations, those gorgeous old tenements are just asking to be lived in.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

ES:    Yessss, Second Life is an amazing world. I think it's still the best virtual place around. And I hope to see all those amazing SL-peeps at the Basilica. And not only on Sundays. Well, you know what I mean. xox

TM:  We want everyone to come on this journey with us. Friends, family, frenemies, future friends … everything we do is transparent. We want people to share in the milestones, the successes and the mistakes. And when we fail at some things, we’ll fail forward. It’s sort of like launching a new tech platform in beta, we’ll throw all we have at it and make adjustments as we learn until it is the best possible user experience around.  

So, there you have it folks.   The Basilica is a feast for the eyes AND the ears.  Grab the LM below and hop on over and check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.  

Be there! Aloha





DJ booking:

SL Group: The Basilica @ Darkrose

Friday, June 25, 2021

GeekSpeak – Underpopulation! Join the discussion Saturday, June 26th at 12pm SLT


After worrying about overpopulation for decades do we now have to worry about underpopulation?  The fertility rate is declining in all technologically advanced countries.  It is now below 2 children per woman in South Korea, Japan, the USA, and all European countries. 

Why is this happening?  And what will it lead to?  What will it be like to live in these aging countries?  There will not be enough young people to do the work, have the new ideas, run the country.  And who will feed and amuse all the old people?  And what will happen when all the poorer countries join us?

Come and discuss our future in GeekSpeak.  Bring your kids!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class at 1pm every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

GeekSpeak: Batteries! What are they good for? Join the discussion on Saturday August 22nd at 12pm SLT

A total revolution revolving around batteries will be coming soon. We have seen the advent of electric cars and bikes, although the electric lawn mower is still a pipe dream.  But when the battery revolution arrives it will cause an infrastructure inversion where the existing power grid structure will be disrupted.  This battery revolution will give back power to the people!
Come and discuss with us the coming green energy revolution!  Bring your friends even if they still use an old power cord ðŸ˜Š

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at the GeekSpeak auditorium at 1pm SLT, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, August 21, 2020


Looking for something different in your SecondLife?  Are the same old clubs you visit night after night becoming a bit “stale”? Does riding a fire-belching dragon, or fighting for your life as you watch your health meter drop in a combat sim just not hold your attention like it once did? Then have I got a word for you...and that word is “Ethnographic Studies” (OK, so technically it’s two words…so hyphenate it). And what better way to scratch that itch…to pursue that passion…to boldly go when no one has gone before? (cue music) but to check out one of the FINEST Ethnography Exhibits In all of SecondLife?  
I recently had the very real pleasure of meeting Nexus Dot, researcher extraordinaire and curator of the SL display: Ethnographic Exhibits of Two Cultures from the Republic of Panama.

Josh Bellic (JB):  So tell me, Nexus.  Just what is “Ethnography” anyway?  And why should people study it?
Nexus Dot (ND):  Ethnography refers to the process anthropologists use to document and interpret other cultures.  This concept of culture is the primary focus of the ethnographer.  With respect to culture and how ethnography differs from certain other sciences, my intellectual mentor Clifford Geertz says,  “Believing …that man (sic) is an animal suspended in webs of significance (s)he himself has spun, I take culture to be those webs, and the analysis of it to be therefore not an experimental science in search of law but an interpretive one in search of meaning."   

This exhibit is then an attempt at the interpretation of these many different webs of meaning. Webs that you will discover when you take the intellectual effort to peek beneath the surface of these two incredible tropical lowland rain forest indigenous tribes located in eastern Panama.  These webs of meaning have evolved over hundred of thousands of years of the cultural evolution of our species.  Webs of meaning that reflect the heritage of our tribal past, now often forgotten but whose influence is indelibly written in the DNA of our own cultures.

JB:  Share with our readers what this exhibit is all about.
ND:  There are many themes in the exhibit. The one that I would like most to bring to your attention is that traditional people represent a unique aspect of human consciousness. For hundreds of thousands of years our species believed in the spirit world. This was before the invention of agriculture and the major world religions. This influence creeped into our understanding of the environment, and tribal people of the world represent this way of thinking. The two cultures in the exhibit represent the remnants of that long standing tradition. We try to present aspects of the complexity and comprehensive nature of their understanding of their environment and its ecological implications. Here is a YouTube that introduces the exhibit ... 2 minutes only ...Copy/Paste the following address into your Web browser.

JB:  How did you first come to be interested in the Emberá Culture of Eastern Panama.
ND:  I grew up in Panama. We lived in a community located at the edge of the rainforest. From an early age, I admired indigenous culture and became interested in the nature of human consciousness. So. It is a reasonable extension of my interests to work with indigenous cultures in Panama.
JB:  Whatever convinced you to publish your research using the Virtual World of SecondLife?
ND:  I found that when you gave a talk in SL, it was helpful to send people to an exhibit. My initial goal was to give a few thoughts about indigenous culture and a small exhibit. Then the concept of an exhibit took on a life of its own. We decided to do a stand-alone self-guided exhibit. Shiloh Emmons, my colleague in the exhibit, convinced me to expand and do a more comprehensive project. The tools of SL provide an excellent immersive virtual geography for presenting complex ideas and multimedia information.

JB:  Tell us about the different exhibit areas please?
ND:  There are eight different exhibit areas.
  • Emberá Cosmology and Ecology which includes shamanic rituals.
  • The story of Henupoto , the supernatural antihero of the mythical past, an important Emberá narrative.
  • Art and Aesthetics of Guna Mola Textile Art.
  • The mola gallery where we display 38 antique molas.
  • Ethnobotany, how people of the lowland tropics use plants, including psychoactive plants.
  • A large map gallery of the geography of Panama.
  • Photo essays of Emberá Drúa, a heritage tourism program run by an Emberá indigenous community
  • Hall of the Giant Molas
There are also multiple slide shows and many interactive multimedia signs.

JB:  I saw a display that mentioned Henupoto?  Who is he and why is he important to the people of Emberá? 
ND:  Henupoto is a well-known narrative among the Emberá. It is the story of a Herculean-like antihero who is the son of a union between a powerful spirit and an indigenous woman. He is considered a nuisance by his people, so they are constantly sending him out on impossible tasks that he expertly executes. In the end, he provides the community with many gifts and a curse. The story serves as a means of discussing the many complex ecological concepts and the Emberá's profound understanding of the supernatural world. Unlike most modern superheroes, Henupoto is more of an antihero. The message is that life is not simple, not just good or bad.
JB:  Do you have any upcoming events?
ND:  At noon on September 5th at the Science Circle, I will present a talk on Art and Aesthetics of Guna Mola Textile Art. We are planning several events for the near future including a panel on the mythical antihero and Emberá cosmology. The dates and times will be posted at the exhibit. Numerous organizations have booked guided tours, and individuals are invited to drop by anytime as it is open to the public. Groups can IM me to book a tour—at Nexus Dot. 

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
ND:  I think there is a striking renaissance of art, science and other intellectual activities in SL, maybe due to the Covid19 crisis. I think these are worthy goals and am pleased to be a small part of a community that is working so hard to ensure that SL offers more than just fun and recreation. I would like to thank Valibrarian and the team of the Community Virtual Library (CVL) for their gracious support of the exhibit.  We used up a lot of their Prims and they never once complained. We encourage all visitors to explore the ethnographic exhibits, and the Community Virtual Library (CVL) Research Library located on Cookie Island. 
So there you have it, folks.  For a completely different way of viewing SL and the world around you, come check out the “Ethnographic Exhibits of Two Cultures from the Republic of Panama.” Tell your Limo driver to take you to the following location: 
You’ll be glad you did.