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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Royal Monclovan Army is Recruiting for Guards. Air Corps and Artillery- Join Today!

We are looking for skilled persons who are team players, trustworthy and available for ceremonial duties when required. The army is mainly a voluntary force but ceremonial duties are paid via L$ or free accommodation.

Most people who join us will enter as NCO's (Non-Commissioned Officers). But everyone has an equal opportunity to advance through the ranks. However, if you have skills in scripting or multilingual, you could be considered being invited as a CO.

Conditions of Entry:
    - Have a good understanding of English
    - Trustworthiness and integrity
    - Be available if required for stately ceremonial roles
    - Willing to give some free time to guard royal residences     and military installations
    - Willing to give time if required for training and     rehearsals.

Other Information:

  Uniforms are supplied to all members of the forces. Uniforms are set to improve over time as we develop.

Service Personnel who do ceremonial duties will be paid either in L$ of free accommodation. Ceremonial duties include but not limited to Royal Weddings, Royal Birthdays, State Investiture and Honours Ceremonies, etc.

There are currently two regiments and one Corps in the army. They are:

  •      RMA Air Corps (Pilots and Aircrew) (RMA Air Corps)
  •      RMA Royal Artillery (Ceremonial) (RMA R. Artillery REG)
  •      RMA Royal Guards Regiment (RMA R. Guards REGT.)

Below are explanations as to what each regiment does.

    Army Air Corps:
        The Army Air Corps act largely as a logistical unit. The could be tasked to transport personnel across mainland sims or Royal Transport.

The AAC could also be asked to fly on reconnaissance operations and keep an eye on activity around sims.

Role play is open here for those who may wish to act as Search and Rescue out in the Blake Seas or those who simply enjoying flying.

If you own a military or transport helicopter you wish to use, it must not have identification on it (eg. "US Army", "SL Army, etc.) If there is a logo on it, make sure it is customisable.

    Royal Artillery Regiment:
        The Royal Artillery is largely a ceremonial unit. They are tasked to give gun salutes on significant and important occasions such as Royal Birthdays, Royal Weddings or other significant dates. This role is great for anyone who wishes to serve with the army now and again.
    As this role is largely ceremonial you will be paid if you take part in a ceremonial event. However, if there is accommodation available, you will be granted a living space free of charge with house.
    Royal Guards Regiment:
        The Royal Guards regiment combines the roles of Residential Guards, Infantry and State Trumpeters.
As a guardsman you will mainly be on standby until required. The duty you will most likely be assigned to do is guarding main royal households. This is in essence sim security. If you are an active participant in this duty, you will be granted free accommodation.

Infantry is an unlikely role, but should we need offensive units, you will be required to be activated as a combative unit.

Those selected to be State Trumpeters will be paid each time they are required at a ceremonial role. Events include State dinners, investiture and honours ceremonies, Royal Weddings, etc.

If you're interested in joining or have any more questions or wish to know more, then please contact a senior member of the Army. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact: HRH Andrew

Group Information:


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