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Saturday, January 19, 2013

“I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.” * Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

* Quote by Steve Martin

I support Lanai’s stance on rape completely as stated in her article “A Disgraceful Sub-culture in Second Life”.  In no world is rape acceptable in any form whatsoever. 

At the end of last year I conducted some interviews with a few sex workers in Second Life, with a view to highlighting yet another way in which SL emulates RL.  I am not the first to post interviews with those that sell sex on SL and nor will I be the last. I want to assure you that the issue of rape had not crossed my mind when I decided to do this piece and in the case of the ladies I spoke with, the sex involved is consensual at all times and rape is not an option. 

The premise for my article originally was - why would the men of SL pay for something they can get for free almost anywhere in SL?

Elvira the street prostitute: I often hear that from men. I suppose the answer is that they are turned on by the idea of "buying" sex. My usual answer is "if you want the best, see a professional." I think they will get a better more realistic experience with us because we are set up for it and practiced at it
Alexis the escort:  well…. there are probably a dozen reasons for that like ok…. the easiest way to frame it…. you must pay for some kinda service in real life, to have your nails done at least, right? So if you have two choices, one is like the Wal-Mart of nails... ok.  I mean that's a basic way to understand it, but there are more when you go to the nice place, they can do gel, acrylic, French, anything that you want :) and they're nice to you :) when you go to the bad one, they don't talk to you, they are rough with your hands, but maybe not all the cheaper places are bad, but when you go to the nice one, you know what you're going to get, most of the time, lol,  but other reasons too.  Some of these guys are really particular, they'll ask for something really specific, like, oh I like pyjamas, and red hair, and no shoes, and green eyes or whatever and I’m sure anyone can do things like that too, I mean it sounds small, but to the punters it’s huge.

Lew the punter: I pay her for her time because I don't get to see her otherwise, lol.  Paying is easier in other cases. Cuts down on all the nonsense and games and most guys that pay for sex are either lazy, lonely or lack self-confidence.

LM and what happens when you fall in love with the lady you are paying for sex?

Lew the punter: Then you get hurt.

LM: Why did you choose prostitution as a way to earn money in SL?

Elvira the street prostitute: I found SL is very much like RL in that you are limited by a lack of money, in what you can do. I tried many activities for a long time, like club hosting, being a model in clothes shops and eventually dancing for tips. I think it was a natural progression to becoming a whore.

K prostitute: because I love sex and getting paid for it.

Alexis the escort: hmm I guess I sorta just fell into it, I didn't really believe you could make that much money until I tried it…. and I've just sorta stuck with it since I started. If guys stopped coming to me I would have stopped probably a long time ago, but they seem to like it, and I like that they come back to me.

LM: How long have you been a prostitute/escort?

Elvira the street prostitute: About two and a half years now I think.

Alexis the escort: since maybe like 2008, oh no longer, 2006 or 2007, I think like, late 2006.

K prostitute: Six or so years.

LM: Is it just a form of role play for you?

Elvira the street prostitute: Good question.......... You meet so many people in SL who are obviously living out a role they like and maybe can't live in RL. Nothing wrong with that but I think I have always tried to keep my real personality in SL and to use it to extend the opportunities to enjoy experiences.

Of course role play is an important part of my work as a prostitute, every customer has different fantasies and I have to try and fit into those. Having said that though, I don't regard my work as role play. I do enjoy aspects of it like meeting people and different situations but really it's my work and it earns the money to support my fun and shopping habits.

Alexis the escort:  not really…. roleplaying.... a lot of guys like roleplaying, so I sort of approach it that way because it turns some of them on.... but I don't role play for myself, it is for them.... if that makes any sense.

K prostitute: Not role play at all, I love sex with anyone, regardless of attraction or no attraction.

LM: May I ask what you like about being a prostitute?

Elvira the street prostitute: Well it's hard work in many ways, it requires a lot of patience and can be very demanding both physically (try keeping up a continual high speed chat for half an hour or so). It's also often rewarding though because you make many good friends and meet an enormous range of people, both the customers (we call them punters) and the girls. I like the great bunch of girls at Streetwhores and a lot of our regular men who come and chat. We're quite a social bunch and have parties and activities like the occasional girl’s day out to have some fun.

At the bottom of it all, you feel good when you have satisfied a punter and he's really happy and of course when the money is in your account to pay the rent and buy the stuff you need.

K prostitute: It’s hard to say, I’d say the sex and being able to do something I truly love.

LM: How busy are you?

Elvira the street prostitute: Varies. I have a theory that this business goes in cycles. Sometimes you stand for hours on the street and get no business, other times I've had them lining up one after the other. I have many regulars.

Alexis the escort:  Fairly busy with, I'd say like... 80% of my income coming from repeat clients, but that's probably because I'm not really aggressive with getting new clients, the ones I have are generally a handful….

LM: What sorts of men make use of your services?

Elvira the street prostitute: All sorts. Ranges from really nice guys who are polite and want to enjoy female company and chat through to those who pay, take their fun and leave without a word and then to the ones that like it rough and get the kick from treating you like a cheap slut. Some girls do a lot of BDSM type role play too. That's not my speciality but I do it for some customers.

Alexis the escort:  All types, hmm, I'd say…. ranging in age from teenagers to 65 years old and plus…. and ones who are disabled in real life, etc.  Ones who are in different parts of the world from Africa, to Europe, the Middle East and Australia…. Lol

Prostitution as we all know is quoted as being the world’s oldest profession, therefore it goes without saying that it would find its way into the virtual world and like in the real world there is money to be made.  There will always be those for and those against prostitution and everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I have to conclude that the ladies I interviewed were extremely pleasant and I consider them friends with an unconventional job.

I thank ‘Lew the punter’ for his contribution.


  1. Good story, you seemed to still be perplexed by why some men buy sex in SL, and I can help you with my answer at least. Doing a roleplay is an intense experience, one that I personally put my best into when I'm playing for free with a partner. However, that intensity also changes the dynamic: I'm working, often hard, to stay in character and play my role. For me this is very stimulating but not, ahem, releasing. That's why I also frequent protitutes. It's their job to entertain me when I'm with them, and I don't have the same obligation to keep up, allowing me to relax and enjoy myself. Thanks again for the great article! -Doug Oxygen

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