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Showing posts with label weddings. Show all posts

Friday, August 11, 2023

It's Peak Season for Weddings! Here's a helpful guide with referrals from SLE Fans!- Lanai jarrico Reporting...


Wedding season runs from May to October in the real world. These are the peak months for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, In Second Life the weather is beautiful all year round, even when it's snowing!  One thing's for certain: there is always love in the air and weddings happening across the grid.

It can be a stressful  time when wedding planning. Deciding on a date is first and foremost. When the date is set, the next order of business is picking out the wedding party. Who will be your best man or maid of honor? Want 2…3 it’s all up to you! The great thing about Second life is you can have your dream wedding, even have it custom designed according to your style and taste. Below are some destination referrals from SLE fans to help get couples started with their happily ever after.

On the big day, all eyes are focused on the bride and her signature gown. She is the bell of the ball. Again.. It can be whatever color the princess wants, there’s some pretty sharp tuxedos and suits to match. Finding the right designer is next on the wedding planning list. Here are some places to check out,.

Wedding Dresses:

SOFIA Gowns and Accessories: 

Son!a- Edge: 

Stationery & Invitations: I would suggest using an online Invitation generator like Zazzle, Canva or good ol’ fashioned Photoshop!

Ladies, don’t forget lingerie for the after…after party. “winks”

Lingerie Spots:

Blossoms Strippables: 

Bigbeauitfuldoll Lingerie Store:

Lolita Paris French Lingerie: 

Tuxedos & Suits: 

Gentlemen, while the ladies are out lingerie shopping… Here’s a couple spots you might want to check out as a last hurrah…lol

Strip Clubs:

Simply Sexy Strip Club & Bar: 

Whore Connection… Just sayin… lol 

OOOhhh the Wedding rings…The band that binds you.  Some couples prefer the bling to be a surprise until vows are exchanged.. Others make it one of their first decisions together as a pending married couple. Either way it is an exciting time to shop! Check out these locations: 

Wedding Ring Shop:

Zuri Jewelry: 

With all your props and attire in order, it's that time to find the venue that will accommodate friends and family as well as create that perfect atmosphere for a dream wedding.  Most Wedding Venues have packages with an assortment of options to choose from.

Wedding Venues:

Aisle Be with You Weddings: 

Empire Hotel-Omerta City: 

Scarlet’s Dreams: 

Neuschwanstein Castle: 

 DJ: It would be a wise choice to visit Deejays & Host Hall of Fame, the top DJs in SL are inducted there.


What about the cake? It’s the centerpiece at your reception so it has to make a statement!  Here are some bakeries to check out:

Need a bouquet, flowers and other wedding supplies?

The Floral Barn: 

Wedding Cakes, flowers and supplies:

Who will conduct the ceremony? You will need an officiant! For a shotgun wedding, you can go to Vegas and enlist an Elvis impersonator or a drag queen Cher who read from a script, or you can pick a dear friend or someone who has conducted many ceremonies. It’s your day, your way!

Graceland Wedding Chapel: 

The Honeymoon…. Bowchickabowwow. Let’s not be shy. EVERYONE knows what’s about to go down when the bride and groom slip out of the reception. Here are a couple of hidden gems in Second Life that provide the romantic atmosphere for newlyweds. Wait… First top before you hit the airport or cruise ship…Condoms or kids?

 Get the HUD. You’re welcome.

Mama Allpa Affiliate: 


Honeymoon hotspots:

Oahu Vacation & Honeymoon Resort: 

Honeymoon Island Delux 2: 

But Just in case…

Robby Composer Be You Esquire/ Divorce Attorney

Teleport now or forever hold your peace: 

Long and drawn out or… 

A drive thru divorce! 

Weddings are a celebration of love. A day to acknowledge your love for one another in the presence of family and friends. How it plays out after all the guests have gone is up to you. Honor, Loyalty and Respect are 3 powerful words. When they are lost with actions, that is where it fails.


