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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leonard Cohen inspiring art in SL .... Lacy Muircastle reporting

Leonard Cohen, now his is a name that evokes all sorts of feelings doesn't it?  I mean his iconic song Hallelujah for instance; doesn't it just speak to you on any number of levels? 

For those of you who may not know who Leonard Cohen is, he is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist. His work often explores religion, isolation, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships.

So what does Leonard Cohen have to do with Second Life?

In Jan 2012 a phenomenally successful exhibition called Unified Heart was held, where 20 artists interpreted the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice and it is being held again this year.

Thirteen of the artists from the 2012 exhibition and eight new ones are participating in Unified Heart 2013, which pays homage to the beauty and genius of this iconic Singer songwriter who has been a part of many lives for many years.

The exhibition is being presented by Morgana Nagorski and sponsored by LUMIPro Professional Lighting System @ the recently launched Palais Orleans Gallery Complex, and it is due to run from 26 January to 21 April 2013.

Opening receptions:

 6:00-8:00PM SLT Saturday 26 January
10:00AM -12.30PM SLT Sunday 27 January.

The gallery is open for preview visits NOW.

The artists participating
Aelin Quan
Acacia Merlin
Amona Savira 
Burk Bode 
Callipygian Christensen
Cat Boccaccio 
Corinne Helendale 
Dantelicia Ethaniel 
Dixmix  Source 
Harbor Galaxy 
Jessica Belmer 
Kato Salyut 
Kira Westland
Lily Laufer 
Maloe Vansant 
Meilo Minotaur
Morgana Nagorski 
Petra  Messioptra 
Ronda Saunders  
Sare Ethaniel 
Skip Staheli

For any further information please feel free to contact Morgana Nagorski


  1. I am looking forward to the show it looks great and as one of the artists my compliments to Morgana Nagorski for arranging it and making it happen.


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