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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Record an SL's 10th Birthday Message! Here's How. Deadline June 9th @ midnight

Second Life is about to celebrate its tenth birthday and SL artist, Dizzy Banjo, is offering residents the chance to wish our lovely virtual world a very special birthday message.

Dizzy Banjo has been creating art and sound installations in SL for many years, and 5 years ago he created the ‘Message in a Bottle’ installation using the pre-recorded voices of SL residents.

This year, he needs the help of the SL community again to make a similar project.

You can record your message anonymously and it is very simple to do!


5 Years ago, along with Lillie Yifu, I made the Message in a Bottle exhibit at Second Life's 5th Birthday event. It featured voice contributions from hundreds of Second Life users.

It was a treasured project - featured on the Linden Lab home page for some time after the event. Some residents and Lindens even told me it made them cry!


It’s now SL10B ( wow where did those 5 years go .. ) and I have been given some space at the celebrations to do a new exhibit.

This one is going to be different - it’s not going to be a bottle - it’s going to use an exciting new trick which I'm sure you will like!


1. Record 10 seconds or less of your voice (using any software or app you like - suggestions below)

2. Answer the question - "What does Second Life mean to you in 2013?”

3. Email me the recording (or a link to it) with your avatar name to:

4. PLEASE send your message no later than Sunday June 9th.

If you send a link to soundcloud or something please make sure it’s downloadable!

*Suggestions for recording software :

Audacity for Windows, Mac or Linux

Soundcloud mobile apps

Voice memos app for iPhone

If you use a voicemorph then give me an IM ( Dizzy Banjo ) and we can work out a way to record you!

Hope to hear some great contributions soon!

Dizzy Banjo

PR Created by Persia Bravin


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