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Friday, June 7, 2013

Spotlight on Play Lounge; an Adult Establishment Created by Tatty Hamer- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Note:  We are sad to inform you that the Play House has shut its doors and is no longer available in Second Life

   Second Life can be an adventure for anyone. It is full of events and activities that meet the needs of avatars with all sorts of special interests. It can also be a naughty playground for adults looking for some fun and excitement. 

PLAY Lounge is a new venue on the grid that opened its doors on June 3rd.  It offers all the amenities you would find in an adult established. Beautiful women, dance poles, private dances and a VIP section for group only access.

 I met up with owner Tatty Hamer to learn more about this steaming hot new club.

Interview with Tatty Hamer

Lanai: Hi Tatty, it is a pleasure to meet you and learn more about the woman behind the Play Lounge and some details about your new club. Everyone has their own story about how they stumbled upon Second Life. What brought you here?

Tatty: Wow it’s a long time back not sure I even remember.

Lanai: How long have you been involved in Second Life? Would you say it is an extension of your real life or a hobby?

Tatty: Have been in second life over 5 years now and I guess it is an extension on my rl in a way as Tatty is an extension of me and my SL family and best friends are also now part of my RL. Saying that though it is also of course my hobby as I love to build and create and love art.

Lanai: The Adult scene has been around since the beginning of Second Life. Some people frown upon it and others can’t get enough. How would you describe adult themed activities at Play House as opposed to the more gritty themes available?

Tatty: Well am hoping I have created a fun and bright and friendly atmosphere so everyone can have a laugh mostly and meet new friends.  We encourage fun and local chat vs people standing around like statues.  There are no rules to how naughty the dancers get in emoting and nudity is a beautiful thing. Laughs. We try and keep sexual activities outside the lounge itself and created an elegant but naughty playroom for people to go and release their horniness haha.  Sex is talked about openly in local and everyone just enjoys it and has fun.  Sex isn’t taboo, we all love it and we all do it so why hide the fact.  Just have fun.

Lanai: I agree with your outlook on sex. Some people just need to get more comfortable with it and themselves to be able to fully enjoy it. So, what inspired your club design and d├ęcor? Can you describe the atmosphere?

Tatty: Frankly I was bored with all the dark and serious places.  I wanted it fun and different. So the design came first which is funky and different and then we agreed the name Play so I wanted to keep that theme going throughout.  Play inspires fun and bright and naughty in a modern setting with a touch of retro.  Also wanted people to feel relaxed and chilled out so made it the style of a lounge giving it a different feel to other strip and naughty places.  Home from home is Play Lounge.

Lanai: It is a very different atmosphere then what I am used to seeing. It really does have a retro feel to it with a friendly relaxing atmosphere. Every successful club should have a staff of dedicated workers to make it work. Who helps you provide the music, atmosphere and entertainment for Play Lounge?

Tatty: Apart from me there are my wonderful SL sisters who are my partners; Milena Manx and Trudy68 – they help host and strip.  We also have some other dancers. There is a range of different DJ’s we tap into and only have music that suits the feel of the Lounge.

Lanai: Music certainly sets the atmosphere. Aside from musical ambience, is the club voice friendly?

Tatty: Yes it is.

Lanai: Nice. I think voice provides a more realistic approach to venues in SL, as long as those using it are being appropriate and not annoying others. What  other type of activities do you offer adults that are looking for some excitement?

Tatty: Pole dances and stripping, Lap dancers, Playrooms with an array of amazing naughtiness for group members only to use.

Lanai: Are there any specific rules or a dress code at the Play Lounge?

Tatty: No dress code. We want you to be yourself. – only rule we have is no gestures.

Lanai: LOL, yes gestures can dampen a mood sometimes. You also had mentioned a private area where group members can get special treatment? What group must they join to experience all that Play Lounge has to offer? Also, are your dancers female only?

Tatty: Not special treatment – but they can go and ‘play’ with a person they’ve met and come with.  They just need to join .:Play Lounge. We are always looking for elegant dancers who have a fun and lively personality. :.  We are also looking for male dancers too .  Applicants just need to IM myself, Milena or Trudy.

Lanai: Oh good it is a Unisex club. Themed parties and special events are always fun to participate in. What type of events should guests look forward to at Play Lounge?
Tatty: We have DJ events from 2pm every night currently. Naughty themed events will happen and will be announced in Group notices and events on the SL website.

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Play Lounge?

Tatty: We are fun and that is quite different to a lot of places so drop in and have a laugh with us.

Lanai:  Sounds like a good time. I know I certainly had fun when I visited. Thank you for a sneak peek behind the scenes at the new Play Lounge. I wish you much success here in Second Life.

Tatty: Thanks Lanai – it has been great to meet you.  Come play with us all anytime.

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