Unconditional love will last an eternity.

On behalf of myself and The SL Enquirer Congratulations on your new life journey!

If you have some wedding referrals, post them in the comment box below!

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Spotlight on King of Queens Production-Not just another venue on the grid.- SLE Reporting…

King of Queens Productions is an entertainment company that caters to everyone with a special addition to couples looking for a full-service dream wedding experience in Second Life.  Owned and operated by Juan Boucher; a 15+ year SL veteran.  Many might recognize him from a successful club he ran back in the day called African Pride. After a long hiatus, he returned and focused his attention on working closely with live singers, choreographers, and dancers where he was inspired to create (KoQ) King of Queens Productions. The SL Enquirer sat down with Jaun to learn more about this unique entertainment company and what you can expect from KoQ.

Interview with Jaun Boucher

SLE: Congratulations on winning a Spotlight Feature. Also, thank you for taking the time to sit with us while we find out more about Kings of Queen.

Jaun: Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I am very honored that you gave me this time to sit with you.

SLE: First off, tell me about Kings of Queen as in where did its conception come from. For example its mission statement and what your plans are with the company. 

Jaun: After working for a while in Second Life when I returned back after a break and mastered Second Life again, I created King of Queen Productions, seeing that there is always a need for expanding in Second Life, and to use my knowledge to give Second Live Residents the best memory to take with them every time they leave my venue.  Because Second Life is for making memories, and those memories need to be treasured.

SLE: Your venue seems to cover a lot of aspects of Second Life. Meaning building, design, and shopping to name a few. Are you looking to offer as much as you can to the Second Life residence?

Jaun: It sounds like a lot, but with good management and time planning it really is not a lot :). I am doing landscaping and little builds, then my events are only a few days a week, so I carefully plan each project which I take on together with those who are helping me in it.  I will not offer a service if I cannot give the end product :)

SLE: You have stated you are from South Africa and wanted to give the KoQ the same kind of feel as South Africa. Can you tell our readers how you have or plan to achieve that?

Jaun: Right, now you thinking Elephants, Lions and Rhinos most probably :).  South Africans are known also to be friendly and easygoing, and I think this is what I plan to do.  We love nature as well, which is why my areas involve nature in it, like my Country wedding style, which reminds me of a typical South African Farm style in the country, and my beach club area - reminds me of the South African Coast. I am trying to support also South African designers in 2nd Life, by promoting them where I can, as there is a very few South African designers in Second Life.

SLE: Along with the live music and shopping you have mentioned you have a large wedding venue with various themes. Can you tell our readers about that and how they can schedule their large wedding there?

Jaun: I have 2 wedding venues, the Greece Style - which is surrounded by the ocean - a very formal venue, and we can cater to a lot of guests.  We recently had a wedding in that area, and it was very successful.  Then we have the large Country/Farm style area, which gives you the typical Country feeling at your wedding.  We have a few other styles as well, so depending on each client's needs and wants we can adjust the venue to what you want on your special day.  We plan everything for you in your budget!  They can contact me in-world via NC, visit our inworld Wedding area, or via our Website :  Being together with my Second Life Partner for 10 years and renewing our vows for 10 years recently, I know the importance to make your partner/wedding day as perfect as possible.

SLE: We loved that you stress the importance of the community working together as a whole and including everyone while celebrating diversity and treating everyone with respect.  Without giving too much information away, what kind of service do you offer to businesses who are looking to promote at your venue?

Jaun: Well, depending on the promotion which they will need the field of promotion is big, and there are a lot of options.  Sponsor one of our Live Events - if they decide to Sponsor one of our Live Singer events, then during that 1 hour, the venue will be branded with their logos around the event.  The host will do promotion in chats, and also when we post events the Sponsor's logo will be visible together with relevant Landmarks.


