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Monday, January 28, 2013

Every Princess Dreams of her Wedding Day to the Perfect Prince -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

 Helpful Guide to Getting Married in Second life

Marriage in Second Life© is a mutual celebration of love surrounded by avatars that care and support the couple’s commitment to one another. There are many different traditions and preferences when planning the perfect wedding and they can be found in the virtual world.  It all depends on what  couples want.  Some prefer to include their traditions, family and friends. Others choose to make it a more intimate affair with only their closest circle of loved ones in attendance.  Whatever the preferences, love and happiness is truly what matters.

 In Second Life, there is no wrong or right way to join hands among witnesses to confess everlasting love to one another.   Getting married should be a special day that is meant to be cherished for all eternity.
 (In SL that could mean anywhere from 3 to 6 months; longer for those that are truly in love)

Image retrieved from Online Dating Insider, 2010
Second Life has many beautiful locations for weddings and receptions, but finding the right venue can take a little bit of time and patience. Most places offer a ceremony and reception package, while others offer more custom tailored services, including a Honeymoon retreat way up in the clouds or on some island in the middle of the Grid Sea.

Whether it is done at the local RP Courthouse, outdoors, in a magnificent Cathedral , a small modest Chapel , underwater or on a mountain top, anything is possible  if you can afford it. Virtually anything can be created for an extra fee.
 A wedding budget is a major factor in making decisions that both parties can be happy with.  An average virtual wedding can range anywhere from 5,000L-12,000L and for those with more lavish taste, 50,000L is roughly the bill if the couple wants to go above and beyond by booking a top notch musician, comedian or even a circus act complete with fire eating carnies, tight rope walking clowns, trapeze swinging bearded ladies  or wild animals. (Let’s not forget the officiant who will join the two of you in matrimony). Some only ask for a donation others require a set fee.

There are also officiant bots as well that can provide this service but that is up to you.  No matter how creative or strange the ideas are, every detail is important and can be custom tailored to the couple’s needs for the perfect wedding day.
Aside from venues and entertainment details, another thing that is an important part of the event is the wedding attire.  The groom needs a sharp tuxedo with accents that match what the groomsmen are wearing and the color theme has to compliment the bridesmaid’s dresses or you risk being tacky.
  The Wedding Gown is a major attraction for any wedding so it has to stand out above the rest because everyone is eager to see the bride walking down the aisle wearing a breathtaking ensemble. If you don’t have that wow factor, you may as well elope.

The first step you want to take is creating a checklist to keep things organized and to ensure your wedding day is perfect.

Here are some handpicked locations to visit if you are getting married or entertaining the thought.

Wedding Planner, cake selections  and multiple themed venues 

Weddings By Gia

More Venues

Frank’s Elite Jazz Club

 Basilica St. Peter the Apostle

Unbroken Vows Wedding Venue

Last Resort Elopement options (For couples looking for a quickie wedding)

Private Affair Wedding Elopements & Savanna Snaps Photography
“We are an affordable elopement business you can use whenever you get ready It takes the hassle out of getting married An auto officient is waiting for you at any of our 5 venues”.

Las Vegas Wedding Package- No reservation

Automatic Weddings at Chapel of Dreams
Try the Demo with Reverend Lee for 1L

Wedding Dresses & Suits

Tres Beau Designs and Weddings-


Bouquets and flowers for the wedding party

Evocation Bouquets

Wedding Rings and gifts for the wedding party

JCNY Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Necklaces, and More. 


Kent Photography-

Another option would be to find a friend that takes great pictures and does the type of graphic style you are both looking for, or have your friends  in attendance send you candid pictures they took during the wedding and reception to add to your album.

Don’t forget the Honeymoon! Here are some location ideas to tour

Hawaii- Oahu Vacation Resort

Bora Bora

Paris, France

Lake Tahoe

Wherever you decide to spend your time together should leave lasting memories that you will cherish.

Best wishes on starting your second life together!
-Lanai Jarrico


  1. Thanks for sharing this guide with us. I really glad to read this helpful information to choose a good destination place for wedding.


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