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Saturday, May 4, 2013

It is time to ascend

Not so long ago I interviewed the ├╝ber talented Mantis Oh aka Cari Lekebusch and look what he has done now!  He has created Ascension which is a multimedia LEA sim.  This amazing sim opened on the 25th April 2013.

It is described as “an ancient/futuristic landscape with surreal plants and hybrid insects, Ascension takes the visitor on a trip of sound, color and light.”

There have been mixed reviews about the ”creativity or artistry” of this sim, but isn’t art by its very nature subjective?  In my humble opinion I think that Mantis Oh has achieved what he set out to do with his sim and if you want an experience that is unique in SL then you will want to take some time to thoroughly explore the seven levels of the Ascension tower and lose yourself in a mysterious world where musical notes appear from under your feet, robotic bumblebees hover close by and particles shimmer in the alien atmosphere.

You can immerse yourself completely in the experience by creating your own music alone or with friends by jumping on the glowing sound pads and solve riddles under the illuminated eyes of the mantis sphinx!
Sound is the hook for the Ascension experience, so make sure your local sounds are on and walk through the whole sim to discover mystical places and secret trails.

It’s time to ascend…


Ascension Machinima:


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