For Clothing designers - We can do a catwalk promotional event - showcasing your designs with Models or even with Live Singers!!  It's unbelievable how much promotion Live Singers can bring to a venue - and I'm a bit scared to mention it now on here, as someone might steal my idea :P

SLE: For entertainment bookings, who can Djs and musicians contact?

Jaun:  They can contact me inworld, or via our Website contact page :)

SLE: Are you hiring for any positions at KoQ Productions? If so, how can people apply?

Jaun: I am looking for hosts (preferably qualified and know how to work with Live Singer Performances), and also looking for an Assistant Manager to be my right hand.  But as we all know Second Life, finding loyal ones who are willing to start and build that trust. to walk a path with you is hard to find.  I'm not looking for someone who works for me...I want someone who works WITH me.  I don't believe in superiors in Second Life, as we all have the same goal when we once logged into Second Life the first time - to get to know people and have fun..and that is important to maintain.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Jaun:  I believe we all are creators in Second Life, whether you build something, take photos, visit and support venues/singers/DJs, shooting a movie, it doesn't matter, we all are creators of our Second Life, and the one needs the other to make your Second Life worthwhile.  It's like a huge circle.  KoQ is not there to be competition, KoQ is there to ADD to Second Life as each place has its own signature. 

Addition Information:


KoQ Productions/ Mermaid Dreams Beach Area

KoQ Wedding Planning

KoQ Country Style Wedding Area

KoQ Wedding Style Area 


Preferred Contact: Jaun Boucher / ღ   Ąηgĩ  Boucher   ღ  (angi.darkfire)

Monday, June 7, 2021


This past March, I had the pleasure of peering behind the curtain and seeing how they make the magic at Frank’s Jazz.  Over 1,100 of you read the resulting article at

Much has gone on since then and things have really been happening at Frank’s Jazz.  I recently had the chance to sit down with Frank and William and ask them to share some of the many exciting things they had planned for your entertainment and what is happening at their new builds.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  Franks Jazz 2 is your newest sim, what is it and what’s it all about?

MrSinatraFrank (Frank): Hello Josh, and thank you for sharing your time with us today. The new sim is home to Club Dino’s by Frank’s Jazz or as we like to call it Dino’s…  a casual, fun, relaxed atmosphere away from the formality of Frank’s to just chill out and enjoy some good music and good friends along with the home of The Terrazzo, our very own fine dining experience for groups and couples here in SL and finally Elegant Affair Weddings at Frank’s Jazz.

WilliamBatason (William): I will just add that by introducing a dedicated sim for our concerts and events at Dino’s or private parties at Terrazzo gives us much more latitude to present a wide range of entertainment and concerts in SL to a larger audience without overloading or creating lag on the main sim.  Frank’s Jazz can get pretty full as we all know, having a public concert area and private event venue big enough without the lag is a big bonus for everyone and the flexibility to appeal to a wide range of genres.

JB:  Is Dino’s just like Frank’s Jazz?

Frank: LOL!  I think as soon as you land, you’ll not only feel the vibe but feel right at home. I think the team here at Dino’s did an extraordinary job to not only create something unique here in SL but also put together a dynamic team of hosts, DJs, and entertainers  not found anywhere else on the grid, all with the same single-minded focus of just having a little bit of fun and enjoying the escape.

Frank’s has always been about entertainment, good people and good times and we think that’s what people know us most for.  So, whether it’s a romantic, formal night out at Frank’s Jazz or  you feel like throwing something comfortable on and dropping in on a good concert or some kickback tunes at Dino’s, I think we’ve got you covered no matter your mood.

JB:  What can visitors expect when they drop into Dino’s?

William:  Based on your last question Josh, I’d say expect the unexpected!  It’s definitely a brand-new experience.  We’ve gone out of our way to hook up with some extremely talented professional DJs who each bring their own style and fresh attitude to the club and their own element of fun.  It is casual/no dress code of course so come as you are, bring some friends and just hang out a while.  Most can expect some good chat, a good vibe a fantastic variety of music – we’re not all rock or all anything but a great mix of a little bit of 70s, 80s, 90s, rock, pop, RnB, and a lot of what you may hit the DJs with requests.  I think we are more in tune with adapting to the mood of the audience vs. the expectation of everyone joining what we’re doing.  I think it’s much more fun that way.

