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Friday, January 4, 2013

Ginette Pinazzo Named Director of Social Development for North Shore Estates

North Shore Estates has appointed Ginette Pinazzo as the new Director of Social Development to spark company-wide initiatives that evolve the organisation with transformative endeavors and heightened market-sensitive innovations.

Pinazzo has been a community, social, arts and business activist within Second Life through many organizations, for many years. She runs the Zindra Expo group which has produced and sponsored many programs for the adult mainland, manages the Matriarchal Hub and Womens Resource Center and is a longstanding member on the board for the Femdom Community in SL. Her work towards a passionate and loving future, where virtual worlds play a meaningful part, has been a constant motivation and inspiration throughout her SL career.

North Shore Estates is the creation of Titan Luv, who started a real estate company within SL with a positive vision, progressive attitude and ethical approach to business. " I love helping people, that's my number one goal, there's no better feeling than helping someone find there perfect home base, or watch someone start up a new business…," says Luv., whose company model includes many resident-friendly concepts. North Shore is leading the way with innovative programs such as training courses, relaxation zones, company-of-the-week promotions and great sponsorship programs to partner with other businesses.

Gina's role is to facilitate new projects, improve communication and expand market relevance with groundbreaking and positive features that set an example for creative businesses across Second LIfe. "Well-run, ethical and imaginative start-up companies are one of the most important wonders of SL, and they can grow into amazing models for the future.  I believe it is important we recognize and support these efforts everytime we see them"

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