JB:  Where did you get the idea of Dino’s?

William:  Dino’s was a part of Frank’s many years ago and was retired in favor of other expansion at the time.  It’s been a while, we missed it and thought it was time!    Like Frank’s is a nod to Frank Sinatra and his ‘Fly me to the Moon’ romantic, ‘Blue Eyes’ and Fedora romance style…..  Dino’s is a nod to the cigarette in one hand, a glass of scotch in the other, girl on each arm style of Dean Martin.  I guess if you’re thinking about the Rat Pack… if you had to choose the guy known for chasin’ the girls, the drinking and smoking and partying, at least by reputation -  that would be Dino – right?  So how can you have Frank’s with Dino’s to compliment it?   Can’t think of a better pair.

JB:  The two of you seem to have a lot of work on your hands.  How do you do it all?

Frank:  It is a lot of work to be sure, often a full-time job.   I think most people in SL pop in, have a dance and move on without realizing the time and people involved, or at least I doubt many ever thought about it.   However, it’s not Will & me.  We might have an idea or have to pay the bill when LL comes calling.   On sim #1, there is Annamaria and her team and on sim #2 there is Victoria and her team.  Will & I are so fortunate to have been able to meet and work with so many talented and dedicated people who have all been a part in their own way to bring these things to life and keep them alive. Could be the hosts who greet you as you arrive to the entertainers who create the mood you enjoy or the artists who help create the various surroundings.  All of them do it because they enjoy doing it and they enjoy seeing others enjoy it.  If anything, we have all of them to thank, we all do for bringing it all to life for so many to enjoy.

JB:  Tell us about The Terrazzo, please.

William:  The Terrazzo is an elegant and private dining experience we created to specifically cater to the many guests of Frank’s sims and those looking for a special and unique experience in SL.  Our team creates the perfect night out and tends to every detail to ensure your date night or special event is expertly planned and your experience is a night to remember.

JB:  What types of events do you expect to host here?

Frank:  We are very flexible with the types of events hosted at The Terrazzo.  We do host many dinners for couples and date nights.  But we also have hosted many private parties such as rez-day celebrations and other events as well as rehearsal dinners for weddings being performed on sim by Elegant Affair Weddings.  So, the variety of events hosted by The Terrazzo is limited only by the needs of our patrons. We are pleased to work out almost any detail to suit any event of any size.

JB:  Elegant Affair Weddings at Franks is a lovely venue for wedding receptions and such.  Have you hosted any of those yet?

William:  Actually, we are in the middle of the June wedding season and have quite a few eager and excited couples in their final stages before tying the knot!  So, it’s very exciting indeed and probably the most fun.  Being able to be a part of creating so much happiness for others has always been apart of Frank’s.  Creating the perfect wedding day and working with our brides and grooms is always such an honor for our entire team!

JB:  What makes Elegant Affair Weddings at Frank’s different?

Frank:  Above all, you want the very best experience. Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive so the bride and groom only need to worry about what to wear and being on time!   To the very last detail, our experienced bridal team handles it all and on a dedicated location, no bridal party is out of reach for our team to handle. Each wedding is a custom event on its own and something to remember.

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

William: If I may, we shared a lot of information here on the sim Frank’s Jazz 2 but if anyone would like more info, please reach out here:


The Terrazzo

Reservations & Info  Victoria Compton / Gabriela Seubert

Elegant Affair Weddings at Frank’s

Tour & Information  Sha (aayeesha.sapphire) / Knight (knightsarmour)

So, there you have it, folks.  For the best in Formal Dancing, visit Frank’s Jazz.   But when you are in the mood for something completely different, check out Frank’s Jazz 2.

Be there!  Aloha!